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  1. 2d needs some massive improvement, it is now so poor to play this game in 2d. its as if the only way is 3d now. Game overall feels very slow, and i got a decent spec laptop that can handle any demanding game. but fm18 doesnt feel smooth but this could be me ive had so many injuries pre season... match engine i feel is poor atm. not enough ccs, corners need to be looked at... i think fowards movement and through balls could do some improvement... feels like it so easy to defend in this game... and counter...
  2. Will the beta launch at midnight or is there a spefic time?
  3. I might just start my current save again, the thing is that benfica has so many good players comming back on loan and players comming through from the ya that you dont really need to spend any money ps Ze Gomes is gonna be beast. I might start my save again and possibly hardly spend any money or go for a really young team atm in my current save i have 30 players in my team all who can be in the starting 11. So im getting too many issues players moaning about not getting 1st team.
  4. I have to say that there is alot of good young players in the team but im also loosing so many players as teams come and activate their transfer clause. Just finish my 1st season won the league, cup and league cup.
  5. Just bought the game, gonna give my one and only fav club a tryout 1st before heading towards England (where i currently live atm)
  6. Do these actually have an impact on the game? The ones you pick before you choose a club
  7. i agree with the post regarding the grass and not being able to see the ball, very annoying
  8. lol fair enough, just not sure if this is the thread for it. Im seriously disappointed that i have spent money in a game thats actually ******* me off. Just never seems to be progress with the ME and when they come close it, they either start it over again *which i dont get* or go backwards
  9. rather useless post there from you kriss. cant get someones feedback without having a go at them?
  10. Seriously what have you guys done to the ME ??? 15.0.3 actually had a decent ME, just need a few changes with the marking from crosses but this is my 1st game result...we won 4-7 wtf the whole beta i did not have such a silly result.
  11. i didnt mean to troll if i did. I always like reading what people find out about the ME as it is something i myself like exploring but i feel at this point it is a bit pointless as this is beta. And i didnt mean no offence by the 3rd place city, i honestly believe that a 4231 with attacking strategy and good players role and duties no team intructions or player instructions could win you the title but i dont have the time to prove such a thing.
  12. otherway around mate... you make a tactic with a average team *not really that poor* something like west ham, newcastle, everton and the likes if you dominated with that, you know for sure your going to dominate with a stronger team... btw 3rd place with city lol?
  13. i did read the first post kriss, maybe next time ill lower SI expectations so i dont get so disappointed after all the game will be released in two weeks and i doubt half of the problems listed in the 1st post will actually get fixed.
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