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  1. Season 2019/20. League (Schedule A/B) - God, where to begin. Well, good news first i guess. WE IMPROVED. Slightly. For the 3rd year running, we survived the relegation battle. We ended up on 45 points, the mythical total to 'Survive' according to the papers, for the first time ever. We also ended up 18th in the table, our highest finish yet! The downside is that a 76 Minute goal by Zach Tollitt in the last game of the season, is what kept me up this year. Another shining moment was the very early push this year. I had 4 losses in my first 5 games and things didnt look good. Somehow i managed to get a run going though and went 9 games with only one loss in it. This gave me enough points to get above the relegation places and meant that my on-off season wasn't punished too much. Im slowly getting more positive results though, most of our losses are by 1 goal but im currently trying to figure out how to keep a lead. A lot of the time i go 1-0 up early on in the first half but i just cant survive the rest of the game. My keeper is shocking honestly. He is barely good enough for the regional divisions and nowhere near the standard required for the VNN but with no money, i cant hire GKing Coaches to improve him. Gearing up for another long season. Cups - I finally won a cup game! Then i carried on winning! I Managed to get into the FA Cup 1st round 'Proper' for the first time in the clubs history. This meant that for 1 month, my finances actually were in profit, rather than going downhill. Unfortunately, i was against Port Vale from League 1 and we went out. I went out in the first stage of the FA Trophy though. Finances - I REALLY don't know how im going to survive anymore. My finances have plummeted. I have 3 people on wages now in my squad and have to have the rest on 'Non-Contracts' and im having to have chats with players every week about the finances of the club. My board also asked me if i wish to cancel my youth system to help the finances, which considering the challenge, would be awful. I rejected but they said in the future that i may not have a choice. Really really hoping for some sort of takeover or cash injection so i can start getting some better facilities but im losing hope. Youth Prospects - Season one - Zach Tollitt - Has turned 18 now and is my first choice striker. Scored 12 and assisted 9 in the previous season which basically kept me up. He is coming on in bucketloads and im hoping in the next season or 2 he will go from being 'Well suited to regional divisions' to being a good VNN Player. As it stands though, first team player and when he was on a youth contract, was worth £9.2k. Lee Reed - Hasn't played as big a role in the first team but has slowly been breaking in. Played 6 matches in a row due to injuries and had a good showing, will become a bigger part of my squad rotation so hopefully will keep the improvements up. Season two - Joe Dunn - My backup CM for my team. Doing okay, progressing well, probably wont reach the heights of Zach Tollitt but will still become a very useful member. The only player of my 2nd seasons youth prospects of any worth anymore. I had a decent 5* projected AMR but he has gone downhill fast and is now only 3* projected. Season three - Gus Everest - My first prospect is one i desperately needed. A half decent keeper that can be slotted in to play in cup games and to get a bit of experience and hopefully will become better than my current keeper (Who is 2* ATM) in the next season or 2. My current keeper is 32 years old, so im expecting to use this keeper in the next couple of years. Tyler Hughes - Another decent striker prospect. Will be using him primarily in the youth team but he'll probably get a game or 2 to impress this season. Aims for next season - I really want this season to be able to get towards the 15th-13th spots. I dont know if that will happen though, we'll see. Surviving relegation again is the aim like usual.
  2. Season 2018/19 League (Schedule A/B) - Well, where to begin with this. Once again, i hung in there by the skin of my teeth BUT i improved on the previous seasons points total and secured another season in the VNN in the 2nd to last game, so no final day sweat like last time. Once again though, i just couldnt get going. It started well with 2 wins in the first 2 games against 2 strong teams before my hopes came crashing down with a defeat against newly promoted Darlington, a team i was hoping to get 3 points against. At one stage with only 1 win in 11 games, things did not look great but my team rallied and after getting 2 wins and 3 draws in 5 games, that gave me enough of a boost to once again, finish one spot above the relegation zone. Unfortunately, one of my key backups retired, so im down a player or two and im going to have to rely on my Youth Players making a big leap up ASAP. Cups - Once again, no joy. 2 tough ties against teams that finish mid table - playoffs most of the time and i was beaten by both, so no influx of cash due to a cup run. Finances - Oh GOD, the finances are going rapidly downhill, im hoping for a takeover soon because otherwise i really dont know how im going to survive. My board were forced to upgrade our stadiums seating due to league regulations, which put us a whole TEN seats under the required, so my board decided to add another 700 seats (With a 320ish average attendance) and took out a £371k loan (As well as receiving the same in a grant) to add another 700 seats, which i really do not understand the logic for. Anyway, i will now have to pay back £3k a month on top of whatever negative amount i add on top during the season. My board pulled all 'Bonuses' from players and cant play them, which i assume means the Appearances and stuff like that. ATM i only have 6 players on the wages, the rest are on non-contracts and a couple are being offered contracts by other teams, so far no one has moved so fingers crossed. Youth Prospects - Season one - Zach Tollitt - One of the only shining moments of this season, Zach has pushed into the first team and is now basically my first choice Striker, who has also been filling into the CM spot when needed due to injuries and bans. Im hoping i manage to keep him at the club for the next 2-3 years because if i survive and he carries on improving the way he does, he could become a major star in the VNN and i really need the goals he can bring. His free kicks and corner taking is another bonus as he has been getting assists from there as well. Lee Reed - Lee hasn't had the same impact as Zach but has been useful as a backup defender who can slot in for a game or 2 when my first choices need a break. Once again, is slowly improving so hopefully that continues and he plays a bigger role to come. Season 2 - Tyler Taylor - The biggest prospect from this year, i am currently retraining him to be a natural at the AML/AMC roles, as i need backup for them, so far in the U18 leagues, he has done this job well, scoring a decent number for me, not as good as my previous prospects but hopefully we'll see what happens in the future. Joe Dunn - The other good looking prospect. Im hoping to train him as an advanced playmaker. His first touch, teamwork, workrate and fitness stats are all quite high, so with a bit of passing training as well decisions and anticipations and he may do well. Will probably be left in the U18s for a season or so but may be used if injuries keep me down. Aims for next season - Once again, survival. Its going to be very hard again, i dont have the wages to keep my very good coach, Assistant Manager or Head of Youth development so all 3 are on Month-to-Month contracts and i just hope they dont leave for greener pastures. As well as that, with the new stadium seats being built, my finances are shot so i cant offer my players any kinda of wages, so hopefully i can keep all the best players, with no injuries and i can survive relegation in a bit better circumstances. Im also hoping to get a under-league team in one of the cups so i can at least progress a round or 2. At this stage though, i am wondering whether its possible at all to progress with this team. With no finances to speak of, i cant improve my facilities, i cant improve coaching badges, or keep decent staff. I need to survive for another 2-3 seasons for my youth prospects to kick in but by then i may lose all players due to finances. Maybe we'll get a takeover, who knows but its definitely going to be another interesting year.
  3. Starting this challenge to give me a break from my other big saves, so ive got a few on the run to stop boredom First season is done, i got the pictures a tiny bit too late in date, somehow completely forgot about them so the Youth Prospects/Finances are 1 and a half seasons in. The main reason i chose Skelmersdale is because, cool ****ing name + i wanted a team that was a lower rep for a harder challenge (Not that this is easy in any way...). Mostly chose the English leagues because i know them from previous saves and THINK (Would like to be corrected if im wrong) will make the challenge harder, rather than a mainland european team? Season 2017/18. League / Schedule A/B- Knew this was going to be a hard challenge but didnt bank on it being QUITE this hard. With challenges like Dafuges and stuff, i can usually get mid-playoffs in the first season, sometimes promotion if im lucky but without those FAs, oh boy. Started off decently with a record of 2 wins, 2 draws and a loss in the first 5 and thought of aiming for mid table but how wrong i was. I just couldnt get a decent run of results going after those 5 games, at one time, only 1 win in 14 looked bleak. I kept fighting though and after losing 3 games on the trot at the end of the season, i went into the final game with myself one spot above the relegation zone, completely on GD, with a final game against Bradford PA, the only team to have been relegated already in last place. After being up 2-0 at half-time, somehow, i lost 3-2 come the final whistle but fortunately both Guiseley and Ashton lost us well, so i survived my first season by the skin of my teeth! This made fans, players and Board alike very very happy and i got myself a new 2 year contract, so Onwards! Cups - Nothing exciting at all, with 180 teams and 38 VNS/VNN teams, i somehow drew a VNN team in the FA cup, after hoping for an easier under-league team for a tiny bit of prize money but alas, i got Redditch at home and although i went 1-0 up, a 2nd half hat-trick sent me packing and i lost 1-3. FA Trophy was the same story, i drew Lowestoft away and taking the lead in the 2nd half of extra time, i was hopeful before 2 goals in 2 minutes, saw me knocked out. Finances - Typical at this stage i guess but im really not sure how to stop the downslide of finances? Im keeping the wages well below what they need to be. They were 2.8k in the first season but i had to bump a couple of wages on my key players to keep them another year or 2. I also have another problem that the stadium is TEN (Yep, TEN WHOLE SEATS) seats below the 'minimum required' for the league which my board have acquired a years leniency on as for some reason, they dont have enough money to add on another 700 seats. Yep... No idea on that one, if we're 10 seats under, we dont need 700, We are getting an average of 300 people attending home games so those seats are gonna be useless anyway. Squad - Nothing amazing to show, anyone under 3 1/2*s are only playing at a regional level currently, i was forced to promote my 17 year old keeper after my starting keeper broke his hand catching a ball and was out of order for 3 whole months. Milan Thompson is my 'Best striker' and at age 21, looked like a good prospect until a learned one valuable lesson. The dude can not score. Its incredible, ive seen strikers go 10-11 hours before and then break it, this man went over 33 hours without scoring. 33 hours. I even put him on penalty duties just to try to get a goal to start his confidence and he missed 3 in a row before i had to take him off. The main issues im going to have is to keep Davies, Harrop and Parkin who are absolutely essential in the next 2-3 seasons for my team. Youth Prospects - Zach Tollitt (YR18A) - My first big youth prospect, with a high teamwork and Leadership rating from the start, he could be a future captain if i can keep him for a couple more years. Was pushed into first team duty, basically as soon as he arrived as i was lacking heavily on CMs and one of my best ones had just been injured for 2-3 months. He proved ready to have bit parts in the team though, with 8 games towards the end of the season, scoring a 35 yard free kick in his 2nd game and helping the team by slotting into CM and ST whenever needed. Hopefully will keep advancing and doing well. Lee Reed (YR18B) - My second prospect is a 16 year old CB, big jump, tall and heavy. So far hasnt had a shot in the first team but will probably be blooded in the cups and/or friendlies to get some experience. Will probably look to get him training a bit more strength and heading to make him a beast at dealing with crosses where the majority of my goals conceded are coming from currently. Goals for next season - The goal is to once again stave off relegation. I go back into the season with Skelms being touted as relegation favorites for the 2nd year running. Ive had half decent youth prospect who should be ready for the first team, so hopefully he can step up. I was carried by my wingers last season but im hoping my out and out strikers, both Astbury and Thompson with a combined 13 goals in 71 games this season was nowhere near enough what i expect. If i can get through to another stage of one of the cups that would be nice but right now my objective is to keep my head above water and stay out of another relegation battle from the start.
  4. Could be worse @TheEarl Could have your HDD go Bye-Bye with all but 2 trophies left to get in the Ultimate Challenge in a save that was going to be record time I'll take half a season any day of the week. And well, maybe they have CL, coming 4th meant a best playoff match and i got scheduled to play Athletico Madrid. My star keeper i plucked from obscurity was sold because i didnt 'Uphold promises' when i signed him to improve the forwards, even though i bought 3 new players, 2 of which are now the best in squad, so im back to a barely premier league keeper. On the upside, i managed to snag Raheem Stirling on a free transfer and a couple more top quality attacking midfielders, so whilst i'll let a lot of goals in, hopefully i just score more haha.
  5. Andy, not a bad start to your game, 2 cups in your first season is always nice. Sankalan, nice job on the Asian CL win, good luck wherever you end up. Huddersfield Town AFC Season 2019-2020. So, i started off the season, looking at transfers, both older and younger players to sign to push for the top end of the table, i was given a budget of around £22Million, which was nice but i was hindered by a low wage budget which meant that a lot of older players/free transfers went completely out of the window as they wanted a **** ton of money. Take a 33 year old Joe Hart free agent, i was very interested in getting a better keeper but when i try to offer him a contract, he starts off by asking for £145k P/W which is always a bad sign, In January he lowered his demands to around £50k P/W but by then i had already found a far better keeper in terms of money and age. 29 year old Kalinic who was on £27K P/W and the Croation starting keeper. Within 2 weeks of being promoted, a big bid came in for one of my key strikers (Gallagher) for £6.5Mil, i tried to scare them off by putting a £16Mil price tag but they offered me £13 mil instead and my board decided to accept. With that money though, i managed to buy a much better (And younger) striker in Corentin Jean, a buy from Monaco. On top of that, i also had luck with getting an england international with Cameron Borthwick-Jackson. After trying to buy him from Man United when he was worth £8Mil, they wouldnt take anything less than £19Mil which was too much and then 3 days later, he was transfer listed and i got him for a cut price £3.3mil. I got a number of other buys, all quite cheap who fitted into my setup quite well and managed to craft them into a very good premier league team, we started off stop and start, before the team hit their stride just after Xmas with 5 wins on the trot and put us right in the European fight, with the title well out of my chances, with Man U and Arsenal dominating the league. The last 10 games, i lost only 1 game against the then Champions of the league, with 3 games to go, i came back from losing 0-1 to win 2-1 against spurs who were 1 point behind me at the time to put myself and Man City in a race for 4th place. Fortunately, my last game was against West Ham whilst Man City played Liverpool away and whilst my team dropped a 3-1 lead, Liverpool beat Man City away and secured me Champions League football in my first try!! I will stay with Huddersfield for the time being and craft them into a cup-winning team unless i get an offer from a team like Liverpool, Man City or Tottenham (Or one of the top 3) who can give me better resources and reputation to win the cups quicker. As it stands, my squad is solid but with my 2nd best striker Nahki Wells looking to move after 7 years and a couple of aging defenders, i have been given £40Million Transfer for next year as well as an extra £120k P/W Wage Budget. I have already agreed to buy Antonio Valencia for around the £2mil mark to bring a bit of experience to the team and with an AVG Age of 24, i am looking for a couple of experienced players to push my team into the title race next year plus give me some rotation for Europe and the Champions League. Anyways, onwards and upwards! Transfers League Table Schedule Manager Profile Huddersfield Squad
  6. Huddersfield Town AFC. Season 2018-2019. So, my big gamble with starting in the English Leagues has paid off. Just before Xmas, with Boston United sitting in the Playoff spots in the Vanarama National League, I was offered an interview by both Huddersfield and Port Vale. Port Vale sitting in mid table of League 1 and Huddersfield Town sitting one above relegation in the Sky Championship (They finished one above the relegation spots the previous season). I had no interest in Port Vale but Huddersfield Town are my 2nd team and i couldnt resist the interview. I was offered a 2 year contract, with a Transfer Budget of £4.7M with a decent wage budget, with a mid table finished the target. After looking over the team, i saw a lot of quality, with a huge amount of talent in the forward players, which suits my attacking formations, so i took the offer and joined as the manager of Huddersfield Town which was a massive jump up the ranks. With a 4-2-3-1 formation, i utilised the attacking players and slowly moved up the table. With 10 games left i was sitting 6 points behind the playoffs, with 4 games against teams in those positions. After some decent results, i finished in 4th place and a playoff game against Wolves over 2 legs, a team that had beaten me twice over the course of the season, after coming back from 2-0 to win 3-2 in the recent game. Over the course of the playoffs though, my team proved too strong and we walked away with a 7-2 result agg and a Playoff Final against Brentford to look forwards to. A VERY tense game then ensued, with last minute goals, FOUR goals in extra time and a 16 man penalty shootout. After all that though, i walked away from Wembley with the Premier League to look forwards to next season, where hopefully i can keep us up and with a few experienced signings, push for europe as ive been given a half decent budget. It has paid off though and in my 4th season as a manager, i will be managing in the Premier League which will hopefully do wonders to my Rep as i look to complete the challenge further down the line. Fixtures Transfers League Table
  7. Most of the time i would wait full seasons for updates but couldnt resist. This was a VERY interesting first game in the Vanarama National hahaha.
  8. Season 2016-2017: So, i started off thinking of what leagues to start and after thinking my old save through doing a challenge similar (But starting in Belarus on that save) i decided to start in the English leagues. Knowing id have a lower league team to start with, my thinking is that because the lower league english teams are well situated, it means i can gain my Coaching Qualifications quickly, plus a promotion or 2 can jump me to a championship team (Or premier league if im REALLY lucky). Anyway, so i waited a few months and saw a couple of VNN/VNS teams with spots available, the best choice looked to be Boston United, who after predicted top 6, were floundering in the relegation battle. After an application i was given the job and told to try to get as far up the table as much as possible. When i started, i started looking into a couple of youth players to bring in as my squad was threadbare and needed cover. I used a 3-1-3-1-2 formation, with 3 CBs and a covering DM. My formation was a bit unorthodox, so it took a bit of a while to move up the league but once my formation was picked up, towards the end of the season, i started putting together a run of results that left me 13th in the league, very safe from relegation. League Table Transfers Fixtures Season 2017-2018: Starting the season off with most of the previous team from the last season + my formation 'Mastered' got me off to a flier with 8 wins on the trot. Hazeldine and Allassani who i brought in the previous year were the catalyst for a massive championship push. They scored 42 between them (As well as 24 assists) and kept my pressure up over the entire season. I was more focused on finances this season as i knew that if i was to win promotion, i needed the money to push the board to go full time and to have the budget needed to hopefully push for another promotion straight off the bat. After an easier season where my training/coaches have come in really useful, i ended up with a main squad that were considered Decent Vanarama National players, as well as bringing in a couple of older, experienced players after xmas as backups to keep my push for the league strong, with 10 games left i was 5 points clear but then some key games going for me and i ended up running away with the league. Champions, promotions and bigger things beckon. Ive already started upgrading my youth facilities and Training facilities, Im also underway with my Continental B coaching license having done the previous 4 in 2 seasons. Im planning to stay a year or 2 more at Boston, to try to win the FA Trophy and get one more promotion before looking up the table at bigger clubs and looking towards the premiership. Hopefully all goes well. League Table Transfers Fixtures Finances
  9. Definitely going to use this challenge as an alternate save, so i wont be spending as much time on this as my others but still some. Question regarding the reputation, some leagues jump up reputation after seasons dramatically (Ive seen some go from 150th to 90th), so do we use the ingame ratings at the time or the original ratings at the start of the game, ignoring the rep gains/losses?
  10. Going to start this challenge now i think After having my 'Ultimate Challenge' save get corrupted when i was 1 cup away from completing the challenge in the quickest time, i need another long term challenge now that ive got FM17. Using my knowledge of what happened when i completed the Ultimate Challenge, in that i changed teams well too much resulting in huge issues towards the end ive decided to spend less time switching teams and more time developing my reputation in the game first. So, with that, i started in the English Leagues and have now taken over the Boston United job. Predicted to finish in the Playoffs, they are currently sitting in the relegations so i got an interview and managed to get the job. Hopefully i can start with a promotion + FA Vase Trophy in the next couple of seasons. Onwards and upwards!
  11. Nice going Fabreth, surprised you didnt stay at Almere for another season though. Any ideas where you are moving to on a club level next season?
  12. Cheltenham Town - Season 2018/19 - Sky Bet League 2 League Table - http://imgur.com/svslhvY Transfers - http://imgur.com/HhfphXs So, with a eventual promotion to League2, my expectations this season was around mid-table and to build a team to challenge for promotion. I got rid of a ton of players who just couldnt help me in this league, i also added a couple of newly released players including a young 19 year old Alex Bradley, released from West Bromwich Albion who became one of my star players. The season started off okay, 4 losses in 11 games but i picked up 5 wins and put myself in the upper table. Around the mid-way point of the season, i went on a 18 game unbeaten run, with 8 wins in the league. This put me in 3rd with 1st-8th within 5 points of each other. The last third of the season was all up in the air, the top teams all losing and failing to get wins from easier teams, with 4 games to go, i was placed in 5th place, 3 points off automatic promotion and 1 behind the 2 teams in the playoffs. Somehow, 4 points in the last 4 games was enough to pop me up to 2nd place and i got promoted by the skin of my teeth. In the offseason, i was offered a number of interviews at around 20 clubs. Over half of them were league 2/League1 and didnt interest me at all. I was also interviewed for Stoke City and Brighton who had just been relegated from the Premiership but eventually didnt get them. I did however move on and get an interview at Millwall who offered a £7M transfer budget and £240k Wage Budget. After Cheltenham found out, that offered me a new contract and asked what i needed to stay. Just being promoted to League1, our Training facilities were poor but they refused to upgrade them (Even though id made them £1.3M in the 3 seasons with them) and refused to upgrade our youth facilities. So i left there when i was offered the Millwall job, now in the process of trying to hit playoffs with them. I also saw that the U21 Championships had just finished and i applied and was given the U21 England Manager role to help my reputation build. All in all, Cheltenham has given me a good couple of years and i move on with good memories of the club.
  13. Cheltenham Town - Seasons 2016/17 + 17/18 - Vanarama National League Year 3 Manager Profile - http://imgur.com/tVxnNGU Season 2016/17. League Table - http://imgur.com/Io7VuQF Transfers - http://imgur.com/nY7e9n4 So, i joined Cheltenham Town over a third into the league season, with Cheltenham sitting bottom with 4 points in 10 games, after being touted as champion contenders after finishing 4th last season and missing out in the playoffs. They were around 200k in debt, so when i went in, the team had lost a lot of players, the wages were weak and i was worried as the board had requested promotion when i joined. That, didnt go well. Twice during the season i was told that i had to win the next game. The team had lost 24 players when i joined, and had a squad of 17 and with 46 games to play, with some games only 2 days apart, i had to get some very young free transfers in on very cheap wages. Towards the end of the season, realised i couldnt get promotion at all and the Board gave me a target of 13 points in the next 15 games or i would be fired, i refused that and said it was too high and managed to get it to 11 out of 15. With 2 games remaining and 3 games in the new season, i managed to hit 13/15 points and get through that period anyway. Finishing 14th was a terrible season though and i knew i had to get off the ground running very quickly in the new season, with my tactics near perfected and a promise of a bit more wage budget, i was confident though. There wasnt much to talk about in terms of cups, we went out horribly in both of them. Season 2017/18 League Table - http://imgur.com/NznJ3AD Transfers - http://imgur.com/6OJ6uIe Star Players - http://imgur.com/SwCBlNz and http://imgur.com/hMrgnUn CHAMPIONS!!! What a turn around from last season (Though i was a lot more confident now), finishing 1st with 4 games remaining was a massive boost and earned me a 1 year extension on my contract. The season started well with 4 wins and a draw in the first 5 games, pipping Grimsby to the top which i would then hold by GD for a couple of games before slowly pulling away. With still no transfer funds but a better wage budget, i was able to pick up some decent young players, one let go by Stoke City who became my number 1 keeper that conceded rarely (At one point, around 9 games with no concede), as well as picking up an insane talent in the form of Connor Hunte who picked up 22 goals and 18 assists in 44 games from my Parent Club, Wolves. It wasnt a complete run away but it wasnt difficult either, a few injury scares along the way, as well as 2 take over attempts that i wish had gone through because the club DESPERATELY needs funds from somewhere. Im keeping the wages low but the debts i walked into are still racking up. We went out embarrassingly of both cups, both time to lower league oppositions, one game being a thrilling 6-4 though. Ive enjoyed my time at Cheltenham so far, ive managed to take 3 coaching courses and improve my skills and reputation but with the year extension, i made sure there was no compensation clauses in my contract so i can move to a higher league team if i want. Myself and my players did a clean sweep of awards, Me with the Best Manager and Hunte with best player/YP. So now thats 2 league titles and hopefully we can carry on going up and up. (Or until a L1/Championship team comes along)
  14. Real Socieadad B - Season 2015/2016 - Spanish Second Division B2 League Table - http://imgur.com/GPNXNR0 Transfers - http://i.imgur.com/5q9iRS9.png So my game started and i loaded up a few leagues (English/Scottish/Spanish/French/Welsh/Irish/German/Danish/Holland) and i instantly have noticed that the FM16 seems a LOT harder to get a team at the start with your zero reputation manager. FM15 was a lot easier and a lot of the clubs i would easily have got there, i couldnt get on this save. I finally got a couple of interviews and decided to go with Real Socieadad B because, well, their finances were basically perfect due to their A team, the players they had in their B squad were really good as they were being used to prepare them for A. Started off with a decent attacking 4-1-2-2-1 formation to use my decent AMs i had. It took a while to get used to the formation, with my first 10-15 games very close most of the time and losing 3 of my first 10. I then decided to bring in a experienced striker to help out my 19 year old striker. This turned out to be a god send as he hit 10 goals in the first 8 games. He then got a massive injury and after recovering was never the same. An average rating of 7.12 was great though. After Christmas, with a run of 12 wins in 14 games, i managed to get up and was fighting for 1st. With my rivals falling off in the last 6 games, even with me losing 2 out of the 6 i managed to win the league and get into promotion playoffs. I won both the SFs and Finals, with both over 2 legs and took the title as well as promotion, with my team being predicted mid table. Anyway, i resigned slightly after the next season began as they took 6 of my star players for RSA (3 of which they instantly loaned out to BBVA teams in my own league) and had given me a transfer budget of nothing to replace them. Ive taken a step 'down' in my clubs and joined Cheltenham town in the Vanarama National League, who was sitting bottom of the league with 0 wins in 10 after being promotion candidates. Im hoping i can increase my rep more in the english leagues with more promotions.
  15. So after months of being away from the forums, instead of me restarting my 'Ultimate Challenge' in 2015 (**** you HDD for blowing up and deleting my 13 year save that had almost completed the ultimate challenge) im just gonna give this a shot as im starting a brand new game and plan to stick with it a while. I'll keep updating as and when i have time and complete a season. I loaded up my leagues, basically all the home nations (England/Scot/Ire/NI and Wales) atm and got a job at Annan in the Scottish League 2. Board expect promotion so hopefully this can help push me up the reputation scale asap.
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