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  1. Brackley Town 2020/2021 Season Soooo, where to begin with this season? With the board wanting promotion and myself losing 12 first team players through contracts ending, this was going to be a hell of a rebuild. Especially since they reduced my wage budget by £1.4k a week. With some decent scouting and some young players being released i managed to cobble together a strong team, including 2 leading keepers and a striker that SHOULD have run through the league like hot butter. A strong start put me in 1st quite quickly, with my new striker Connor Hall scoring 9 goals in 6 ga
  2. Brackley Town 2019/2020 Season So, i started off the season unemployed, i had a couple of options at the start, teams like Leamington/Alfreton but both predicted for relegation so i wanted to hold off for a bit. Fortunately, after 12 games, promotion candidates Brackley Town were placed 20th in the table after only 2 wins. I got the job, with the expectation that i would beat relegation, an easy task i thought, until i walked into a dressing room full of turmoil. Every single player had 'Abysmal' morale. So i looked into it and found the reason why, the previous manager had ostracise
  3. Really enjoyed reading all these updates the last 20 or so pages, been some good reading material Doubt anyone would remember me in the slightest but i used to do this challenge back in 2015 and unfortunately, due to a number of reasons, i had to leave and sort my own life out. Now though, im back and have a PC that can run Football Manager Going to start off in England and look for teams down in the VNS/N and National, i think the reputation build is better overall in England for the first few years. I'll look forward to updating when i finish the first season!
  4. Season 2019/20. League (Schedule A/B) - God, where to begin. Well, good news first i guess. WE IMPROVED. Slightly. For the 3rd year running, we survived the relegation battle. We ended up on 45 points, the mythical total to 'Survive' according to the papers, for the first time ever. We also ended up 18th in the table, our highest finish yet! The downside is that a 76 Minute goal by Zach Tollitt in the last game of the season, is what kept me up this year. Another shining moment was the very early push this year. I had 4 losses in my first 5 games and things didnt look good. Somehow i mana
  5. Season 2018/19 League (Schedule A/B) - Well, where to begin with this. Once again, i hung in there by the skin of my teeth BUT i improved on the previous seasons points total and secured another season in the VNN in the 2nd to last game, so no final day sweat like last time. Once again though, i just couldnt get going. It started well with 2 wins in the first 2 games against 2 strong teams before my hopes came crashing down with a defeat against newly promoted Darlington, a team i was hoping to get 3 points against. At one stage with only 1 win in 11 games, things did not look great but m
  6. Starting this challenge to give me a break from my other big saves, so ive got a few on the run to stop boredom First season is done, i got the pictures a tiny bit too late in date, somehow completely forgot about them so the Youth Prospects/Finances are 1 and a half seasons in. The main reason i chose Skelmersdale is because, cool ****ing name + i wanted a team that was a lower rep for a harder challenge (Not that this is easy in any way...). Mostly chose the English leagues because i know them from previous saves and THINK (Would like to be corrected if im wrong) will make the challeng
  7. Could be worse @TheEarl Could have your HDD go Bye-Bye with all but 2 trophies left to get in the Ultimate Challenge in a save that was going to be record time I'll take half a season any day of the week. And well, maybe they have CL, coming 4th meant a best playoff match and i got scheduled to play Athletico Madrid. My star keeper i plucked from obscurity was sold because i didnt 'Uphold promises' when i signed him to improve the forwards, even though i bought 3 new players, 2 of which are now the best in squad, so im back to a barely premier league keeper. On the upside, i man
  8. Andy, not a bad start to your game, 2 cups in your first season is always nice. Sankalan, nice job on the Asian CL win, good luck wherever you end up. Huddersfield Town AFC Season 2019-2020. So, i started off the season, looking at transfers, both older and younger players to sign to push for the top end of the table, i was given a budget of around £22Million, which was nice but i was hindered by a low wage budget which meant that a lot of older players/free transfers went completely out of the window as they wanted a **** ton of money. Take a 33 year old Joe Ha
  9. Huddersfield Town AFC. Season 2018-2019. So, my big gamble with starting in the English Leagues has paid off. Just before Xmas, with Boston United sitting in the Playoff spots in the Vanarama National League, I was offered an interview by both Huddersfield and Port Vale. Port Vale sitting in mid table of League 1 and Huddersfield Town sitting one above relegation in the Sky Championship (They finished one above the relegation spots the previous season). I had no interest in Port Vale but Huddersfield Town are my 2nd team and i couldnt resist the interview. I was offered a 2 yea
  10. Most of the time i would wait full seasons for updates but couldnt resist. This was a VERY interesting first game in the Vanarama National hahaha.
  11. Season 2016-2017: So, i started off thinking of what leagues to start and after thinking my old save through doing a challenge similar (But starting in Belarus on that save) i decided to start in the English leagues. Knowing id have a lower league team to start with, my thinking is that because the lower league english teams are well situated, it means i can gain my Coaching Qualifications quickly, plus a promotion or 2 can jump me to a championship team (Or premier league if im REALLY lucky). Anyway, so i waited a few months and saw a couple of VNN/VNS teams with spots availabl
  12. Going to start this challenge now i think After having my 'Ultimate Challenge' save get corrupted when i was 1 cup away from completing the challenge in the quickest time, i need another long term challenge now that ive got FM17. Using my knowledge of what happened when i completed the Ultimate Challenge, in that i changed teams well too much resulting in huge issues towards the end ive decided to spend less time switching teams and more time developing my reputation in the game first. So, with that, i started in the English Leagues and have now taken over the Boston United job.
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