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  1. Took out the tactic from the beta version and replaced it with a new one, saved the game and now that save works perfectly.
  2. Also re-downloaded .NET framework and DirectX to no avail. It is the FM Touch version as well. I've tried other saves and begun new ones and the game is fine in that respect, it just appears to be with the one save that doesn't work in each of its auto save files and the main save file.
  3. On the latest update 18.1.2 my game crash dumps upon every time I try to proceed. I have tried numerous saves, both with and without custom logo packs, after clearing cache, after reloading the skin, after rebooting my PC and after un-installing and installing the game on steam. I have seen a lot of troubleshooting being due to graphics cards but my game has worked perfectly throughout the entire beta with only one crash dump hiccup in 2 weeks. The latest update has left me unable to even press continue without the game crashing. FMT 2018 v18.1.2.1043484 (2017.11.18 13.55.39).dmp FMT 2018 v18.1.2.1043484 (2017.11.18 14.03.55).dmp FMT 2018 v18.1.2.1043484 (2017.11.18 14.12.12).dmp FMT 2018 v18.1.2.1043484 (2017.11.18 15.34.33).dmp FMT 2018 v18.1.2.1043484 (2017.11.20 17.38.35).dmp FMT 2018 v18.1.2.1043484 (2017.11.20 17.55.05).dmp FMT 2018 v18.1.2.1043484 (2017.11.20 18.34.35).dmp FMT 2018 v18.1.2.1043484 (2017.11.20 18.56.23).dmp
  4. The Rebuild

    July 9, 2044 Thirty-six hours before the 2044 UEFA European Championship final, a sharp knock smashed through his hotel door. “You’re due in the hotel lobby for a drink with Mrs. Stephens in two hours sharp.” A pistol was pointed to the head of Mark Stephens, still wrapped up in his duvet, dreaming of a Welsh victory. Scott and George Turley were stood on the other end of those guns, foaming at the mouth, waiting to pull the trigger. Mark shot up to hold his hands in the air, naked in front of his two aggressors. They scoffed aggressively before exiting the room, slamming the door shut on its way out, the hinges destroyed. One hour and fifty-eight minutes later in the hotel lobby: Mark swallowed half of a bottle of beer in one swift movement. Janice strides up to Mark in a nude dress, clinging to her hips. She lifts a hand to Mark: “if you put one step wrong, you will be taken care of by those.” Janice points to Scott and George in the other corner of the lobby, hands on their holsters. “I’m sorry I got you into this, you’re obviously not the man I thought you were—you cannot handle this.” A bottle and a half of prosecco and two hours later this had turned into: “The thing about Tom and Ed not being yours, that was blackmail, they 100% are but I needed your attention.” “Okay.” Janice forces herself onto Mark, hushing him with her lips. “I’m sorry.” “What’s the plan for tomorrow?” Mark reluctantly backs out of the kiss to Janice’s surprise. “I can’t tell you, you’ll only sabotage it.” Janice yanks Mark towards him. At that moment, Mark catches a glimpse of Mick Pickering outside the hotel, one hand in pocket, the other nervously checking his phone, tapping his feet. The Turleys scurry outside to meet him. “Never mind then.” Mark forgets he has seen Pickering, forcing himself into Janice’s kiss once more. Through the tongue and teeth and lips, Mark had a counter attack.
  5. The Rebuild

    July 7, 2044 Cardiff, Wales Mark and Janice were alone: it was officially a day off. They sat together, enjoying their son’s participation in the European Championship quarter final. The entire thing was tainted from Mark’s perspective as Welsh captain Tom Stephens shook the hands of his eleven red-shirted Spanish opponents. There was an unparalleled buzz around the stadium—well, unless they had swapped Hampden for Ibrox. The crowd was 85% Welsh, roaring home the National anthem. The two sat down after Mark belted out the tune. “We have one more job and you can retire from our business,” Janice began as Alejandro Sanz rattled in Spain’s second goal on the half hour, as if that was the news to cushion the blow of Wales’ pending exit from the tournament. “Semi-final in Cardiff: Scotland v Denmark. Get Scotland into the final, Scott and George have got a Danish player willing to throw the game.” Mark sat in silence watching the game, nodding slightly, a concession. Vicente Abad notched Spain’s fourth goal on half-time before Mark spoke. “This is it after Wednesday: no more.” Janice agreed with her nod. Wales won 4-1. The Turleys big idea was in the form of £20 million waged on Scotland to qualify from their semi-final in Cardiff against Denmark and the Danish player targeted was Sebastian Ipsen. Tony McCallum was back on their side too as he notched an 84th minute equaliser, taking the game into extra time. The game was poised on a knife edge, 1-1 as Scotland were flailing with a man disadvantage, thanks to Scott McAllister’s straight red. Mark and Janice, just like the weekend, were sat together, Mark sat tight for the game to pan out. “Ipsen should have thrown it by now, Mark. What if he’s pulled out, what if he—” “What if he what? Actually wants to win a game of football? Win the European Championship with his country? Have some pride in his work and for his colleagues and his nation? That’s bizarre.” Mark’s true colours finally burst onto Janice after a month of toil. Just as the two launched into a whispering argument near the press box, Sebastian Ipsen wheeled away in celebration. The Danish quarter of the stadium were in raptures, the Southampton midfielder had sunk Scotland in the 119th minute. “Look at that. Looks like he got a better deal.” Mark proudly sat back in his chair, Janice screaming through her matted hair. “How much did you bet on Scotland?” Mark smugly asked. “Thirty-five million pounds.” Janice wept. “He must have got a better offer.” Mark left his seat, safe in the knowledge that he had acquired a new signing for Redditch. Earlier in the day, Mark Stephens had promised Ipsen a contract at Redditch if he rejected the Turleys money and played for the love of the game. That determination took Denmark over the line.
  6. The Rebuild

    June 27, 2044 Wrexham, Wales Mark Stephens was always nervous about the upcoming contest: Wales v Germany. Spain were awaiting the winner and Tom Stephens hadn’t really clicked into gear yet. There was an extra determination given the game was being played in his home country. Mark was terrified of his involvement with the Turleys and his mother. Outside the stadium, signing autographs, Scott and George were off to one side, simply chatting and laughing along with Marcel Bahr and Gunnar Merkel—two German centre halves. Mark was utterly incredulous. He marched over to the quartet where Bahr and Merkel immediately. Two loyal defenders for their clubs: both one club men with Bahr an Arsenal defender, Merkel a Bayern Munich man were both selling their country out for quick money. “We’re looking at 5 million apiece for you. We want a 1-0 Wales win. Nothing more, nothing less.” Mark hung his head in shame at being associated with the Turleys. He had fallen out of love with the game. Then, on 57 minutes, his own son handed the Turleys €31.6 million. A threaded through ball from the right wing found Dean Parry on the edge of the box and with one touch he finished beyond Nawrocki. Mark Stephens, usually in jubilation mode for Wales triumphing in a tournament of this nature, was subdued, escaping the stadium the moment the final whistle blew.
  7. The Rebuild

    June 25, 2044 Conwy, Wales “Get on with it, Mark. Do not bottle this now.” George imposed himself on Mark in the hotel kitchen, there was seconds to get this done. The breakfast platter of orange juices was lying in front of them, Mark was quivering whether to slip the capsules into the liquid. “Just put it in six of them, that’s all we need. Six here and six next door.” Scott grabbed the capsules, distributing the drug over a few glasses. “We’ve got ten million on this game, Mark, no ****ing about.” George shooed Mark out of the kitchen as they followed. Seven or more bookings were placed on the Ireland v Scotland second round match. The freshly built Conwy International Arena was the stage for the huge British contest, a potential match against Russia or Switzerland in the easier half of the draw. Scott and George banished Mark from the Scottish hotel’s kitchen, where they carried out the same deed before travelling to the stadium. Mark watched the ensuing carnage. Forget 2006’s battle of Nurnberg, late challenges from fatigued and drugged players saw nine bookings inside the opening half. With the game wrapped up, Scott and George fled the arena, having almost doubled their money. Mark left at full-time, with a winner yet to be resolved, a 0-0 scoreline. Scotland would progress thanks to a Scott McAllister extra time winner.
  8. The Rebuild

    June 12, 2044 Glasgow, Scotland Mark always preferred the tighter boxed stadiums as opposed to open national stadiums such as Hampden, Olympiastadion and Wembley. The stadium was vibrating, almost 10,000 Scots were in attendance, a huge Celtic contingent. German and Palestinian flags arched round a third of the stadium in the corner with small pockets of Israeli fans. There was an anticipation of something pre-game. Mark had met with the two subjects the previous morning upon the deliverance of the briefcases. Mark snuck a peek before visiting the hotel room in question: four million euros split evenly. German and Manchester United goalkeeper Andrzej Nawrocki was handed one bung as well PSG winger Patrick Helmer. “Patrick, you don’t come to close to scoring a goal. Andre, let one slip through your fingers, it’s easy as that. You get all of this upon completion. Don’t make it obvious.” Mark shuddered, disreputing the game as he slipped out of the hotel room a floor above his. The press box was up in arms as Helmer slid a fourth minute chance beyond the goalkeeper, skipping the ball slightly past the post. Heart in mouth time for Mark. There was no minder accompanying Mark—they were on different Group D duties in Wrexham. German celebrations ten minutes later, Helmer sprung the offside trap, rattling in a shot into the top corner. Mark put his hands to his face, Helmer had just put Germany into the lead, the referee had almost ran back to the centre circle until the flag caught the referee’s eyes: a sharp whistle. Helmer threw his arms, enraged at the linesman, ruling the 17th minute opener out. Helmer handled whilst threw on goal, he skewed another two shots wide before half-time. He was on thin ice. The German manager, Roman Weidenfeller, was cycling through his attacking options on the bench early in the second half. Helmer switched to his plan B, his immense workrate. The PSG winger, playing number nine for a depleted Germany, ran the most out of their entire eleven and three subs. With the third sub coming onto the pitch in place of Michal Byrtek, Helmer had escaped. The other side of the deal wasn’t sealed and the time was ticking over. Helmer had to create something out of nothing. Hugging the left wing, Helmer turned his back to goal as the move broke down, playing a long ball back to the centre half. Gunnar Merkel was caught unawares, slicing at a clearance allowing Israeli sub Asher Hozez on goal. Hozez slipped the ball straight down Nawrocki in his career’s most vital moment. The tame effort was almost passed off by the German defenders who prepared for the next move. The ball squirted through Nawrocki. Hozez strut in front of the Palestinian flags, arms wide. Israel had just pulled off the biggest European Championship shock in history. Mark was one step closer to freedom.
  9. The Rebuild

    June 10, 2044 Glasgow, Scotland Mark was stood blankly talking to two suits clad with the UEFA logo in the bowels of Hampden Park. “You don’t ken Glasgow, pal. Come tae Rangers.” One official said. “Rangers? Get tae ****.” The other spluttered. The conversation turning towards the Old Firm completed Mark’s job for him. Mark laughed along with the two polarised Glaswegians, signalling to those behind him: Scott and George Turley. They snuck down into the tunnel, pushing a player in dark blue into a room. Five minutes later, after Mark was jovially deciding between Rangers and Celtic, George Turley pushed the player in Scottish blue, Tony McCallum back into the tunnel. Ice bandaged to his knee. McCallum motioned to a physio nearby, and with that distraction, the Turleys escaped back up to the director’s box. “My knee’s gone Andy.” The scorer of Scotland’s muttered as he feigned a limp down the tunnel. Another ‘injury’ in Tom Marshall as the pair were brought off at half-time. Janice and the Turleys magic had worked a treat as Scotland surrender a lead in Glasgow, Netherlands romping home to a 3-1 win after 3 goals in 17 minutes. “Job one done,” Scott began with a smug look on his face in the press room post-match, “you’re on your for the next one: Ibrox in two days.” “Israel v Germany.” Mark muttered, almost knowing what the plan was. “Two briefcases will arrive at your door tomorrow. You distribute them.”
  10. The Rebuild

    May 28, 2044 With a gun pointed to his head, literally, Mark begrudgingly accepted the ‘summer job’, covering the Turleys, Janice and Bachlund at the European Championships in Scotland and Wales over the summer. With the promise of ‘the final job’, Mark was quietly hopeful of his future being just that, his, for the rest of his life. A quiet life in Worcestershire, watching his son and, perhaps, grandson excel in the Premier League. A big swing in the favour of Mark to carry out the job was the safety of his family. Footage of Tom and Scarlett’s new home, planted by the Turleys, played out on Scott’s phone. “Good luck in the Champions League final.” George spluttered towards a floored Mark, Scott spat at him on his way out. Pickering struck a post and McCormick hit the side netting early on as Redditch took command of the game. Redditch were in unchartered territory, as they had been for the entirety of Mark Stephens’ reign. This was bread and butter for Stephens, however. The game was stage managed by Mark Stephens. They had dipped their toes in PSG’s final third in the opening ten, before retreating back into a counter attacking model. This invited PSG onto them, Antoni Albert hit one from distance that scraped the crossbar. The French side penned Redditch into their own half, Alejandro Lorenzo slinking beyond a couple of Redditch’s defenders before the brick wall of Marc Palau. A long diagonal to Liam Colquhoun and a threaded ball to Mick Pickering. Counter attack complete. Pickering rounded the goalkeeper, sliding the ball onto the foot of the post. The game changed on that one, near perfect moment. The half-time whistle blew on the stalemate. The same blueprint was carried out by Redditch only with the reverse result: Redditch’s Pedro Rebelo putting through his own net. Albert’s powerful cross was diverted by the Portuguese full back. Redditch collected medals at the end, only silver. With that, Mark Stephens’ tentative approaches in the summer transfer window became justified. The central midfield sieve was far too wide when the pressure told in the final. Vujica Miletic, Brian Nicolau and Brice Rousseau: three young central midfielders were earmarked along with Espanyol’s Robert Scaion in defence. Redditch were going again.
  11. The Rebuild

    April 24, 2044 The warning was heeded, either way: Mark Stephens was Redditch United manager in the latter stages of the 2043-44 season. The 2-0 demolition of Watford that followed was evidence of Mark’s commitment. The second-string side was enough on the Sunday, the first team was enough on the Wednesday in the quarter final of the Champions League. Barcelona came to town. Thirteen minutes in, Liam Colquhoun had single-handedly put Redditch two up against mes que un club! Beraldo pulled one back for Barcelona only for two more goals to fly in before the half-time break. Mick Pickering hit a free kick with Paulo Henrique’s rebound from 10 yards enough to put minnows Redditch 4-1 up against the almighty Barcelona. Johnatan Beraldo struck once more only for Colquhoun’s third of his hat-trick to return quickly. Two away goals would be enough for Barcelona to overturn almost any deficit back in Spain, Aydemir’s flicked header, a third for Barcelona. A late, late Gianmarco Mangianello goal saw Redditch go into the second leg six days later with a 6-3 aggregate lead, not that Barcelona hadn’t overturned this in the past. The Madejski Stadium was a great distraction, Colquhoun and Pickering were needed late on to secure a win. Three points was the difference from Spurs with five matches left. The more important Champions League was around the corner and with depleted numbers, Redditch slumped to an early disadvantage through Aydemir. Mick Pickering levelled on the half hour mark with Gianmarco Mangianello heading home a second for Redditch. Barcelona needed another four goals. Redditch couldn’t believe that they had taken a three-goal lead from the first leg and improved upon it in the second leg. The second half saw Beraldo notch a consolation with the infamous Alfonso Ciardi, without sickness or any pay off this time round, netting five minutes from time. Barcelona would win on the night but not overall, surrendering an El Clasico in the final four. It made sense that, just a few days later, Redditch struggled to a point at Turf Moor in the league. A hellacious thrashing of Manchester City transpired four days later. A Mick Pickering hat-trick, sandwiched in between goals from Pedro Rebelo and Liam Colquhoun in a 5-0 thrashing of City. With that, they dropped out of the top four and had all confidence rattled. The following weekend, City gained cruel retribution in the FA Cup semi-final. Mick Pickering and Rico Doriot traded second half penalties. City’s penalty warranted a straight red card for a high tackle from Paulo Henrique. The scales were slightly skewed in the favour of City heading into what seemed extra time. Up stepped the man affectionately known as Rico Dorito in Manchester. Doriot bundled in a low cross through the goalkeeper’s legs to wrap up a bizarre semi-final in North London. The treble that seemed on the peripherals for so long, was officially cancelled. After the dip against Burnley, five points needed to be made up in three games with two matches against Real Madrid to play for. Crunch time. Before the final few games, Mark received another letter. FINAL WRITTEN WARNING: Should no contact be made between parties, the employee will automatically selected for the summer job. No response in the following two weeks will result in physical warning in person. Undeterred, Mark hopped on a plane to the Bernabeu. Ten man Real Madrid had fallen behind to a Mick Pickering opener two minutes from half-time. The Madrid faithful had lost all hope in manager Markus Weinzierl. Real had won the league unbroken since 2030 and had a resiliency that saw Patrick Kebeya equalise six minutes into the first half. The second leg would be played with Redditch holding an almost half a goal advantage, with an away goal at 1-1. Dreams of a Premier League title evaporated on the Saturday lunchtime, with a 1-0 loss down on the south coast to Southampton, leaving Spurs eight points clear with two games remaining. Real Madrid ventured into unknown territory—Worcestershire. Half-time saw a cagey match remain at 0-0 with Paulo Henrique breaking the deadlock on 51 minutes. Of course, Mick Pickering followed him on the scoresheet with a low curled effort fifteen minutes later. Redditch were in the ascendancy and with the Reds faithful behind them, more goals followed. Mangianello and Colquhoun in quick succession led Redditch to a 4-0 thumping of Real Madrid. PSG awaited in the Champions League final. Before that: two disappointing draws at Newcastle and Swansea ended Redditch’s league season in third—an improvement of a place upon last season, two behind Chelsea and twelve behind Spurs, four clear of Manchester City in fifth. The morning after: a sharp knock at Mark’s door. The shadow of two twins, collecting their employee.
  12. The Rebuild

    May 16, 2044 The 3-1 loss at the Etihad was Redditch’s last for quite some time as they kicked into gear around the Christmas period. It took a home 0-0 against Southampton for it to fully take effect as they went on a rampage, beating Sheffield Wednesday (2-1), Newcastle, Swansea (both 2-0), Chelsea (1-0), Hull (3-1, in the FA Cup third round), Blackburn (4-1) and West Ham (2-1). This had not only progressed them both in the FA Cup but in the Premier League, where they sat atop of the table, one point ahead of Man City and Spurs. Individual accolades saw Redditch enter 2044 with Mick Pickering in the World XI and Liam Colquhoun named as the European Golden Boy. World Eleven star Mick Pickering soon repaid his manager further, following a lackluster display in a 2-0 loss to Tottenham with the winning goal at Chelsea in the FA Cup fourth round. A 4-0 win over Boro put Redditch back into second place, behind Spurs with twelve matches remaining. On the morning of Mark’s first day in his sixties, another blood red letter was hand delivered through his letterbox: HAPPY BIRTHDAY: TAKE THE SUMMER JOB, OR ELSE (lots of love, Janice) Mark was determined not to let this threat hamper his job, where another stunning away result, this time at Liverpool, saw Mick Pickering’s winner feed them into an FA Cup fifth round tie against Crystal Palace. A replay was needed and Redditch did the business at home, before relinquishing three points to Palace in the league. Sunderland were beaten with ease in the league, as were Shakhtar Donetsk in the first leg of the second round. The only blemish: the Ukrainians netted an away goal, making the return trip that much harder. Grimsby were picked apart in the FA Cup again, this time in the quarter finals, promising a trip to Wembley before a trip to the Nou Camp was sealed, given a 6-2 aggregate win over Shakhtar. A win at Old Trafford, Mick Pickering with the winner again threatened a late siege on the Premier League title. With a half an hour played, Redditch were two up at home to West Brom until they squandered three goals in a 3-2 loss. Eight points was the ground with seven games left. The Old Trafford victory was profound, leaving Manchester United chairman David Beckham to request talks with Mark Stephens about a possible return and reuniting with Tom on the pitch. Mark politely postponed talks until post-season when another letter was sent through the post. WARNING: Do not, under any circumstances, return to Manchester United. If you fail to take our job in the summer (beginning in June), your grandson will be killed.
  13. The Rebuild

    December 8, 2043 The catalyst for the successes of the 2042/43 season was a product of Mark Stephens being left alone by Janice and her clan. Redditch’s first season in the Champions League began slowly. Eight points from the opening five games after a loss to Spurs at home but wins against Sheffield Wednesday and Blackburn and draws to West Ham and Chelsea. By that point, Redditch had scooped their first piece of silverware with the Super Cup—a Mick Pickering winner on the hour against Paris Saint-Germain. Just £33m was spent, with £8m coming into the club with the sales of Jack Horncastle and Luke Hillier. Edgar Guzman and Pedro Robelo were signed, bolstering Redditch’s backline and at 22 and 19 respectively, the average age of the squad came plummeting down to levels of the 2019 Ajax squad. A huge recruitment process saw eight players coming in on free transfers from Steve Tivey, Will Long and Ian Bird in defence to Paulo Henrique, Grant McNeil and Jim McKenzie in the midfield with Ismail Sahin brought in up front and Emmanuel Agyei snapped up as a number two. Strength in depth was needed for a Champions League campaign. That campaign began in earnest, just seventy-one seconds in as Mick Pickering headed home in the Allianz-Arena, Bayern Munich going down to Redditch in the biggest result of the club’s history. For the second time that year, Redditch surrendered a 3-1 lead to Arsenal, only to draw 3-3, a League Cup win over Preston distracted them enough, as did a 2-1 win at Middlesbrough in the league. Juventus were the visitors to Redditch for the club’s second Champions League game. It took two minutes in Munich, it took seven minutes in Redditch for the debutants to find the net. By half-time, Redditch had waltzed into a four goal lead courtesy of two from Mangianello and one from Colquhoun and Pickering apiece. With two forthcoming fixtures against Dinamo Zagreb, qualification was all but sealed. The defence was tightening up, not conceding between Champions League ties, with 1-0 wins at Sunderland and at home to Liverpool. The defensive record continued in Croatia, with Dinamo shipping five goals, sending Redditch into an almost unassailable position in the group, Bayern trailed by three, Juventus by six. League form had been somewhat sacrificed as they sat nine points behind leaders Tottenham after just nine games. Then the distraction that Mark Stephens was almost waiting for: a letter through the post, drenched in ‘blood’. SUMMER VACANCY: A BRITAIN-WIDE INITIATIVE, FINAL SHIFT IN CARDIFF ON JULY 10TH. That had a direct knock-on effect on the team’s play, Stephens was rattled, Palace holding Redditch to a 1-1 draw before Liverpool eliminated Redditch from the League Cup for the second straight season. West Brom were the first team Stephens conquered since the anonymous note was sent through the post. A win in Croatia meant 12 points from 12 in the Champions League, 4-1 against Dinamo Zagreb. Another four goals was scored at home to Manchester United four days later, all four from Pickering, but three points wasn’t assured. Watford, Reading and Burnley were all put away. The reverse was taking effect in Europe, with Bayern Munich and Juventus both putting Redditch away. Bayern topped the group but Redditch’s early form staved off Juventus, who finished the group on ten points.
  14. The Rebuild

    May 27, 2043 Redditch’s biggest European nightmare was on the horizon in the shape of Sporting Lisbon who held a double over them in the group stages in the autumn. For a distraction, Redditch set about picking apart the Premier League, starting with a 4-1 romp at the Riverside stadium before a 2-1 win at home to West Ham. Redditch were consolidating a fourth spot in the Premier League, whilst negotiating a Europa League semi-final first leg in Lisbon. A Mick Pickering header off a corner sealed a 1-0 win and, more importantly, an away goal in Portugal. West Brom held Redditch to a 1-1, hauling them out of the top four with their next league opponents, Spurs as their replacement. By the eighth minute of their match at home to Sporting in the return leg in Worcestershire, the tie was effectively over. Max Doe’s sixth minute deflected finish preceded Mangianello’s free kick two minutes later, in a 3-0 aggregate win. Just three days later was a Champions League six pointer against Spurs. They were deadlocked on 68 points with a similar goal difference, a win was necessary. Enter the half-time oranges with Spurs leading through an Xavier Gimeno opener on 22 minutes. Mick Pickering soon levelled the tie before Joaquin Herrera got Spurs back on track with a quick response. Ross Robson got a last gasp equalizer, keeping Spurs at arms’ length before Judas struck the winner. Bradley Lapslie, with the last kick of the game, hit one from distance. 30 yards out, Redditch 3-2 Tottenham Hotspur. Redditch could no longer win the Premier League, not that it was realistic to begin with (although, neither was Champions League football via the league route). A point was all that was needed but a win could guarantee group stages football in the Champions League—but so would a win over Roma in the Europa League. In the end, nothing was needed against Sheffield Wednesday due to Spurs’ 0-0 at Hawthorns. United sealed the title with a flimsy 2-2 at Palace due to City dropping to third in a 3-0 loss to Chelsea. Roma: Lucas Ramon nodded Roma into a 1-0 lead in Naples in time for the midway break. Afterwards was a thrashing that guaranteed group stages football in the Champions League after all. Mick Pickering had the night of his life. Goal followed goal followed goal followed assist. 4-1 Redditch, Europa League champions.