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  1. Bought it from OnePlay.com for € 25.81 (applied a -10% coupon code 'bmoose' but only can be used 2000 times in total, so be fast!). Beta access included. Didn't the receive the code yet and found some bad reviews (they secretly make you subscribe for their renting thing for 0EUR, so you have to cancel it via PayPal immediately) but also a lot of positive ones. Either way, there seem to be a lot of hoops to get a successful experience from this site, but PayPal always refunds if the shop doesn't take their responsibility.

    So, I wouldn't recommend it for now. But if all works out I got a FM2014 Steam key for half the suggested retail price which is pretty neat. :)

    I also cancelled the renting thing, but on it's own I don't think it does anything. You've just authorized them to use your PayPal account if you do decide to rent anything as I understand it. I've had other things authorized for 0 that I left in place and they never took a thing.

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