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  1. It's £24.99 with the code. CDKeyGo.com = £22.41 with ALLKEYSHOP3 code.
  2. Yep, I know the exact player. He was great for me and ended up playing for (my) England as Brazil constantly ignored him
  3. There are already two threads on this, why post another?
  4. If memory serves it was set so that only regens would do it by default, but the arse command allowed existing players to do it too.
  5. I also cancelled the renting thing, but on it's own I don't think it does anything. You've just authorized them to use your PayPal account if you do decide to rent anything as I understand it. I've had other things authorized for 0 that I left in place and they never took a thing.
  6. Never used them before, so I don't know. Reviews seemed favourable though and it's email delivery so shouldn't be delayed. Also used PayPal so they can't stiff me.
  7. Back in the olden days, Rob Dewhurst was the first player I'd buy. Never got out of the lower leagues IRL.
  8. Cheapest I've found is OnePlay, £19.21 including beta access. http://www.oneplay.com/download/details/11178_Football_Manager_2014__PC__amp__MAC__incl__BETA_access £24.01 and use discount code ghosts at the checkout for a %20 discount.
  9. From way back when everyone was moaning about super-keepers: I'm quite annoyed that I appear to have deleted my superb one in which my keeper concedes a penalty and gets sent off, his replacement saves the penalty, fouls the guy going for the rebound and gets sent off.
  10. Spurs used to have a defender called Defendi
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