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  1. Ok I'll turn off all transfer-related help and start again. This game has so much depth that it's easy to get lost in it!
  2. I've bought three players so far, who are 18, 19 and 30, and I'm pretty sure I only bought the 30-year-old Verhaegh. Also, I only have £3m left out of £15m, despite having spent £7.8m: https://www.dropbox.com/s/47ciez1iyigu9do/Screenshot%202015-05-12%2020.20.21.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/rzclsut1nh1h3ka/Screenshot%202015-05-12%2020.20.37.png?dl=0 Maybe I should just start a new game again and make sure that all first team transfers are dealt with by me?
  3. I'm managing Newcastle, and we seem to keep making offers for players which I haven't made. I've checked the Responsibilities section of the Staff section and made sure that all first team transfer offers are made by me (I think I have staff members handling the youth side of things), but it still seems to be happening. What am I doing wrong? Could they be offers being made for youth players? Because they have been around a few million, which sounds like more of a senior player transfer offer to me.
  4. I've got FM15 and I'm waiting for my new PC to play it on. Can anyone recommend any files to download in order to enhance it? I'll need the January transfer window update, and I'd like to download player pictures, team logos etc if there are any. Also, I'll be playing the game on my plasma TV, which is susceptible to image retention, so I'm curious to know if there are ways of preventing that. A darker skin might help, although the text would still be whitewhite, and I prefer a nice light skin anyway, so that's not a great idea. Maybe there might be a mod (are there any mods?) which could help prevent certain static graphics from being on the screen too long? I would hope that the on-screen graphics would change anyway, certainly going into matchdays. Finally, there seems to be a staggering array of game settings in the manual? Does anyone play with these? My PC is powerful so I'm hopeful that I can go with a few leagues and a very large database. But I'm curious about a few other options, such as: Highlight mode - I'm thinking that Comprehensive or Extended could be good choices in order to show all the key moments but to also enable the player to identify strengths and weaknesses in the two teams. Although it could be fun to watch an entire match, maybe a cup final (if I ever reach one), or a critical league match. Any opinions on highlight mode? Fake players and staff - does this generate a world of players with different stats, or just rename the players? If it's the former then it could be interesting to try a game where you have no knowledge of any of the players. Has anyone tried it? And if so, how did you find it? Do not use real fixtures - I take it this refers to the groups and fixtures of the international teams? So if this was activated then England would be in a completely different group? Which kind of makes sense to me seeing as the league fixtures are random Disable First Window Transfer Budgets - I assume this means I wouldn't be able to buy or sell players until January? If so I'm not keen on that, even if it does add realism Disable Attribute Masking - has anyone used this and how did you find it? It's something I like the sound of for realism, although I suspect this game will be hard enough as it is. With it on, are you still able to get a feel for a good player? Or are you entirely dependant on your scouts? Managerial Style - I'd like to think that I am more of a Tactical Manager, but what would a Tracksuit Manager do?
  5. Well that's FM15 ordered!
  6. When I say full length matches I mean extended highlights. I heard that more goals were scored, ie the game wasn't allowing for the longer highlights. But maybe that isn't the case.
  7. I'm finally about to buy a PC which will be able to play Football Manager, so obviously I need to buy the game itself. I was really hoping to buy FM15 new, partly to support the devs, and partly because I want the latest version (although I did buy FM14 in a charity shop just because they had it). But I've read some negative things about FM15 particularly relating to the match engine, including excessive injuries, too many goals in full-length matches etc. I've also heard that FM15 is harder, although I'm not expecting to do brilliantly at FM anyway. So are any of these criticisms justified? Have they been fixed with updates? Are there any other issues? If necessary I could play FM14 instead (no doubt the most recent transfer update would be available), but I would feel like I was missing out on whatever new features FM15 has.
  8. Great! And I've been playing on the smaller screens up until now, so I'm sure it'll look good on a 5" screen.
  9. Ok thanks for that. Think I'll wait til I get the Moto G. I'm sure it'll look great on the 5" screen.
  10. Thanks, good to know. I wonder if it would run on my Ace 2? Just so I know whether I can buy it now or if I should wait until I have the Moto?
  11. But will it run on the 2014 Moto G? I won't buy it for my iPod or Ace 2 because they are probably too old now, but imhoping it might run on the Moto G
  12. I have an ageing iPod Touch 4, and a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (which I've grown to hate - never buying Samsung again), and I'm getting the 2014 5" Motorola Moto G for Christmas. Will FMH 2015 run on any of these devices? While I'm here, what's the news on the new match engine? It sounds like the game contains both engines, and defaults to the new or old depending on the phone model capabilities? I also note that a lot of people are complaining about matches taking too long. I'm not sure if I would be annoyed by longer matches, or if I would enjoy it more because I don't have a good enough PC for FM, and maybe longer matches might make it feel closer to FM?
  13. This is the one I was considering: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=291056666894&alt=web If this one might not be good enough, then could anyone recommend one that would be good enough, without spending too much?
  14. I was considering buying a Lenovo x200s laptop (for various application), and I wondered if FM14 might run on it. The system requirements suggest that maybe it would, although I guess the main issue would be the on-board graphics. If it helps, I would most likely play with one nation (eg England), but ideally with lots of leagues (down to Conference), and a decent size database would be nice.
  15. I don't tend to save online because I'm not always around WiFi. But I took the plunge (after backing up to iCloud and iTunes), and it all worked out fine. Glad I didn't lose all that hard work!