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  1. DATABASE 1. In the last few years I have suggested that the database should be built in blocks. This way you could download updates on the French, English or German leagues independently. My knowledge of the French, Italian or German leagues is not as good as the Portuguese or the English. You already have researches but most of the times - and though their contribution is extremely valuable - you have to go through a never ending process of editing. There are people who update the entire database and make it available for everyone. So there is a lot more candidates if you only have to focus on updating your own country database and download the remaining blocks. Better, simpler and you dont have to wait until February or March to start playing the game. 2. If 1. is totally impossible, the Editor and Database should be released in early September so that all the potential users could start updating and changing the database to make it better and more realistic. By October or November, you could start playing the game instead of starting to change everything that is incorrect.
  2. Major concerns: 1. Player transfer: No Portuguese, French (except Lyon), Dutch or Greek teams have the money or the reputation to hire EPL, Serie A, La Liga or Bundesliga players. Only players that requested a transfer or play secondary roles in their clubs move outside these 4 big leagues. In recent FMs this was not taken into account and some transfers are ridiculous. The gap between the reputation of EPL, Serie A, La Liga and the Bundesliga and the other leagues should be much higher than the 17 (0-20 scale) that is given to the Bundesliga and the 15 that is given to the French (same level as the Brazilian and Argentinian) or the 14 that is given to the Portuguese or Dutch league. The game is not reflecting what is happening nowadays. Small clubs like Wigan or Sunderland will be able to attract the best players from Portugal, Argentina, Holland, Greece or Turkey. Nowadays players will prefer to move to the EPL to avoid relegation than to go to the Champions League. 2. Player movement is controlled by: 1st. league reputation 2nd. basic wage 3rd. club reputation If the first two change dramatically, the third factor is meaningless. 3. Player awards: Big awards should only go to players whose world reputation is higher than 150, for example. This would avoid a lot of stupid events... 4. Football Agents: It should be possible to introduce that in the game. It is a very complex thing, because the football agents have a huge influence on the player, but it would be nice to see how a simple change from a small agent to a big name one could change a player mentality. Example: Joao Moutinho from Sporting changed to Pini Zahavi and now wants to leave Sporting to go to England. 5. Tactics: using 442 you should have to have at least two players who know how to defend. It is usual to see a team with 4 attacking midfielders winning trophies...That has never happened before! You cannot put Ronaldo, Anderson, Nani and Park in the midfield and expect to be successful. 6. Finances should reflect modern football. Instead of balance, transfer money and wage budget you should stick to a Balance and a SEASON BUDGET which would include everything. The Balance reflects the present and the SEASON BUDGET is the money that you can spend during one season. This would be great because small clubs in big leagues have a lot more money to spend than big clubs in lower leagues have. Example: Ajax or Benfica budget vs Sunderland or Wigan. 7. It should be easy to loan players to lower league sides... 8. Clubs should not sell players that are available for loan. Most of the times if a player is available for loan you can buy him at a very low price with no trouble at all.
  3. 1. Football agents should have a big influence on their players. Example: Nowadays World Class Players will have their contracts reviewed almost every season. 2. Awards should only go for players whose World Reputation is higher than, for example, 150. 3. Transferring players should be easy. There should always be a club interested in your players. 4. Players that go on loan are normally available for transfer or not needed by the club. This is not true and should be tuned. 5. Wages, financial status, bank loans, chairman loans, etc...should be tuned because most of the times you have huge profits. Nowadays only 20 clubs in the world have a good financial situation. 6. Big players and Managers should only move to big clubs! ManU, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, Inter, ACMilan and Juve, Barcelona and Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Leagues like the Portuguese or Dutch have no ability to buy players from a Premier League club! Players that play for small clubs in the EPL or La Liga or Serie A will not be interested in changing to the Dutch League or the Portuguese League even if it is a big club...
  4. Managing a club in England is the only way to experience all the efforts SI have made to give us a great game. Once you change to another country a lot of problems happen. 1. Financial Situation of the clubs have to be tuned. 2. Clubs should not sell their good young players almost for free. If you are a small club with a young player with potential, if a normal offer comes along, normally it is not rejected (e.g. Young players in Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Holland, etc...) 3. There should be more non-playing staff in the free transfer list~ 4. National teams' staff should not be considered like a free transfer. You should have to pay compensation fees as well. 5. Finances should be tuned for all clubs when you are starting a new game because you will end up with two pre-seasons (United spent already 70 million so they should not have a lot of money available for transfers in july) 6. AI Managers transfers should be tuned. If Chelsea needs one GK, the normal thing to happen is that they will end up buying two or three. The same happens with small clubs. If the manager's preferred formation is 352 the default first team should include more than 4 centre half. If it is 433 two or three FC are more than enough.
  5. 1. Players characteristics vs Tactical position. You can often pick up three AttMid with tackling and positioning < 8 and still be successful in a 442 formation. That is not possible IRL. E.g. Real Madrid. 2. Players becoming unhappy if they are not played in their preferred position. 3. More preset tactics should be given to managers. Allardyce 433 is different from Wenger 433 or Rijkaard 433 for example... 4. Big name players and managers changing to smaller clubs. Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Inter, Juventus, Milan and Roma, Barca, Real Madrid and Valencia. These are the major clubs in Europe where you will see the best players. If Shevchenko or Ronaldo get transfer listed these are the ONLY possible clubs where they will end up in...If Mourinho leaves Chelsea he will not manage any other club. Carlos Queiroz managing West Brom? Impossible IRL but happens all the time in FM 4. Financial situation at clubs. It is really easy to become a rich club...Apart from England, Spain, Italy, Germany or France there is no money to spend on players IRL. You will have to sell in order to be able to buy. 5. Pressure from the board to buy or to play specific players. 6. Tune the Chairman interference: Chairman only go to players with flair, strikers or players whose reputation is high. Chairman only go to obvious players. Sometimes you see Abramovich buying IRAOLA or CRIS. Chairman should only sell players if your financial situation is not good.
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