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    I have been a Manchester United fan for 30 years and been playing football manager forever it seems

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    Manchester United

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    Manchester United

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  1. As a united fan I would love to see if we share the same views etc so would love to see you do a Manchester United save?
  2. Has happened twice in two days now I’ve had enough now
  3. Ok I will try that when my laptop loads back up been loading up for 30 minutes because only way of getting it off is to turn the laptop off
  4. And again this is making me lose patience how can I have a good game going when it keeps freezing
  5. On it now I’m October not done it yet has updating my card worked because I’m guessing it would say different if I had
  6. Not happened but not played it much so could still happen
  7. ok this is my dx file after updating my card merry xmas DxDiag.txt2.txt
  8. if this is not what you want then i dont know what you want lol DxDiag.txt
  9. Ah right sorry I will do it hopefully tonight but don’t get home till 11.30
  10. no downloads no and I only have the English league with a large database about 13,000 players
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