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    I have been a Manchester United fan for 30 years and been playing football manager forever it seems

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  1. you welcome if you want any help just ask I'm off work due to covid plus I've done these before did a outside stadium pack for last years
  2. Hi i hope you did not mind i changed the Luton one because i love how you get the stands in the others but Luton's was only the executive boxes
  3. Thanks Michael that's worked perfect i never knew how easy it was to do a skin thanks for the help
  4. hi can anyone explain how i can change the font colour please ive read the instructions and cant see which bit i need to change etc as you can see when i have backgrounds on its hard to see with the white font. If someone could try and explain in easy terms then i would be most grateful for it
  5. Hi I got a face pack of fm blog for fm20 and for some weird reason none of the players are in there I have downloaded and extracted them but nope still not worked and what’s weirder is the players are not even in the folders by the way this was not a face pack for coaches or anything
  6. As a united fan I would love to see if we share the same views etc so would love to see you do a Manchester United save?
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