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  1. The board doesn't think the player is worth the salary you wan't to give the player that's why they're vetoing the deal. You could try to raise the player status but then the player will ask for a higher salary.
  2. You've set a resolution that your monitor cannot handle. Fix it by removing the config file and EHM will revert back to VGA and let you set a correct resolution.
  3. There was a survey held some years ago (around the 2005 version release if I remember correctly), where users where asked what part of the game was most important to them and the multiplayer part came in dead last.
  4. That sounds like a database error, I doubt that a 20-year old have had time to play 240 games. Take it up with the database supplier.
  5. It's an example. This happens every season for a few players. There have even been players that have lost their waiver exemption in their rookie year as 18 year old, something that cannot happen according to the rules (you cannot play 160 games in your first season). I'm currently in the year of 2037 so it's a newgen but it's happened since the EHM07 at least. It cannot be a database issue since the calculations only start when the player plays his first game in the NHL. I've been seeing this error many times it just happened to be the case that I had irrefutable evidence instead of only a hunch that something was wrong.
  6. The fix can be found here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/366079-eastside-hockey-manager-full-screen-glitch/?do=findComment&comment=256369
  7. No, it's 80 games for 21-year old players. https://www.capfriendly.com/waivers-faq
  8. There is a user over at TBL that have reported the same error (at xmas time). I can't say whether this is a database issue or not but it sure sounds like the end dates for the contracts are wrong in some way.
  9. This sounds like a database issue. Are you using the original database or a database from someone else (TBL etc.)?
  10. It's 70 games for 22-year-olds. 60 games is for 23 year olds.
  11. Have a look at your finances. The board will pay out to shareholders after the season and will often be short on money until season tickets starts to go on sale. If you have player salaries up to (or over) your budget then the board will limit all offers. Ask your board to raise the player budget and remember that the salary cap isn't the only thing that limits your spending.
  12. The way I understand it is that face-offs are not counted if they are "drawn" or "undecided" but only if they are won or lost cleanly. If you have face-offs attributed to players that never took any then that is obviously a bug.
  13. Have you told your coach that you are doing his job?
  14. If you are getting corrupt saves you should make sure that this isn't caused by a hardware fault. Bad RAM or a bad HDD could both be the cause. Check your RAM with a reputable tool (like Memtest86+) and check your drives for bad sectors. Another possibility is that you have a permissions error in your OS. Check that you are able to write and read correctly from the same folder that the game uses for its saves.
  15. The game follows real life accurately when it comes to NHL Waiver and CAP rules. These are negotiated between the NHL and NHLPA (Players Association) and published in their CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). This can be downloaded here. Good summaries with examples can be found here for CAP rules and here for Waiver rules. To put it simply - CAP - Only players on your 23-man roster is counted towards the cap unless they are one-way players buried in the AHL (or another place) when only the first $million is discounted. Waiver Exemption - A player is exempt from waivers until he's played a certain number of games or been signed for a certain number of years. This varies with how old the player is when signed/plays his first game see the table in the last link above.
  16. That definitely doesn't sound right. Even if the game count the contract as signed you still have a 10% margin during the off-season. Are you sure you weren't over the top anyway? Off-season CAP is calculated slightly different (23 highest contracts).
  17. I've long (for several versions ever since the first one) been suspicious of how the game calculates waiver exemptions. It hasn't been until now however, that I've bothered to look into the details and there are definitely something that's not right. In my current game I have a player that was 21 when signed and 22 when he played his first pro game (AHL) while under a NHL contract. According to the CBA he should be exempt for three seasons or 70 NHL games, whichever comes first. He has just started his third season and has played 58 NHL games and lost his waiver exemption last week (within the last three games played). This is some 15 games too early (or an entire season). This isn't the first time I've seen strange things but this time I have proof. Let me know if you need a save.
  18. I don't have access to your save but since you're still in off season your CAP is calculated as the top 23 players (full) salary. By trading away one player in the top 23 he's replaced by #24 so the reduction in CAP will be the difference between the traded player and the player that replaced him in the top 23. So if the player you traded away had a salary of $1.1m and the 24th highest paid player has a salary of $900.000 then the reduction in off season CAP will be $200.000. I cannot explain it any clearer.
  19. The CAP is calculated weekly in-game not day by day.
  20. The AHL two way contracts only kick in when the season starts. During the off season the full salary amount is used. This is the way it works in real life too (albeit slightly differently). (IRL ALL players are considered to be on the NHL roster until the season starts and only then can you move them to your farm team.)
  21. This is the off season CAP that is calculated by taking the 23 highest earners on the team. The regular season CAP is calculated differently and is where only roster players are counted.
  22. Is this regular season CAP or off season CAP? What is the date for the trade? CAP is updated weekly in game not every day as in real life. CAP is also pro-rated, if you make a trade halfway into a season only half the salary is removed.
  23. The game has a static economic model where players base their salary demands on a percentage of the CAP. The game does NOT model inflation and therefore the CAP does not change from year to year in-game. You can use an editor to make changes but this will only lead to players asking for more (if a player is asking for $7.3m with a $73m CAP then he'll ask for $7.6m with a $76m CAP). This is the way that EHM has worked in all versions since the first one.
  24. The way to fix this is to set the speed of the simulation to the highest until it clears then set it back to what you had before the incident.
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