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  1. So I'm off underway, welcome Mike Basset to the Rheinpark Stadion Having a quick look at the squad and certainly some interesting points. It looks stronger than I thought it may be actually, although we do start with 5 potential long term injuries which is a shame. Some good players in on loan which is handy, but we have to be careful considering we know they won't be coming back after this season. Attacking midfielder Moreno Costanzo looks like he will be a key player with his technical ability. We do for me look a bit short upfront, with star man from last year Nico Abegglen having moved on now. That's a potential worry but at least the young Albanian Avdijaj is a decent all rounder and is only 21. Also some good looking young players in the squad - very impressed with the young keeper Baldinger (I'll probably loan him out this season if possible), its a shame he is Swiss and not a Liechtensteiner, whilst i'm impressed with young striker Handzipacic in the reserves. Could well get a game in the first team this season. Meet the squad. Onwards!
  2. The Ultimate Youth Challenge - Can you bring success to Liechtenstein? I've been thinking about this for a while - I've always been a fan of long term games and real challenges with minnows. This challenge is a bit of a mix of the Youth challenge started by SMSL back in FM06 (I think?) and the Sammarinese challenge created by Jimbokav (I've stole your layout mate - sorry). I introduced it last year and interest was limited but we still had some success. Shoutout to Grff who took Vaduz up to a record high league position of 2nd. Fully intend to give this a real shot this year and see how far we can go! The Challenge. The major Liechtenstein club, Vaduz, play their football in Switzerland, as there is no formal Liechtenstein football league system. They are currently in the top tier, the Swiss Super League. The basic idea is that you manage both Vaduz, and the Liechtenstein National Team, using the players produced by an improved club academy to benefit the NT in a long-term save. As Jimbokav correctly points out in the Sammarinese challenge; If you are just interested in a challenge that will take you a few seasons then this ISN'T for you. It is likely to be measured in terms of decades rather than seasons because it is likely that you will be the only club producing players of a sufficient quality to impact on the NT as soon as your NT gains any real level of success. Not just that - you also cannot sign ANY players or staff for Vaduz at any point and can only use players from the club's youth system to progress (Ha!). Only players who retire can be signed as staff members. To complete the challenge you must win the Swiss league with Vaduz, the Europa League with Vaduz, and the European/World cups with Liechtenstein I believe this is the hardest challenge ever seen on these forums, and may well be pretty impossible to complete without serious luck - I dare you.. The Club. Vaduz have played in the Switzerland football league system for a long while now, and have just reached the top tier getting promoted in 13/14. They have only ever played one league campaign at this level before (getting relegated straight away in 2008). They are also the only professional football club in Liechtenstein - although a few others, such as Balzers and USV Eschen/Mauren are also Liechtenstein clubs who play in the Swiss system (fourth tier I think, which unfortunately means they can't be playable) The Challenge rules. No players signed whatsoever! No Limits on how many leagues you can load. No FMRTE or Genie Scout whatsoever, and of course absolutely zero editing of facilities, which are of course so important. Screenshots to prove facilities have not been tampered with is recommended! Once you’ve been sacked by the Club, the Challenge is over and you have to start again. Don’t have to start immediately with NT you can wait for as long as you would like - At any point you can add a manager to sack the National Team coach and then you can apply for the job if you don't start with them. No Edited Leagues Thread Rules. Screenshots are allowed but none should be embedded due to making the page slower to load so please post them as hyperlinks to Imageshack/Photobucket or another photo hosting website. Player Naming is allowed along with talk about Tactics but no talk on downloadable tactics. If you want to download someoen else's tactics, (sigh), fine, just don't talk about it in here please. When joining the Challenge please post a photo of your Manager’s Profile. Once you’ve done a season please can you post a short summary of your progress showing the key things with Screenshots(e.g. Squad Stats, League Table, Youth Intake etc.) Setting Up. You can run as many leagues in as many nations as you want. After you have selected the Nations that you want to start the game with, press "Next - New Game Overview". From there click on the "Database Size" tab, and then select "Advanced" at the bottom of the sub-menu. It will then allow you to include some options that may assist you within your game. Nations - Liechtenstein. Current International Players. Players Based in Nation. Players of Nationality. Players from Top Division clubs. Players from Top clubs. Players with Continental reputation. Players with National reputation. Players from clubs in Continental competition. You don't have to include all of these options, but the more Liechtensteiner players at the start of the game has to help doesn't it? Notes/Tips: - Vaduz cannot play in the Champions League as Liechtenstein have no coefficient. There is however a Liechtenstein cup competition that runs, and winning that gives you entry into the Europa League. (Vaduz have won this cup in 15 of the last 16 seasons) - Clearly keeping hold of players is crucial at the start - it could well be a long time before the academy produces good enough replacements. - The Vaduz youth academy is obviously the absolute key. Develop it all costs. Good luck to all - you're going to need it. And with us all starting with the same squad at Vaduz - discussion about the team etc is very actively encouraged! I'm not sure how many will be willing to take on such a challenge so frequent updates is encouraged to try and keep this busy..
  3. I am now off and running - lowered Parma's Rep to just below SM's and after about 50 reloads SM finally came up! Going through the squad now and seeing what I have at my disposal and maybe get a couple of games in tonight. A quick note is that I am not yet manager of the NT - I can't take the pain just yet! One thing I've noticed immediately is that the squad looks huge! Not a bad thing for me considering I am doing it as a youth challenge, but is this normal for Italian sides? Never managed here before.
  4. Hi Guys, I intend to start this tomorrow - I will be playing as a Youth Only challenge (done quite a few previously, but not with SM) and it will be my first game on FM16 as I've just got it. Talk about jumping in the deep end. Getting the game setup now - quick question, it is legal to reduce Parma's reputation in an attempt to get SM promoted first season? Cheers lads, kutgw all.
  5. Thanks mate - I should do more friendlies but I normally forget and let the assistant do it. The finances were insecure before the takeover happened. The takeover has been completed - and I gulped when chairman Oyston announced he still wanted rid of me. But thank god! A week or so later I received the relieving news that I was to be staying on. Thanks Karl! I decided to straight away push my luck and ask for an improvement to the youth facilities - too my surprise I got this news. Delighted. Finances currently reading as 'Okay'.
  6. Top stuff again mate - Shame about the league but it's not a disaster at this stage in my opinion. Hofmann must be pretty impressive at the moment, any chance of a screen of his stats? Agree a relatively disappointing intake but still talent there. That is big news about Schroder, can't be bad if Man United are showing an interest in the youth talent you're producing. Also nice to see a bit of money coming in for the Academy, even little helps. Genius with that transfer clause! Shame about facilities but hopefully they are coming, and the National Team looks in a very healthy way with them imports joining ranks. Impressive results there. Good to see you are getting a few staff members in - how much of a loss will Jehle be to you? Also strange how Sara is a much better coach on my game than yours. Is he not worth keeping around at all do you not think?
  7. Thanks for the clarification, taifun - are you playing the Vaduz challenge our way? Would be nice to see updates as not many are willing to take on such a challenge! Haha no way. Thanks for that - will definitely be keeping a close eye on him now! Big news in my game - firstly it's ALL kicking off! VERY nervous as I could be on the verge of a sacking! Firstly, a takeover is on the cards.. The takeover goes through - I nearly fell off my chair when I noticed who was behind it! For those who don't know, that's Karl Oyston of Blackpool 'fame' from real life, and I don't imagine him to be the most patient or forgiving in FM (if these people have these stats?!?).. As the image states, he has openly admitted he wants a new manager in, with links to the huge reputation of Zinedine Zidane! Could my tenure be over - I genuinely haven't continued yet and don't know. All to be revealed tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  8. Vaduz FC - Swiss Super League - 15/16 Update Swiss Super League - We finished 8th, but this was far more convincing. I played with much more faith in my side and it paid off. We were brilliant to watch at times and never out of the goals. Only two teams scored more than us this season but we also conceded too many, often late on in games too. Again, we could have finished higher, possibly even 5th quite comfortably, but I took my foot off the gas at the end of season again, not winning in any of the last 10 games as the youth players got a run out. Europa League - We rotated the squad nicely and still cruised through the first two rounds, before being well and truly outclassed by Borussia Monchengladbach. Disappointing, but we just couldn't compete with the German outfit. Nice to win the home leg though. Liechtensteiner Cup - Comfortable again and some good moments by the young lads. We fielded a very experimental side in the final though, and were perhaps lucky to win it. Could have been a costly error. Top Scorer: Nico Abegglen (18) - A good tally considering I wrapped him in cotton wool whenever I could. Top Assists': Manuel Sutter (10) All Player Stats Manager's Player of the Season: Manuel Sutter - Absolutely outstanding, made goals, scored goals. Attracting interest now and we may lose him unfortunately. Unexpected Player of the Season: Steven Lang - Excellent in a range of positions and got into the Super League Team of the Year. Disappointment of the Season: Simeone Grippo - Terrible every time I picked him, which wasn't often. Keep twining now and I want to get rid of him. Youth player of the Season: Christian Birk - Looks to keep getting better and never lets us down when plays. Racked up 15 appearances in the Super League this season. Improvement to Club Facilities: Gained a Parent Club (extra dosh), Improved Junior Coaching once again. However we received this very disappointing news at the end of the campaign - our training facilities have been downgraded after being outdated. Club Reputation: 226th in the World. (Up 32 places) Player Movements: Obviously nobody came in, but we got rid of Ospelt for £7,000 which was a small bonus, and Mario Sara retired, joining the coaching team which was a big bonus. Youth Intake I was slightly disappointed - with the added Junior Coaching you can see the Current Ability of our players was better, but there was still a lack of potential probably. A few stood out. Julian Markovic - A technically good playmaker in the Neumayr mold. Hopefully he can kick on as it's clear he has ability already. Physical stats a bit worrying. Kyle Abmann - I have no idea how to pronounce that dodgy letter in his name. Again a playmaker type of midfielder, rated highly by my staff even though I can't see exactly why. Looked OK in the limited game time I had, will see how he goes. Career Overview Season League Position Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/15 Swiss Super League 9th Liechtensteiner Cup Winners 2015/16 Swiss Super League 8th Liechtensteiner Cup Winners Next Season Aims for Next Season - Keep up the good performance level in the Swiss Super League and this time go for it until the very end in a bid to finish in the top 6. Players won't hang around forever if we keep finishing in the bottom three positions I wouldn't imagine. - A Europa league run would be just lovely. We need to upgrade the facilities before it is too late! - Carry on giving the youngsters as much game time as possible.
  9. Another stunning showing grff - I really never expected progress to happen so quickly, but it looks like you have really cemented yourself as one of the better sides in the division already, and making good progress by getting into the group stage of the Europa. And this without two superb players in Neumayr and Abbeglen, I doff my cap; European ranking flying up too. Very impressive for Noe Hofmann - and some of those youngsters really do look excellent, Zurcher looks a real gem to me and all of the others look good too. Shame about the facilities, but keep pressing on, you are creating good players already - another season as good as that and you'd hope to get a facilities upgrade perhaps? Top work with the NT, looks like you have already got them out of the minnow stage, despite the odd thrashing, and Sutter will be a very very good acquisition. I have not yet taken on the NT but may do so from the start of my third season. Always good news to get a new member of coaching staff in (I've just got Mario Sara), and Burgmeier such a legendary character. KUTGW mate and I will have my second season report up tomorrow.
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