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  1. its at random times, usually within 2 or 3 mins of playing the game. Its not on any particular screen just in general game play haven't actually got to play a game yet because of the crashes DxDiag.txt
  2. After only a few minutes of playing the game, the game constantly flickers or goes black, pressing the windows key will give me the screen back but as soon as i click back on the screen it goes black or flickers. The amount of time before it flickers or goes black varies, but recently it seems to be happening after a minute or so. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Brilliant tactic for Liverpool, 6 games to go, 221 goals, 137 goals in the premiership with only 20 conceded, even players like solanke, Sturridge who arnt always first team players are on or near 20 goals in the season. Won the premiership by miles and also the carabo cup against man city. Lost the fa cup semi final to wolves sadly. Excited about the second season, looking to get rid of a lot of the first team and bring in some younger players, players such as chamberlin, shaquiri, Sturridge, and Moreno, who I either don't use much or are unhappy for one reason or another.
  4. Has anyone who has played a few seasons with united, had the issue where your big name players, want to leave your club to play in better league? I'm four seasons in, have one the europa league, champions league etc, and multiple cups, and still players like de gea, blind, pogba, mkhitaryan, and martial, have all demanded to leave and nothing said to those players makes any difference in there decision to leave. Makes my save more interesting,having to replace those players and bringing in my youth players, but is still really frustrating none the less
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