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  1. ive asked two times now with no response, so hopefully i will be third time lucky using the V6 piranha, i play bad away from home, and when i lower menality by 4 and DL by 2 my assisant tells me the strikers are too far from the midfield. what do i do to solve this?
  2. is anyone having the same problem that whenever you come up with another team using the eagle formation you seem to get dominated? havent won a game against a team who uses the same formation yet but can beat everyone else. apart from this slight flaw, its a great tactic
  3. one thing ive noticed is that whenever i play well in the first half, my team is always poor in the second half, is this just due to a bad tema tlak or is there anything i can do to solve this?
  4. i am playing so bad away from home, i'm playing as crystal palace in the premiership, i took peoples advice and lowered the mentality by 4 notches and DL by 2, but my assisant advice said the gap between the midfield and attack was too much, any adbice on how to fix that? just to tell you how bad i am playing, i have just lost 7-1 away to sunderland using this tactic, which does so well for me at home
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