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  1. Really appreciate this skin. Looks clean and has all the right panels. And most importantly it gets rid of that ghastly default font from the base skin. Sadly the quality of the base skins has really gone down over the years
  2. Not sure if this has already been suggested in the forums but it would be really helpful if there was the option to set up a template for the transfer offer screen. If you always like to have offers to be made as Upfront fee Installments over x years number of league appearance fee number of league goals fee etc It would be nice if you could set up your specific template once and for all and simply fill in the fields when you're making the offer.
  3. I've been reading on some of the earlier posts in this thread and the degradation of the pitch and stadium after FM 17 in particular is frankly saddening. Pretty much makes me want to go play FM 14 to 17 rather. The marketing team are really going to have a tough time if their headline feature is extra button clicks to show emotions.. I wonder how many things in the Feature Requests forum actually get added in the game.
  4. The One Skin to rule them all. Outstanding work mate!!
  5. Made some progress with some help from @a31632 The playeroverviewpanel.xml file in panels/player/player overview is the main file that needs to be edited. Who knew skinning could be this fun?
  6. Try resetting the cache and reloading the skin
  7. Hi everyone, New to skinning and would like some help in refreshing the player overview screen. Here's what i'm looking for: The player details/info panel to display vertically on the left side of the screen. I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks
  8. I noticed this as well. Do yourself a favor and try out the Steel logos. They look so much cooler. https://www.fmscout.com/a-steel-18-logos-megapack.html
  9. Absolutely loved this layout for FM19.. Do you have any plans to update it for FM20? Can't wait to try it out this year..
  10. Id go for Player A if i hes a youngster and i could tutor him up. That clears up all of his cons. I understand the risk of tutoring failing but his attributes are really excellent. Player B is more complete though.
  11. Excellent thread. Love the role playing bit, making it a bit harder and fun really getting to see how others just play the game. I think West Ham are 1st for finishing in the team comparison because Sakho has 17 finishing and they dont have many strikers. Thus they have a high average...I see the joke though.
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