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  1. Yeah no need to destabilize the squad if hes playing good i suppose. The F9 can also work well but you'd need really good players to pull it off. Looking forward to your updates.
  2. Nice breakdown analysis for the matches. I noticed your captain had 9 for leadership. Considered getting a replacement? On tactics aspect, have you tried using the defensive forward as a replacement for the F9. The defensive forward does a good amount of closing down and has the dribble less PI.That could help with the transitions also. Maybe drop the D-line a bit more since you've got slow centre backs.
  3. I think you ought to look at their decisions and positioning. No matter high your D line your players shouldn't be dragged out of position to mark someone else unless the other guy cant keep up with his own marker in which case you need defenders with high pace and acceleration. Also that LB could be a bit more tucked in.
  4. Id go for Player A if i hes a youngster and i could tutor him up. That clears up all of his cons. I understand the risk of tutoring failing but his attributes are really excellent. Player B is more complete though.
  5. Excellent thread. Love the role playing bit, making it a bit harder and fun really getting to see how others just play the game. I think West Ham are 1st for finishing in the team comparison because Sakho has 17 finishing and they dont have many strikers. Thus they have a high average...I see the joke though.
  6. Thats a really good return! Highlights the need for good attributes in a suitable tactic.
  7. As most have said its moving wide and into spaces between the backline. The player needs good off the ball, acceleration, and decisions for it to work out well.
  8. As others have said , Rashidi's Bust The Net channel has got the most detail in terms of tactics. Just follow through his Torino diaries. He goes through many defensive and attacking set ups which gives you a fair idea of the game plays out. He's also got additional content in the form of essential views and training guides. Seriously check the channel out. I've seen some of the other Youtubers content but most of them don't really give a great insight into how their systems work. I just watch for the creativity behind their content like the challenges etc... There's a lot of content out there. You just need to know where to look.
  9. Looks like an interesting thread. Doesn't playing on structured reduce the number of players in transitions? I would have thought fluid would get more guys involved.. Or does your attacking mentality affect this?
  10. Mentality involves how compact and creative your team is. A more fluid mentality gives your players more license to get involved in all portions of the game. A structured one however instructs your players to be disciplined and focus on their individual roles. Concerning the transitions it seems like you've identified the problem on the flanks. I'd suggest you put one of the FBs onto a supports role. That way there's an easier passing option. You do have play out of defense selected right? Control should still be appropriate even for away matches. Oh and you don't need "Exploit the flanks" your CWBs on attack would do that already.
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