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  1. I was planning to do one,including the Quebec Proffesional Soccer League, but since I'm not too familiar with the clubs and stuff I posted a thread at FMNorthAmerica to if someone wanted to help out adjusting league and club reputations. But the activity is low there and no one seems to want to help. If I get the help needed I willprobably make a Canadian file.
  2. Veg

    "Master File"

    Depends though when I had trouble with windows 8, they connected with me after 5 hours and fixing the mistake. The thing with the editor is that SI could have done more development between the versions, since a lot of stuff in the advanced panels do work and still they aren't included in the game, not everything with the panels destroys the game.... Seems to me that they just slow down the development to make sure they have something new to release each year. I my opinion they aren't done until it's possible to edit current competitions instead of doing them from scratch, that is posible as we've seen with the adv. panels, so to me it is obvious that they haven't made that possible because they would have difficulties coming up with something new the next time around. Still though if they feel so strong about the adv. panels, the decision to stop people from making their own master file is plain stupid. What kind of trouble would that do that I did some changes and saved that in the dbc folde so that I spared my self some trouble when editing??
  3. Veg

    "Master File"

    Actually Microsoft is alot better on customer care, that is were SI has lost out over the last years.... Seems to me as it started when SEGA bought the company.
  4. Veg

    "Master File"

    What does that has to do with SI, they don't need to go the same was as EA even if it is in a way smaller scale. Yes they can do what they wish, but SI should have stayed the way they used tobe and still claim they are: "gamemakers for the gameplayers". Not like they are now: "making small scale adjustments each year so we earn a hell lot of money from the gameplayers and at the same time limit the gameplayers possibility to add to the game..." The way SI worked before was for sure better....
  5. Veg

    "Master File"

    There is something really sad about SI these days, they do everything they can to stop people who wants to make the FM experience better. Don't know what has happened, but many years ago they used to release the code sopeople could create tools, like editors scouts etc. Now they hide it, and when people find out about it to make their games experience better, SI makes a code to stop people from doing it. Sadly SI isn't about customers and game players anymore, it is about profit. That they stopped players from making a master file with the decoding of the .dbc files, and the work against people using the advanced panels shows it all. Before it was that they loved the custom made comps and stuff, even one SI employee declaring his "love" for the advanced panels, now they just try to stop the custom created stuff.... And instead relesing a unfinished project (editor) as the finnished article...
  6. Ben Amos turns into a good back up. Easy to manage too, never complains about first team matches does his job when called into the team. Doubt he will be 1st choice. Stick with him, seems to be one of the best GK's in the world after a couple of seasons.
  7. I'm trying to add a logo on the right side of the title bar like in the picture in the skin below from an earlier version of the game: Is there someone who can help out?
  8. Report it in the bugs forum, and upload you editor data file..
  9. No its is not possible to change unique ids in a save game, but why create a new Zidane, when you can edit himas amanager in the editor..
  10. Just wonders if those of you who had the club bought by a filty rich chariman, did you have the valid take over file removed or did you edit the my me chairman file in the edt or ddt folder?
  11. If not wikipedia, other websites, f.ex official websites for the league I want to make...
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