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  1. The only way to retain individuals is to use the international call up command in a .ddt file: "SET_INTERNATIONAL_PLAYER" "Unique ID" "Name" The bad thing about this command is if the player ain't an international player, he will be in the national squad at game start up.
  2. There is no way to decide a futures regen PA without using FMRTE The regen can come through without club, at his favourite club and at another club,
  3. After implementing your schedules and followed the prgression on the player attributes screen. I found out that reflexes are trained for Outfield players. I found out when I shorted on Aerobic category of the attributes history screen. Several of my outfield players had a rize in the reflexes attribute. The Aerobic category should there for have 6 notches as a starting point to keep the schedules balanced.
  4. If you read the OP you will understand why... They are cetainly not trained at low levels even if it could look that way.
  5. Are you sure, as the game says that Agility is part of the Aerobic category, if not were does he agility fit in?
  6. 1. This is not super human or anything like that, they are good schedules. Probably the best around, and if you read the OP, they are easy to tweak. 2. Again read the OP and go on from there 3. Same as nr 2 4. Probably not
  7. One more thing to add about injuries. Even if the amount of Aerobic or Strenght trainig are reduced you would still get some injuries as you can't avoid all injuries. I've actually had players, that were on light trainig in both aerobic and strength, getting injuries that comes form training in one of these categories. At the same time I've had 4 star coaches and top training facilities. But the better coaches and facilities then the number of injuries will be fewer.
  8. Sfraser: Any chance you could create a schedule for the traditional winger type. The one that hugs the line and are supposed to get crosses in. Don't think any of your schedules fits that bill, and the ones I've tried to creat are just plain rubbish.
  9. You just swap your b-team with another team in the second division.. More info could be found in the editors hideaway.
  10. Have a look further up in this site, post 1110, and you will find it...
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