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  1. I would be cool with an update on christmas e but please kip post a teaser soon
  2. On the contrary it should be possible to create a live stream directly from his computer
  3. I was personally not going to buy FM10 but now with the editor update I cant wait for it. I would love to see the a cup beetween only the bandits and the sheriffs in the FM 11 experiment but I would like to see the winner in that one recieve some addition match. I would also prefer if you didnt make a fake leage but the real one. And you dont really need a experiment for FM 10 anyway we have Notts County for that.
  4. I really liked having seen the pre season transfers a week before your actuall report it got me more exited. I would love if you could continue giving a teaser two three days before the actuall report.
  5. I think that is a real possibility on my own dafuge save my club was bought as we took the step up to the championship and could buy top class players straight away and I believe that my club could have taken the step up to premier league even with an AI manager.
  6. Have been bad weather were I live so I have been playing for three days straight. Anyway to more seasons here. No promotion yet but were atleast making improvements and we won the conference cup the last season. The next season looks promising with a new keeper and I hope on reaching the play ofs. BSP 10/11 BSP 11/12
  7. Hi I have played two seasons and gotten promoted to BSP Here are the screens for each season BSN 08/09 BSN 09/10
  8. I have chosen to join this challenge I first thought I could just post mu regular game as I have followed the rules and taken AFC Wimbledon to the Champions League already though I dont have any screenshots so I will start a new game with a thougher team. I have chosen King´s Lynn and I will be back with screenshots at the end of the season.