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  1. Maybe I have just been lucky or on a good run, but I have scored quite a lot of goals on through balls. But 1v1 is certainly more often a miss than a goal, and that should not be the case. You can be sure that your player will miss if he got to the chance on a solo run.
  2. I agree. Through balls are better in the patch (the ones over smaller distances could still be improved), but the defenders are too easily caught on the wrong foot. Theres a lot of 1vs1 which is still a about a 1 to 3 conversion rate.
  3. Just found out that the issue could be resolved by transfer listing the player first. Then the board will not block the transfer, and they actually gave me a good evaluation also (b+)... weird considering I sold for 14m DKK and they suggested 46m DKK.
  4. Hi I have a similar problem with the board expecting an unrealistic value for the player. Also in danish football so maybe something league specific? Oliver Abildgaard, AaB Valued 8,75m DKK - tried to sell a couple of times with a fee around 10m DKK. The board wants a minimum of 46m DKK which is very unrealistic. IRL he was close to being sold this summer with AaB demanding around 15m DKK (2,0m. euro) but Sparta Prague only willing to pay 10m DKK. He is a decent player that could be regular starter but he has limited development potential, and AaB have better opti
  5. Unfortunately there are many errors in AaBs contract data. For some reason a lot of the data has been "reset", resulting in errors like this. Contract expiration dates are wrong for almost half the team. We hope to have it fixed for release.
  6. The patch has definitely fixed many of the problems with the old ME - good work SI. However, Im considering going back til the previous ME (if possible) simply because my team has transformed from a strong team playing good football, to a amateur team that plays horrible. Some of my best players have become my worst. I also thought that counter attacking could not get any worse, but it has.
  7. My joy was short Im afraid. After looking good in the beginning the tactic is no longer working and I constantly loose the ball.
  8. This is a really good thread. I have been so frustrated with the movement of players when trying to play an "attacking counter" type of football. Players simple did not move very well and were to "locked" in their position. But with the help of the article in clear cut magazine and the discussion in this thread, it now looks like I have somewhat succeded creating a decent attacking counter tactic. It's not perfect, and I do still believe, that the movement of players and lack of/poor through balls are issues that SI needs to take a serious look at, but its better than anything I have tried
  9. Hi What is the consequence of having a heavy workload for the coaches? Is it better to have a heavy workload and higher rating (due to less assignments to each coach) or have a less heavy workload at a lower rating (due to more assignments to each coach) ?
  10. Sorry if this has already been discussed. Am I the only getting a very high amount of yellow cards? In 24 league matches I have received 52 yellow cards and 2 red. I almost always make the most fouls. The team is instructed to stay on feet. I dominate most matches and have only lost one match in the league, so it's not because the players are under pressure.
  11. I believe you, and its nice to hear that it is doable, but through balls should not be limited to one specific tactic/formation. Many 4-4-2, 4-4-1, etc. teams play a direct type of football with a lot of through balls. Its something that I really think needs improvement. That and the movement of players, especially wide midfielders in attacking roles with cutting inside applied. Very few teams actually play a 4-2-3-1 in real life, as formations in FM is the defensive base (how the team is supposed to act when the opponent has the ball). There has been great debate about this in the research
  12. Im having trouble with through balls from the centre as well. I play a 4-4-2 with the wide midfielders cutting inside, sitting narrow, and mostly in attack role. I want them to challenge the defence with aggressive running and through balls to the strikers. This is how my Danish team AaB have played in real life with high success (won the double last year), and as their researcher I have almost tailored the wide midfielders to this role. However, as I have complained before, they seem unwilling to have this attacking and very direct mentality regardless of tactical instructions. They are too
  13. I very very rarely see a goal like his in FM: http://www.tv3sport.dk/fodbold/nyheder/flot-solomal-tidligere-barca-komet-scorer-mod-spurs/ If you can't watch the clip for whatever reason, its Bojans goal from earlier today against Spurs. I haven't had any success with a aggressive counter tactic since FM12. Players very rarely take direct and aggressive runs against goal in the center of the pitch like that, especially not wide midfielders cutting inside. This seems to be regardless of instructions and overall mentality. I would really like to play a type of football with aggressive pressur
  14. Overall Im very pleased with the game. However, I do have some concerns: - I agree that there are way too many goals coming from crosses and corners! This is my biggest concern with the ME. - I have trouble getting my MR/ML to take aggressive runs with and without the ball inside the pitch (cutting inside). They are not moving correctly and very rarely try to dribble the ball forward - regardless of instructions (this has been a concern of mine since FM12!) - I find it hard to make a successfull counter attack tactic. Again I feel that movement is too static and not aggressive enough. I ca
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