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  1. The patch has definitely fixed many of the problems with the old ME - good work SI. However, Im considering going back til the previous ME (if possible) simply because my team has transformed from a strong team playing good football, to a amateur team that plays horrible. Some of my best players have become my worst. I also thought that counter attacking could not get any worse, but it has.
  2. My joy was short Im afraid. After looking good in the beginning the tactic is no longer working and I constantly loose the ball.
  3. This is a really good thread. I have been so frustrated with the movement of players when trying to play an "attacking counter" type of football. Players simple did not move very well and were to "locked" in their position. But with the help of the article in clear cut magazine and the discussion in this thread, it now looks like I have somewhat succeded creating a decent attacking counter tactic. It's not perfect, and I do still believe, that the movement of players and lack of/poor through balls are issues that SI needs to take a serious look at, but its better than anything I have tried since FM12 (where counter football was way better). The way I see it, you can only really succeed if you stay deep and use attacking mentality.
  4. Hi What is the consequence of having a heavy workload for the coaches? Is it better to have a heavy workload and higher rating (due to less assignments to each coach) or have a less heavy workload at a lower rating (due to more assignments to each coach) ?
  5. Sorry if this has already been discussed. Am I the only getting a very high amount of yellow cards? In 24 league matches I have received 52 yellow cards and 2 red. I almost always make the most fouls. The team is instructed to stay on feet. I dominate most matches and have only lost one match in the league, so it's not because the players are under pressure.
  6. I believe you, and its nice to hear that it is doable, but through balls should not be limited to one specific tactic/formation. Many 4-4-2, 4-4-1, etc. teams play a direct type of football with a lot of through balls. Its something that I really think needs improvement. That and the movement of players, especially wide midfielders in attacking roles with cutting inside applied. Very few teams actually play a 4-2-3-1 in real life, as formations in FM is the defensive base (how the team is supposed to act when the opponent has the ball). There has been great debate about this in the researchers forum.
  7. Im having trouble with through balls from the centre as well. I play a 4-4-2 with the wide midfielders cutting inside, sitting narrow, and mostly in attack role. I want them to challenge the defence with aggressive running and through balls to the strikers. This is how my Danish team AaB have played in real life with high success (won the double last year), and as their researcher I have almost tailored the wide midfielders to this role. However, as I have complained before, they seem unwilling to have this attacking and very direct mentality regardless of tactical instructions. They are too "stuck" in their wide position and when there is time and space to run forward with the ball in the middle of the pitch, they mostly stop and pass to the sides. Also, they do not move into open spaces in the centre of the pitch without the ball, to make themselves available for a direct pass. This stops a lot of counter attacks that where otherwise great opportunities
  8. I very very rarely see a goal like his in FM: http://www.tv3sport.dk/fodbold/nyheder/flot-solomal-tidligere-barca-komet-scorer-mod-spurs/ If you can't watch the clip for whatever reason, its Bojans goal from earlier today against Spurs. I haven't had any success with a aggressive counter tactic since FM12. Players very rarely take direct and aggressive runs against goal in the center of the pitch like that, especially not wide midfielders cutting inside. This seems to be regardless of instructions and overall mentality. I would really like to play a type of football with aggressive pressure and direct, narrow attacking play, with a lot of attacking movement and runs against goal. Think of Dortmund and Liverpool from last season. It is my experience that the match engine does not allow this type of football The players seems not to be willing to try dribbling through the centre, regardless of pace and dribbling skills, and wide players rarely move to an attacking position inside the pitch without the ball, only when they recieve the ball will they try to cut inside. The match engine favours a short and patient passing game, with wide players staying wide getting a lot of crosses in. Players are too "locked" in their positions, also when playing fluid systems with a lot of roaming assigned. I have been playing CM/FM for over 15 years and been a researcher for about 10 years. I would say that a I have a quite good understand of the game mechanisms and the tactical elements, yet I have failed to produce this type of football. It worked quite well in FM12 but ever since then, I have been frustrated with it. Am I the only one having this problem with the ME?
  9. Overall Im very pleased with the game. However, I do have some concerns: - I agree that there are way too many goals coming from crosses and corners! This is my biggest concern with the ME. - I have trouble getting my MR/ML to take aggressive runs with and without the ball inside the pitch (cutting inside). They are not moving correctly and very rarely try to dribble the ball forward - regardless of instructions (this has been a concern of mine since FM12!) - I find it hard to make a successfull counter attack tactic. Again I feel that movement is too static and not aggressive enough. I cant get any team to play like Dortmund or similar - this was also an issue for me in FM14. - My last concern with the ME is that it still seems impossible for DMC's/MC's with defensive roles to get a good avr. rating. The rating system still relies only on key situations like goals, assists, key passes and so on. It seems that holding a good position, making good interceptions and re-destributing the ball is not something that will get you a good rating. This has been an issue for as long as I can remember. - Also, I do feel that there are slightly too many injuries and that players get tired a bit too quickly.
  10. This is definitely a problem. Here's some statistics for you... There are WAY to many woodwork shots in the ME !!! I'm through my first season with Danish club AaB, the game was started with the newest patch. 33 league matches + 7 cup matches = 40 matches In these 40 matches there was none less than 57 shots on woodwork (33 for my team, 24 for the opponents). This is 1,42 woodwork shots per match. The worst example was a cup match where I had 8 shots on the woodwork... EIGHT ! Mods, if you want I can upload the save game or match files.
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