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  1. Ich sollte öfter ins offizielle Forum gucken Das es einen deutschsprachigen Bereich gibt, habe ich bisher vollkommen übersehen...ääähm...ich meine natürlich: Ich schaue täglich hier ins Forum und habe nur wegen der vielen Threads im taktischen Bereich bisher keine Zeit gefunden, mich hier mal zu Wort zu melden
  2. In the rules for the Allsvenskan is said that the transfer window opens on November 15th but I wasn't able to do any transfers before January 1st. First I thought my club was under a transfer embargo or it had something to do with the elections for a new chairman but that wasn't the case. I'm using a league file for the German minors and no other files. I don't know if this is a bug or if I have overlooked something. Please contact me if you need further info
  3. First of all: Welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's a good example how a user can "learn" the tactical side of FM.
  4. As I've said: I think these things link together
  5. I can partly agree I've heared lots of FM users crying "This is a bug " because of the default settings and my oppinion is that the overpowered cornes (far post routines e.g.) together with the new default settings are causing that "bug". If you do your defending routines well you'll almost never concede but score regulary against the AI (because of the useless default settings). If the default settings were a little better (as they were in FM18 e.g.) the overpowered corners wouldn't be that overpowered as the AI has the opportunity to defend them properly too. In my oppinion the default settings and (maybe) overpowered set pieces link together directly. That's my point! No complaints if a player has advantages over the AI if he does the routines well - but if he doesn't do the routines at all he shouldn't have disadvantages at least.
  6. Just had a look: In FM18 the default settings for most formations were basically the same. As I said above: Same was true for FM19-beta but with one of the after-release-patches that changed. This is a defending free kick default setting with a back 5 in FM19. In FM18 the strikers stood in the wall and the WB were in the defense zone. Just compare the default settings for corners (e.g. for a 4-4-2) in FM18 and FM19 - They are different. These changes cause a lot of trouble people are having with the set pieces because they don't look that deep into these. As you're saying that "most people will change them anyway" I could argue that most people I know don't look at the set pieces at all
  7. What about the default settings? I think this setup isn't very useful as the CB are (and were in last years FM) a strong option for attacking corners. When it comes to opponents free kicks where is the sense of this setting? (Attacking) Midfielders haven't good defensive attributes mostly.
  8. I can agree that there is something wrong with the set pieces. In my opion is this is not only a ME issue but also with the presets for them. For example: Default till FM18 was that the CB were on attacking duties (Attacking Far Post and Lurk At Near Post). As far as I know the default settings changed with one of the last patches as in Beta the set pieces were correct (Think it was with the first big patch after release). The actual default settings for set pieces aren't very useful. Neither for players nor the AI.
  9. Start the editor and give every manager an (alternative) tactic with a back 3 or back 5 Then the AI has the tools to handle this "exploit". The limitations are coming from the database not from the AI itself. If you're telling the AI to turn left or turn right, it will always turn left or right and never go straight forward
  10. I wrote about this a few weeks ago: https://53bast1an.wordpress.com/2018/08/30/the-non-exploit/
  11. Sorry mate but what is your problem? Don't you know how to add league files? Read in the threads: Nearly every creator of a file has added instructions about how to install it. Don't you know which file is the right file for you? The answer is the same: Read the threads and look what every file does or add. Most people in the community are eager to help and assist with problems, but there are still some things that you have to do on your own. Reading for example... If your looking for a file which adds english lower leagues perhaps(!) a file/thread titled "England to Level 22" could be useful to have a look at
  12. https://twitter.com/FM53bast1an Together with @Zweierkette we're trying to build up the German speaking community
  13. The file works fine - except one thing: There are often unregistered (not: grey ones!) players in the youth teams.
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