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  1. Hi all, last night i downloaded a 1997/98 classic database from fm base for fm18 but for the life of me i cant get it to work, it wont let me load the italian league and wondered if anyone else had downloaded it and got it working? here is the link for it. thanks in advance http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2018-transfer-updates-custom-leagues/377189-1997-98-season-fm18.html
  2. I have tried using the above suggestion and still no option to offer a non-contract. Very strange.
  3. I'm sure I've seen non contract in the drop down list previously though
  4. Yeah I only have the part time option. I have loaded an old save up with leeds to see if that was an issue in that sabe and I only had the full time option.
  5. btw when i have gone to sign a player it will only let me offer part time contracts. How do i offer non-contracts?
  6. These replies are brilliant. Thanks a lot. It looks as though a 442 direct hardworking pacey team might be the way to go then.
  7. Hi all. First of all i have tried this save before with little success (might be down to lack of patience) but i was thinking of starting a long term save with my local side who play in the North West counties league (level 8 of English football). I was just posting to ask for any advice at managing at that level, progressing the club with such basic resources etc. My ambition is to get them to the Football League and untimately the PL. Will this be possible? Thanks.
  8. Hi Fenech, I think i helped you with the 2014 Burnley legends team so really pleased to see Burnley represented in this years game! Just to mention a random player i think you have missed which is the Chile striker Marcelo Salas. I think he is their record goalscorer. edit - my username was longside then
  9. Question in the title really, was just wondering if there will be a summer update available
  10. I am a Burnley supporter so top marks for suggesting them and bringing tripps back I had a superb save on FM12 where i won 9 consecutive PL titles and moved to the Dobson Arena. It's due to this save that i haven't been able to get an enjoyable save going since.
  11. When starting new games i like to get my players in but in the first season its not always possible therefore i find it one dimensional and boring. Does anyone else skip the first season on the game?
  12. Wow excellent replies! It does take hard work i'd imagine. Wanted to take a team through the leagues, maybe start in the North West Counties league ( lvl8 ) but not sure how realistic that would be
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