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  1. Michael Owen decided to retire after an injury in mine (he broke his ankle on the 20th of August in the first season), although it's not really surprising considering his history with injuries. News Item of the announcement: http://cl.ly/BGD9 Edit: I should say I can ask him to reconsider though (but I think it's best letting him retiring as a footballer and making him a coach so I can bring youth through).
  2. Right click does work on Mac's. Go into "System Preferences" then "Mouse" then under "Point & Click" go to the second option "Secondary Click", tick the box and then with the arrow select "Click on right side". Or for the "Track Pad" go to "Point & Click" go to the second option "Secondary Click", tick the box and then with the arrow select "Click on bottom right corner" (or which ever position you prefer).
  3. Screenshot help for mac

    Just to add to that. When you have selected Cmd + Shift + 4 press the spacebar and you can screenshot a window without the hassle of trying to get the area right with Cmd + Shift + 4 just by itself.
  4. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  5. Apologies if these have been brought up before (and completely dismissed) but I would like to see these two 'features' in a future game: 1. Real time score updates. Something like a scrolling bar, maybe at the bottom of the game, with real time scores from actual matches. I think it would be a brilliant feature. Could possibly make it like the new news subscriptions, you can subscribe to certain teams, leagues etc... 2. A purely cosmetic feature, I would like the ability to see my Managerial Attributes (Coaching and Mental) that you see with the other managers in the game, Narrow the Personal Details section, drop the current 'Mental Attributes' to the blank space below 'Staff Roles' and 'Knowledge' probably need to change the name of the current 'Mental Attributes' though incase people get confused Cheers
  6. The Gold is the stage the game goes into when the demo is realised and the manufacturing has started. Vanilla and Strawberry and two different versions of the demo. See differences here - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=153770
  7. iMac -> FM

    My 13" MacBook Pro has the same specs as the base 24" model and FM09 runs perfectly on it. (Bar the graphics card ofc so I am sure it will run much better.)
  8. http://keylookup.fm2009.softanchorinsight.com/ Hey, I tired that (^) link it didn't work I have a picture of the key if one you guys from SEGA or SI want to have a look EDIT: I have also tried many different combinations with O's and 0's etc...