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  1. Aha! That's what I thought might be the case, but I wanted to check. Thanks muchly.
  2. If I scout a player and his potential is rated 3.5 stars, then I have him scouted again, say, a year later and he is rated 2.5 stars, how should I understand that news? Is it that he has got worse? That the scout got it wrong the first (or second) time? Or, given that the star system is relative to your squad, is it just that my own team has improved since the first scouting, so all old scout reports are invalid? I know either of the first two could be true, but what I don't know is whether the scouting efforts take into account the changes to my own squad over time.
  3. Of course there is! Everton with Stones? West Brom with Beharino? I can't say anything about Stones, but but I am 99.9% certain that the Berahino situation was not Albion wanting to keep the player at all costs, it was about Peace (the West Brom chairman) wanting what he considers the right price for Berahino. That doesn't make your general point invalid, because I'm sure there are clubs who ask "silly money" for their players because they don't want to sell them, just your example wasn't the best in this case.
  4. Odd. I applied for and was offered the (part-time :o ) England job in my sixth season, and I've never won a league, a cup, or anything except the EURO cup thingy (once). I wonder if it depends who else is available at the time. If your only competition is Steve "Mr Potato Head" Bruce then it's going to be easier than if you're up against Fergie and Brian Clough's ghost.
  5. There's no reason a "Chairman mode" game would have to advance day by day though, it could advance weekly, maybe even monthly, at times. There could be transfer stuff to sort out, if you run the club more like West Brom did over the past few years with Peace and Ashworth doing all the work in arranging player movements. Giving direction to managers to "win X", or play a certain style. Sacking the twit when he shows you just how incompetent he is (and you hire him!). That kind of thing. But it would be a more long term thing, as I said. You'd be thinking five years ahead, maybe, not five matches. I think it would be just like when you're at work, where your boss doesn't have the same things to do as you do but has to think at a "higher" (more strategic) level than you do. Or for all I know you are the CEO, and FM is an escape from that, I really don't know
  6. Does fining the players actually help? In FM, I mean, not 24 quid out of Berahino's pocket. I fined one of my players who had bad discipline, once, and he has been as good as gold (well... yellow instead of red, anyway) ever since, but I thought it was just luck.
  7. Hmm. So when playing with IFs cutting in, it might be better to play with a DLP, and a slower (passing) game?
  8. But how do you get there yourself? Doesn't it get to a point where the board sing you "Happy 200th Birthday", and suggest (possibly by shouting down your ear trumpet) that it might be time to retire?
  9. I think DS is the manager of the Australian national team, so he doesn't need to care about that
  10. Yeah, well. Steam is short for "steaming pile of sh--" as far as I'm concerned. I see no benefit to it at all as far as we (SI's customers) are concerned.
  11. Meh. There are ways of achieving the latter that don't require burning all the old records. As for people hiring on the basis of old information... more fool them, to be honest.
  12. And more importantly, "Why?" I've got a good number of players scouted by now, the best of them on a Longlist (it's like a Shortlist but... longer). But the scout reports vanish over time, even though the players are on the list "indefinitely".
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