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  1. Yes for the 1.Bundesliga I´am sure too 100%.There was a one exception in the History 2016/2017 because of the Olympic Summer Games.So 2016/2017 were only 16 games in the first half.All the other Seasons it is always 17 games. For the 2. Bundesliga I am not sure.It varies sometimes.For the current Season 19/20 there were 18 games before Winter Break. For the third League this year 19/20 there are 19 games before Winter break.
  2. Since the second Season 20/21 there are only 16 games for each Team for the first half of the Season (then in Germany begins Winter break).So the first round since second Season there are only 16 Matches for a Team instead of 17 Matches and this is unfortunately not correct.The first Season in the Bundesliga 19/20 it is ok. It is in every savegame I don´t think a save is necessary.
  3. From Season 2 there are only 16 games in the Bundesliga half.It should be 17 games.Ruined my save.I do not think that you can change or change it in the current save?
  4. what a joke.I Change the "datum" (german) on my Pc before 15.06.2017 and now it's Working normal.
  5. the joke is I Change the "Datum" (german) on my Pc before 15.6.2017 and now it's working normal.Don't know what that means.
  6. Thank you for your Reply.The strange on this is that I have nothing changed.I was not yet time in Internet.
  7. Hello, I can´t start fm 16 in offline mode.Steam Server are busy.Before it´s always folded. I deleted the Cache etc, nothing helps.I have deinstall Steam and fm and make a reinstall, but this has also no effect.What´s wrong now?I have nothing Change on my PC. Please help.
  8. So many people say injuries are too often.But the quote is under real life (30%).In my opinion it should happens more injuries.Could it be that since the full release the injurie frequency is continued to fall? I want a realistic game and not a game where injuries are barely available.
  9. So the Question for me is if SI fix this if I must start a new save then?I play in England and it's a bit breaking my fun in my save.
  10. Thanks for the replies.But in the Scout reports stand always "get probably no work permit".After Transfer, the players get always a work permit.Seems something wrong?Any player, any ange or nationality gets a work permit.
  11. Quick Question due to Brexit bug.I have simulated my save to the brexit and can confirm, that every player gets a work permit without expection.My Question is if SI fix this and I hope so must I start a new savegame or can I continue?Perhaps someone knows that better than I.
  12. Why does the game access these files at the start of every match?Can I delete the folder automatic without problems?Please help.
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