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  1. what a joke.I Change the "datum" (german) on my Pc before 15.06.2017 and now it's Working normal.
  2. the joke is I Change the "Datum" (german) on my Pc before 15.6.2017 and now it's working normal.Don't know what that means.
  3. Thank you for your Reply.The strange on this is that I have nothing changed.I was not yet time in Internet.
  4. Hello, I can´t start fm 16 in offline mode.Steam Server are busy.Before it´s always folded. I deleted the Cache etc, nothing helps.I have deinstall Steam and fm and make a reinstall, but this has also no effect.What´s wrong now?I have nothing Change on my PC. Please help.
  5. So many people say injuries are too often.But the quote is under real life (30%).In my opinion it should happens more injuries.Could it be that since the full release the injurie frequency is continued to fall? I want a realistic game and not a game where injuries are barely available.
  6. So the Question for me is if SI fix this if I must start a new save then?I play in England and it's a bit breaking my fun in my save.
  7. Thanks for the replies.But in the Scout reports stand always "get probably no work permit".After Transfer, the players get always a work permit.Seems something wrong?Any player, any ange or nationality gets a work permit.
  8. Quick Question due to Brexit bug.I have simulated my save to the brexit and can confirm, that every player gets a work permit without expection.My Question is if SI fix this and I hope so must I start a new savegame or can I continue?Perhaps someone knows that better than I.
  9. Why does the game access these files at the start of every match?Can I delete the folder automatic without problems?Please help.
  10. Hello.I a little bit confused that the fm saves all pkm files automatically in documents "Matches" "automatic".When I delete the "automatic" folde the fm creates a new one after I play a match in a save.Why?I have never this before.I don't want that fm save the pkm files automatically.Anybody ideas?
  11. No Problem.In the advanced Rules from Spain click segunda b division "Competition".Under that point it is further down and greyed.Easy to overlooked.When you don't find it I can make tomorrow a Screenshot.
  12. I have a soloution to fix the problem with the editor but you must start a new game.In the editor go to add nations rules, add Spain.Then under advanced rules you click the spanish segunda b and under competition a little further down there is a point "Allow B-Teams to be promoted".Tick this for every Spanish Segunda League.I tested it, it works.Sry for my english :/
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