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  1. Unibond Premier League Coton Green 2-2 Kendall Town 2-0 up with 5 minutes to, put it right in next fixture: FA Trophy 2nd Qual. Round Rugby Town 0-3 Coton Green
  2. Coton Green 2-2 Chelmsford City (FA Cup 1st Round) My Zamaretto Midland team are 0-1 at half time against a team from BSN and 0-2 barely minutes into second half. Couple of tweaks and we claw back for a more than respectable draw. Chelmsford City 3-3 Coton Green (FA Cup 1st Round Replay, AET 5-6 on pens) Once again, I find myself 2-0 down using the tactics I finished the previous game with. A quick tweak to how I started in the original tie and I'm back at 2-2 and looking at extra time. My key DC gets himself a second yellow early in ET and I concede from a corner. Thinking the dream is over, we break away and force penalties. With my GK scoring our last kick and saving theirs, my hero. Next round against some other lot from BSN, playing for a place in the third round. I'd love to get a plum away tie against Premier opposition as I'm about £35k in the red.
  3. You won't find the 103 build as it hasn't been let loose on us yet. 097 is the most recent build you can get, which is in the link in the OP.
  4. Firstly, SB, this is some work. Loving it. Just a little thing, Coton Green of Midland Combination Division One play at a ground owned by themeselves at New Mill Lane in Tamworth. The share of Red Lion ground was last season when they were in Midland Combination Premier Division as their ground wasn't up to standard. Despite that, it's time to take Coton to Premier and Champions League glory!
  5. Chelsea Stadium under terror attack?

    Pretty sure this is for real, I'm sure I had this happen in FM09.
  6. Bromyard Town

    Have a look here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=159082 Enjoy!
  7. That was the interpretation four years ago. It was changed (again!!!) just prior to the World Cup in '08. The new interpretation is that you in an offside position if any playable part of your body is in advanced of the second to last defender. With that in mind, both goals look decidedly offside.
  8. Have you checked the boxes in 'Extra Files' when starting a new game.
  9. I had the same problem when I activated level 11. I didn't spend the time doing what you've done with geography but added grounds and kits to Midland Combination Divison One as thats the league I wanted to play in, but when starting half the teams were missing. I found that starting a new game with all players from England loaded sorted this for me.
  10. Bromyard Town

    I started with Coton Green in the Midland Combination Division One, which is level 11. Two seasons in and back to back promotions has seen me climb into the Midland Alliance. Only eight promotions from the Premier League. I have to say that it is a challenge at this level with very very limited funds and wage budget. Relying on loan signing and finding that I seem to be able to get a few of Villa and Birmingham's reserves to drop all the way down and play for me. Maybe a little unrealistic but I'll take it. SuperBladesman is a Legend!!!
  11. The referee doesn't have to judge whether a player is deliberately playing the ball to the keeper. He has to call if he is deliberately playing the ball. The way he lashes it into the corner you can't say he accidentally plays it.
  12. As harsh as it would sound, the keeper cannot use his hands. Laws of Association Football have outlawed the goalkeeper handling from 'any deliberate playing of the ball' from a team mate with the exception of headers. Nowhere does it mention the words 'back pass.' Harsh, I know but thems the rules. Personally, if I were a keeper in that situation I would make the save and hope the referee understands the game and allows me to do it. Worst case scenario is an inderect free kick where I line up all my outfield players on the line and charge the ball as soon as it's struck.
  13. I think you may need to tick something to do with extra files when starting a new game. It will then ask you to select which data editor file you wish to use.
  14. Are Omniworld Amateurs a reserve side of FC Omniworld? If so FIFA rules would not allow for a reserve side to be promoted higher that the 1st team. Even if FC Omniworld had not been relegated the Amateurs would not get into the playoff. In this situation, I would imagine that Omniworld Amateurs would automatically be relegated to accomodate the 1st team in the division.