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  1. Right an idea which will should help making tactics easier, variations. They already exist you say, well you can create new tactics and swap between them easilly so I guess they are. However if you want to tweak the tactic its very frustrating. If you want to make changes to all your variations (like corner routine) you have to do it to each an every tactic (I have about 4 versions of my tactic for different situations) plus theres the frustration of the stupid way the game saves files and after my work I've found out it didn't save it properly and I can't access it quickly. You end up having loads of tactis in your folder e.g 4-4-2 (Cork City Mar 2010), 4-4-2 (Cork City Jul 2010) ect. So to solve this I would like to see proper variations added. So you would create your base tactic then 'create variation' and the settings you put on the variation would overide the ones on the base tactic. Tweak the base tactic to make changes to all the tactics and tweak the variation to change one tactic. The variations would be under a drop down list to save space. Also the save button should work like saving a game, Save to overwrite and Save as to create a new file. Another idea I've been thinking about is player specific instructions. Player specific instructions would just basically overide the current player instructions so you can get the best out of different players. It would be useful when you make changes to your team and your player instructions automatically adjust to that player. For example you replace Carrick for Gerrard. As an example Carrick has only 12 for long shots so you don't want him to shoot from long range, you'd rather have him pick out a pass, so you have his long shots on rarely. However when Gerrard comes on he has 18 long shots, you want to take advantage of that ability by setting it to often. You dont want to do this everytime Gerrard comes on for Carrick. So you would set a player specific instruction on Gerrard to have long shots on often. So now whenever Gerrard comes on he has his long shots set to often automatically. This would also be useful for when you bringing on a fast striker for a tall one. Also a shortcut for getting to the detailed tactical screen during matches would be nice (would really help laptop users!).
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