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  1. Hi I recently went on a 3 month trip to cyprus and entered the North side for a period of time. Many people do not realise that Cyprus is a divided country with an Internationally recognised South side and a Uninternationally recognised North side, occupied by Turkey. During my stay I went to many football matches in Nicosia (North side) and learnt about a whole new league called KTFF Süper Lig The KTFF Süper Lig (English: CTFA Super League), formerly known as Birinci Lig (literally First League) is the top football league in Northern Cyprus. The league was founded in 1955 and is currently contested by 16 teams. Team District Stadium Alsancak Yeşilova Girne Alsancak Mustafa Hidayet Çağlar Stadium Baf Ülkü Yurdu Güzelyurt Üner Berkalp Stadium Binatlı Güzelyurt Üner Berkalp Stadium Cihangir Lefkoşa Cihangir Stadium Çetinkaya Lefkoşa Lefkoşa Atatürk Stadium Düzkaya TBA TBA Doğan Türk Birliği Girne Girne 20 Temmuz Mete Adanır Stadium Esentepe TBA TBA Gençlik Gücü Lefkoşa Lefkoşa Atatürk Stadium Göçmenkoy TBA TBA Gönyeli TBA TBA Hamitköy TBA TBA Küçük Kaymaklı Lefkoşa Lefkoşa Şehit Hüseyin Ruso Stadium Lefke Lefke Lefke 16 Ağustos Stadium Mağusa Türk Gücü Gazimağusa Gazimağusa Canbulat Stadium Türk Ocağı Limasol Girne Girne 20 Temmuz Mete Adanır Stadium Yenicami Ağdelen Lefkoşa Lefkoşa Atatürk Stadium These are the current teams in that league, I think its unfair that the league in Cyprus albeit the North side is unrecognised, Therefore I request that it is researched and placed into the game with its unique set of rules. Also when The Cyprus national team has only Greek and English listed as its languages when infact, Turkish should be added too. Have a look guys and check it out, its a unique league for FM and would make for an interesting Career Mode Challenge. Jamadinho
  2. Used this with Fulham, I went unbeaten for 19 games, then a slump I agree away from home its a mix, but at home its a solid tactic to use, I finisshed 6th in my season
  3. ahhh i give up with fm09...........gonna go back to 08......SI NEXT TIME LEAVE AN OPTION FOR CRAZY ARROWS AND NO CRAZY ARROWS!
  4. bring back the unlimited arrows.....like in 08 where evra could have a foward run.....to striker....and so on
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