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  1. Contracts running into the next season. In Ukraine contracts run until 30th June but by that time you've played a couple of friendlies and the new season is less than two weeks away. Should be the day before season update (19th June) in my opinion.
  2. Two things, histories and positions. Histories first, not so bad this year but still annoying when it crops up: things in the wrong order especially, also if you release a player a couple of days after the season update day, that player will forever retain history for that new season (with 0 apps and goals). Secondly, positions. Prime example, my current reserve left-back. He's natural in that position but then awkward at wing-back and completely unable to play centre-back. Add to that being right-footed and his left-foot is shocking - and yes you guessed it, he can't play right-back. Also DM's that can't play MC and AMRL's that can't play MRL annoy me too.
  3. About the loan issue for university/school, I'm sure you can set a no-loan rule for specific divisions.
  4. Shakhtar. Blue_magic: Denis Irwin's left foot was good though, this guy is incapable.
  5. Just turned over a season and got my youth intake. Positions and preferred foot are all over the place. Got a ML that can't play AML at all and a DL that's got a weak left foot. FMRTE is a saviour for these types of things.
  6. I find Barcelona's hard to make out. Maybe needs a lighter red. Could just be my screen mind.
  7. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/282043-Sending-players-out-on-loan-to-gain-EU-nationality-to-avoid-work-permits. Thank god for FMRTE.
  8. I use it religiously and for only one purpose, to adjust player positions. It annoys me (happens a lot with newgens) when a player is for example a ML, but is absolutely incapable of playing AML. Similarly when a player is a DL but he is only right footed.
  9. I've just re-downloaded for the 11.3 patch and extracted the files, selecting yes when it asks to replace. But when I open the editor the list tab isn't there. What have I done wrong? EDIT: Fixed it. Had to manually copy over each file for some reason.
  10. Same here. Although I have DVD version. I had a bunch of other editor files running mind.
  11. Not sure if I need to use advanced panel or not but can someone help me in changing the work permit regulations for England? I know you can do it in nation rules but it means re-adding all the competitions etc. and I'd rather not have to do that.
  12. Thanks for that. Even though WinRAR said it replaced them, it actually didn't. I've just done it manually and it's working fine.
  13. I've downloaded both RARs in the first post and extracted them, but my editor hasn't changed. I can't do anything different. Any help is appreciated, I've got considerably less hair on my head than 20 minutes ago...
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