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  1. I've made a file which adds a created club to the game. I then start a new game and select the file but when the game has loaded up my team is not there. I thought it was an error on my part but I've since tried it with different files such as created players and altered ratings. Same thing. Seems to be with all files since 12.1 update. All my files before that still work fine. If anyone can help that would be appreciated. Should this be in the bugs forum?
  2. FM isn't that taxing so maybe it doesn't need to utilise the third and fourth cores.
  3. I like the new patch, for what it's worth. I like the morale changes and the slight increase in difficulty. Corner trick is still massive which I find a little boring but at least the AI now get their fair share from corners too. Only negative thing is the bug that's been acknowledged by SI that after a sub the view switches to 3D cam when watching in commentary only.
  4. You could probably increase the font size using a customised skin (don't ask me how!).
  5. Where are the files located so I can edit the wording of commentary, news items? Thanks.
  6. Your squads are too big. I keep my first team down to 20-22 players and everyone outside of that who isn't a young prospect gets shipped out. If you're trying to hang onto 30+ established players you're going to have issues.
  7. Ah. Look at RUOR Minsk in Belarus, I think that's a similar type thing. Try to spot any differences.
  8. Make him but with a different name then use a Real Names.lnc file to correct it. Might help, I don't fully understand the circumstances surrounding the question though.
  9. 1) Have you checked in the editor the A-league teams don't have 'Have No Reserve Fixtures' ticked? 2) That's how it works now, you get your youth players before the previous season ends so you can evaluate them and choose which ones to keep on. 3) Don't really understand, could you be more specific?
  10. As we are all familiar with, the B team system in Spain is a right pest. To the point I can't, personally, play in Spain. So I've had the idea to scrap all the B teams and recreate them through the reserve team drop-down list as opposed to an affiliate. I was just wondering what problems/issues would this throw up? Other than the obvious one of the team not being able to have its own manager, but I can live with that. Thanks.
  11. phnompenhandy has hit the nail on the head. Big away days in the cup is what are needed. And unless you've got a gem you can sell for six figures that's probably the only way.
  12. Usually the norm for a loan is 1 month to 1 year. However, I'm managing in Ukraine at the moment and as I'm low on finances I've strongly utilised the loan market. I've brought in a lot of Brazilians with an option to buy clause, but I can loan them until the 'end of NEXT season' - effectively a two year loan. a) Why can I do this in Ukraine but nowhere (that I've encountered) else? b) Is this an option in the editor (ie. can I edit England to allow two year loans)?
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