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  1. Riqui Puig has some pretty poor all round technical stats.
  2. He literally never steps up for me when I sign him to play in the Scottish Premiership, so I don't think he'd make that step up either.
  3. Erik Botheim has been an absolute goal machine for my Hamburg side.
  4. Finding it a bit strange with my players valuations. Flirting with the playoffs in League 2 and all my players are worth less than £50k.
  5. Tough to beat, defensively sound but not the most threatening in an attacking sense.
  6. Falkirk are probably a reasonable shout too. Decent Championship squad, always looked like they could come up but have lost out in the playoffs in the last 3 seasons, really struggling this season irl.
  7. I can post on whatever thread I want champ, that's how forums work. If you want to treat the game like Amateur mode on FIFA, you crack on
  8. Of course, Hearts are a lot easier to play as than Peterhead. However winning the league, cup and everything else with players rated at £10m+ isn't going to be hard. If you're any good at the game, going Celtic is going to be a cake walk. There's infinitely more to trying to break their dominance with someone like Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen or Motherwell.
  9. Ah, the least challenging FM experience in the history of the game...
  10. Started this game last night, reckon this is the save file for me to get my teeth into.
  11. Lewis Morgan is a great player but you might struggle to get him. I had to pay £500k in my Hearts save.
  12. Genuinely don't understand why people just go for the top level clubs straight away. Personally, I find it more enjoyable to start with someone like FC United than their giant namesakes.
  13. Anyone else finding it ridiculous trying to sign Chris Cadden? Worth £2.2m on my game, Motherwell want no less than £17m...
  14. Just me managing Hearts then? :laugh: Finished 2nd in my first season, Celtic absolutely ran away with it in the end. Signed Lewis Morgan, Leonel Bontempo, Yarouba Cissako, Fabinho and Tony Gallagher in season 1. Isma scored a hatful and finished top scorer, despite missing about 2 and a half months with a hamstring injury. Lost the Scottish Cup final to Celtic 3-1, despite being 1-0 up with 10 to go. I was quite short of natural ability on the right hand side of midfield so now I've addressed that by signing Michael O'Halloran from Rangers, Louis Moult from Motherwell and Adam Frizzell from Kilmarnock. Here's to a tilt at some silverware in season 2!
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