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  1. Hi akash777 - Testing minimum pitch with Everton. I'm really impressed with your system. I intentionally did not sign or sell any players, and I let my ass man handle everything except pep talks. So far played 9 EPL matches undefeated. Currently in 1st place with 7 wins, 2 draws. highlight was beating Man Utd away 4-1. Another highlight was beating Stoke 4-0 in the League Cup 3rd round. In terms of goals, 22 for with only 4 against. This is on minimum pitch size. Of course determining whether minimum pitch size is better than standard or maximum pitch size would require extensive comparative testing eliminating as many variables as possible. Honestly, I'm not sure sure I'm the right person for that job. But I can say your tactic is very effective on minimum pitch. I'll keep playing through the season and keep you posted on results. Thanks!
  2. Hi akash777 - I am testing minimum pitch size for you with a fresh Everton 11/12 season.
  3. Yea, for some reason the post about "Mr Hough Rolls Back the Years" was deleted. Not sure why as it was an informative post. Testing it now. So far played 4: won 3, drew 1.
  4. NOTES - TEAM TALK: • Simple but effective 'rule of thumb' here: http://community.sigames.com/showthr...876-Team-Talks With all due respect, in my experience pre-match and most half-time "agressive" team talks have only damaged my player's performance. How would you feel if your manager repeatedly told you you were not good enough despite your best efforts? I would take leave.
  5. Hi Fuss. I've been testing out all the recently released tactics. I'll give this a try with PSG in France.
  6. I'm getting mixed results playing as Grasshopper in the Swiss league. Played 14, Won 9, drew 1, lost 4. I tried switching the two MCs to zonal to no apparent benefit (only change I've tried so far). I have the most goals in the league, but I'm also conceding a ton. My MCs, AMs, and STs are all rated high at 7.2-7.3, but the DMs and other defenders are all rated at 6.4-6.85. I will try slipping one of the MCs back to a second DM position, as suggested by an earlier post.
  7. You are a rockstar, Mr Hough. I will test and give you detailed feedback. Would you prefer I test with a particular team or league? Just name it. Your wish is my command.
  8. Grasshopper, season 1 Finished second in swiss league Lifted the swiss cup Qualified for the euro cup Manager of the year Player of the year My hats off to you, knap!
  9. I won't catch Basel this season, even though we outscored them. Overall happy with how Grasshoppers played. Media prediction was 5th, but a 2nd place finish is good as a stepping stone. It gets the team into the euro cup!
  10. I'll try your recommendation on rotation. I'm playing as Grasshopper in Swiss. I lost last 3 games using 106 pt 442, but I can't complain too ... still in 2nd place. Thanks!
  11. Great tactics, knap. I too have seen team performance drop mid season. I beleive this is because i play the same team too often and not rotate. Do you think this might be the cause?
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