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  1. Sorry, I didn't see this thread. You can close this one. Thanks
  2. Does this thread apply to FMT? In App Store the description doesn’t clarify anything? Thanks in advance
  3. Rashidi (I know you prefer Éder Militão as a libero attack, I’ve seen your video of fcporto in bustthenet :p) and @Experienced Defender, thank you both for your responses. it’s a pleasure to read your posts all the time. This second season is driving me crazy but i’ll keep try something different
  4. @knap when you play away against top league teams (man und, man city, chelsea..) do you use the same principles (attacking, high pressure, high lines)?
  5. I play like this against lower league teams. First season it was ok, now it has been hard to beat them... I am trying to fix the mistakes of my tactic
  6. @Experienced Defender, @Cleon, @Rashidi What do you think about this thread and this discussion? (guys i’m sorry if i’m bothering you)
  7. I have the same problem playing with Fcporto.... second season. I’ve tried different tactics and different combinations (higher tempo, higher lines vs low tempo, lower linss, for example) and I have the same difficulties. Which tactic did you use against Real Madrid? Do you apply the same principles in away games agains Real Madrid, Man Utd, etc? Or play counter?
  8. When get the ball in lower third (defensive zone) rapidly make a counter attack. Is it possible to make that happen playing lower tempo and shorter pass?
  9. Hi. Two questions. 1) is it equal to play with an inside forward support with PI get further forward and inside forward attack (who has intrinsic get further forward)? 2) In my mind a team that plays counter must be intense and quick in transitions. is it logical to play defensive/counter and higher tempo in FM? thanks
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