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  1. Hello, I thought I would throw out there an idea I have had for a while to make FM more realistic. In real life (at least that I am aware of), there is not one major database or mainframe where clubs transfer list there players. Rather there are multiple factors which could indicate if a player is for sale or not. It could be made public, the agent is searching for a new club for their client to 'see what clubs are interested', players themselves will sometimes make noise on wanting to leave, rumors and media speculation along with a host of other scenarios dictate if a player is more available for a transfer. We already have 'Agent Availability' which is a good indication of how a player might feel (more of what they want) about a transfer AND what to possibly expect when dealing with a club. Now originally I was thinking a percentage of "possibility of being up for sale" or something of the like which could work but FM have already backed away from percentages with Conditioning and Match Sharpness so this is where I am a bit stumped and listed a few more ideas below: Word descriptions which are color coded. "Definitely" "Publicly Unhappy at Club" "Rumored" "Not Interested" are just a few examples of the 'word descriptions' which then would be color coded from Bright Green or Gold to Red/Black. I feel that this could be another avenue rather than being the defined "transfer status" of a player. This could have something to do with a player's Dynamics, Future Plans or Transfer Status. Percentages. I mentioned this earlier and this does seem viable but more for "Rumors" that social media and reporters would use. This could be applied to being asked of you by a reporter; "How likely are you to sign player x in the coming days?" Response: "100%". Or I find that this could fix a common inbox message which is "transfer story has been leaked". I feel that this is a key area which could be expanded upon by SI - rather than having "transfer story leaked" there could be a weekly/monthly report which could be sent to your inbox on what the media believe to be key transfers not just about your club but, but your league and global big transfers with a high reputation or high amount of money. This is also applied to the start of transfer windows when you get that one message which talks about the transfer window being opened and a rumored transfer. Thumbs Up or Face Emoji. The same idea - color coded but have multiple different options on a player's availability for transfer. I'm sure I've missed other ideas so please let me know what you all think. Again I apologize if this has been discussed before. LOANS This could also be applied to loans in my opinion, seeing what players are directly available and actively being sent out by their clubs and whom are not. This is just a small sample, I have a lot more I want to add to this but I don't feel I can communicate that appropriately just via this post.
  2. Hey, excellent post! I've personally thought about this too - unfortunately with stuff like this there is the issue of legal actions taking place, similar to how there are no real negative traits with real life players but only with newgens or players coming out as gay in FM. I think one target FM could explore is what you've mentioned with your players arguing either with the ref or with each other and your disposition towards the referee and other managers could be further explored by SI. The rivalry portion you mentioned I also feel could be improved further by SI to make it more tense in some instances and definitely your actions and responses could greatly influence that upcoming match. For legal reasons I wouldn't see traits or negative playmaking ideas such as "going down easily" being implemented into the game. However I would like to see SI add that as a point of conversation in your interviews with the media. Especially after a match. There are already some highlights of it with the text commentary where it says that "it seems a bit soft" and other quotes which give that indication for a foul - and expanding on that in the media could add an extra spice to rivalries and your persona as a manager. Arguing with the referee I would like to see better presented by FM. There is already some form of "swarming" and such when a VAR decision is being talked about but I don't feel it doesn't show nearly as much 'emotion' compared to IRL and the complaining by both parties AND the bench. As for fighting, I don't think that will happen - but when there is a high-fouling match or plenty of cards, I want there to be some "coming-togethers" with the players on the pitch. Similar to the VAR swarming which happens already, maybe after a couple fouls committed by one player and then another challenge happens, two or three nearby teammates will run to the referee and complain for a card. Or after a bad tackle which gets a yellow or red, maybe a quick revenge tackle which leads to a small flash point of arguing. This isn't a fight nor should it lead to a full on brawl - but FM to me currently lacks that edge or fight which in my opinion should be brought in.
  3. Hello, I'm not sure if this has changed yet... but I do remember this being in FM where when you look at the overall stats for players and clubs in certain competitions like the Champions League - ALL clubs (even in the first round of qualifying) are there. I feel that it should be reset when you reach the group stage of the competition to give a more accurate indication of how clubs perform when they are in the competition proper. If this has been implemented I would like to consider subdividing this possibly further - so subdividing stats between the group stages and knockout rounds. I also would consider this for leagues. In England you have stat's against your 'big six' if there even is a big six anymore - but especially from a scouting perspective or as a manager trying to change tactics, zoning in on these stats can be helpful and even for buying players. Let me know what you guys think.
  4. Hello, This for sure is one area I feel like SI could improve for a while now. If you don't mind I would like to elaborate a bit further on this topic. One point you make @karanhsingh is that a World Cup should "feel" like a World Cup. I definitely agree. With continental tournaments, in particular the Euro's and Copa America and the World Cup - the media and euphoria should be exceptional even if you do not follow the tournament via your socials. If we do manage an international team and are participating in said tournaments, I feel more could be done to make it really feel like you're participating in one of these tournaments. You know how at the end of the season we have the in-depth review sections now, maybe an opening and closing one for these tournaments? Also, especially as a manager of an international team participating in these tournaments - more media interaction, player interaction, scrutiny and questions within your club press conferences (if you manage both a club and nation) and even more questions and press conferences as an international manager should be implemented to make you really feel as if you were an international manager and have the weight of a nation on your shoulders. I could be wrong but even when these tournaments are going on, even if you're just a club manager - they almost feel like they are in the background when in truth they should be upfront and center.
  5. I like this idea. I feel like especially within the medical side of FM. I feel that with physio's, fitness coaches, etc... we could expand just a bit further not just on more roles but also being more specific with attributes.
  6. Is that not the whole challenge though and being the most accurate? Nations, leagues and clubs will either increase or decrease in ability over time and that affects development of youngsters as is the same in real life. The way SI deal with newgens is that each Association has a Youth Rating which varies between 0-200 - the better it is the more frequent that a country produces "raw talent". However so many factors lead to the development of those youngsters or if they reach their potential. There is a reason why the average Newgen potential ability is low in weaker nations - that's because they are in a poor circumstance to develop those players too - and one thing you have to remember is that any nation can have a golden generation or world-class wonderkid. Yet again it is a bit rarer in smaller nations and the challenge that much greater because their is not the infrastructure, investment or reputation available to help develop the newgens. Again that is the way football works in real life, if you want to change it then either try your best to take over an Estonian club and develop the players or go to the editor and change the youth rating for a short cut. Or simply wait until your nation improves its standing (if it ever does) or wait for a golden generation.
  7. @Luke Hume Hey, I've attached another save file with (v3) at the end as that is around a week or two earlier leading into the match.
  8. Hey @Luke Hume I have uploaded the file, it is named "seabas3 - Forge FC.fm" following that link. If you need anymore info please let me know. Thanks,
  9. Hello, I'm having this exact same issue - and I've tried playing several times and it won't work. What should I do?
  10. Hello, A few days ago it was announced the CPL will have an expansion team launched in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canadian Premier League Announces Expansion in Saskatchewan – Canadian Premier League (canpl.ca). While this is great I was wondering if for FM22 we will see this club eventually be added to the CPL in a future season? Specifics on when the club is going to join the league is still a tad uncertain with the aim being for the 2023 season, essentially I'm curious if SI will guarantee put the team in or if they still need more information. I know during saves I've run into expansion clubs which will eventually be put into a league but never actually do during the save and just remain without being in a league. In one case for the CPL - York9 was rebranded as York United FC and in the game, you have both as separate clubs with York9 remaining in the CPL. Thanks,
  11. Can anyone help with this or has anyone had a similar experience???
  12. Let me also add that I believe this issue will develop further. The Finals (if we do make it) is either end of January/early February. On top of that I have qualified for the CONCACAF Champions League which the early campaign starts in late February - right in and around when my players come back from holiday which is March 1st.
  13. Hello, My current save is with Forge FC in the Canadian Premier League. Now we have had an amazing run of form and find ourselves in the Scotiabank CONCACAF League Semi-Finals against Olimpia. The issue is that this tie takes place in early January when the CPL and likewise Forge FC have their holiday. I saw that a training regime was set for surrounding the week of the match - however ALL my players were still on holidays. I can't seem to call them back and so I made an extra save to see what would happen when leading up to the match and I had to play with a bunch of greyed out players! I don't know if this is a bug and quite honestly where to put this but in past renditions of FM I have run into these issues before but mostly for friendlies or testimonials. Can I have some help please? If you need more information please let me know.
  14. Hello All, This is more of a personal satisfaction and ego-booster suggestion but I feel it could definitely be improved upon. I find that the fan's views of favorites, icons and legends to be very unrealistic for us managers. Some of us do incredible things with clubs and bring unprecedented success - the board love us and even the fan ratings are through the roof - and we aren't even an Icon. I understand that it is not easy to get Legendary or Icon status - however especially with smaller clubs or lower league saves, I find the measurement broken on how fan's judge you overall within those three categories. I feel to improve this there should be more than just three categories. This could get a bit complicated or tricky to define but it can make this more fluid and accurate. Another suggestion would be a fans section for dislikes; Dislike, Anger, Hatred... something along those lines. I know for a fact that this is within the hidden sections of the database or editor - it would be nice to see it out in the game as well especially when players swap to rival clubs or managers talk crap about your club consistently. Or maybe someone constantly performs well against your club and fans develop a rivalry with that player - especially if they say something about the fans. Another expansion is with clubs. I know this is viewable within the "club" screen, however I feel more could be made out of it. In between social media, manager and player reactions before/after matches and so on - this should be brought to the forefront and adjusted accordingly. I feel that similarly it can be further expanded upon rather than just a "rivals" section. There's Geographical Rivals I understand and Derby's but there should be a definition of how heated a competitive rival is or how competitive the Geographical rivalry is. For example, when I was managing Liverpool, Leeds became a direct competitor farther down in a simulation. We met in the Champions League finals 3 times in five years including directly competing for the rest of the domestic competitions. Within the span of five years we had 9 finals where we faced off. This should have been expanded upon but it's hardly anything - even within the media. Active rivalries should become more profound within FM. Overall FM can be a bit more in-your-face with rivalries.
  15. Hello All. This is a common suggestion within the FM community. While women's football is coming into mainstream franchises like FIFA - they haven't fully jumped into it - only putting national teams in the game. I understand that with FM this is a massive task and it will take lots of time and money, however I feel that Women's Football can be fazed into the game over time till eventually it is fully implemented. The way I thought this could happen is via Historical Data. We already have lists of previous winners and records - why not have that for Women's Football? I understand that this is a bit tricky, especially since their would be no simulation or viewable teams for some time, so all there will be is just data which will remain the same even after simulating 100 years into the future. To fix this is a simulation but that means lots of data and existing players need to be in the game. It is a start however. On the topic of women's football - I find that the amount of female staff within FM is practically non-existent especially with newgen staff after several seasons are simulated in FM. I know that men still dominate football and hold most positions within a club but it is slowly changing - however no matter what position I'm in at club level - I can find no female staff. This should definitely be a change/start - especially with newgens.
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