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  1. I feel this already happens in the game but I do not think its given as much attention as would be done in real life. I have seen plenty of times in game where players; including my own develop really quickly and then reach close to their potential rather quickly. I once sold a defensive midfielder who was deemed as a wonderkid to Manchester City for 45 Million Pounds. His stats didn't look as good as the cost suggested and I didn't see much improvement. However the media deemed him a 'wonderkid'. I downloaded a scout tool to see what his Ability was out of curiosity; it was a 143 PA... which is Lower-Mid Premier League table level if that. I feel that yes, more could be done to give variation for development but I also feel that more could be done to bring these wonderkid players brought to our attention better. Maybe through media reports in our social feed or through news articles or scouting reports. It could fluctuate monthly or bi-yearly, based off the 'worlds' opinions on upcoming talents.
  2. I agree, I feel the AI managers make moves or are simulated in a way that is a bit too unrealistic.
  3. Not all the time. Players do not always improve their technical and mental abilities. Physical abilities are the most flexible and easily affected after injuries and as you grow older towards your prime. Other abilities take longer to develop over time then physical attributes as well. Plus the "unrealistic" part of physical abilities as you described is not actually unrealistic at all. With proper training the "stats" can increase dramatically. Think of real life players, Adama Traore for Wolves, a perfect example. He has got insane pace, acceleration and physical attributes; however his finishing is terrible, crossing hasn't improved much and other attributes. There is a reason why Barcelona let him go and why he was so frustrating at times at Middlesbrough. Despite all those prime years developing, his physical abilities improved and made him scary, his technical and mental abilities are still limited and probably won't develop much further. Its common for people to be naturally gifted or excel in one avenue but not another.
  4. After the unfortunate circumstance of Bury and the Bolton conundrum, I find that not enough in game is made of the financial difficulties and actual risks in regards to other clubs. I know that we could receive messages in our managing tenures about the circumstance of the clubs we manage, but I do not really see any notifications about other clubs in peril. This could be used as a hunting ground to potentially bring in players or even give some contrast and diversity to our Social Feed and News Articles. I believe there is already point deduction penalties in game for this but I do not realize it till after it has happened when I browse through how the world is doing in my own save; I'd like to be notified of this or have some dramatic news article pop up keeping me informed of these issues when I am subscribed to a nation or league.
  5. I find when the draws are given out for competitions, Champions League, FA Cup, etc.. the screen can be a bit boring. Maybe if there was something made more of the draw, adding sound effects or just something to make it more exciting. A new screen, a different background, some animation or even LIVE interaction from the Social Feed that can be seen. Maybe slow it down a little bit too or choose the pace of the draw. I think the same thing and concepts can be done with Deadline Day and end of season awards such as Player of the Year, or Team of the Year... Speaking of which there should be a manager of the year award thats based globally not just per league. I definitely feel that these two areas could be utilized to actually bring some half decent tension or excitement into a draw. Make it grandeur or whatever, just change it up a little.
  6. More can definitely be made on this for transfers. I find it a bit too hit and miss right now and more communication and transfer scouting can be done to improve the game.
  7. This definitely needs to be added. I constantly tweak my tactics and move players around and likewise have to adjust my free kick instructions. I'm sorry but it should be based off players - it is stupid that it is solely based off positioning. For example, I don't care what formation I play but I want my best crosser to take the corner and at least one of my CB's going up.
  8. It would be smart to have it for AI managers. However it should also be an option for us as well, think about it. We have the option to design our managers to be former professional players. If you have a favoured club like Gerrard, Lampard or Alonso... they could start out at the U18's or other youth squads of their favoured clubs as could we. Then from there we take full control of the youth squad while not being in control of the first team and forge our career that way.
  9. It is true it may be a step too far and bleed into a chairman role which FM is not supposed to be. However, I do not see the harm in modifying the newgen dates and system, or for the fact of getting scout reports of these potential wonderkids that will pop up in a certain area soon.
  10. The sounds in the game during a match are very basic and generic. Sometimes it doesn't make sense or there is a wall of noise when there shouldn't be. More variety and adjusting the sounds in a better direct way to reflect the attendance. Maybe you can even hear the players shout things or managers shout things on the pitch too.
  11. More staff and players can be added too many of the club legend categories. Maybe a further division of the categories can go a long way. I also find that shirt numbers are important and especially after I play a long term save and have a club legend retire and give that number to someone else, there is little to no hype or interaction with the fans about it. Man United's #7, for example, is infamous. I find that if a number for a club is given where there are history and significance, I find that there should be more hype, awareness, pressure but also interaction from board members in considering your actions in handing out shirt numbers without any thought. It could make the experience more personal and realistic.
  12. I agree that this would be really cool, the issue would be the amount of memory it would take to view the highlights package. I would maybe prefer a more detailed package when it comes to scouting. Going more in depth to a player would be cool.
  13. I made this post two years ago, I will post it below. Okay, I know that due to child protection laws and all that jazz that you are not allowed to incorporate the young academy children into the game and have 12 -14 year old's in the game. Yet what about the youth coaches, staff, facilities and etc... So rather than just having a board meeting on improving the youth facilities and going on from there, how about actually hiring and firing youth staff below the U18 markers. Youth development staff can be upgraded below this level to improve the quality of youngsters coming in on regen days. Also you are able to upgrade the academy facilities below the U18 levels as if you were to upgrade your own facilities in the game. Also I think it would be cool if you sent scouts to see the "regens" below the U18's level but not necessarily get a report as you do in the game but rather a vague summary like; "There seems to be some good talent coming through" or "There is no significant promise." something of that sort. Now coming with the youth facilities and so on, I would love that to be up-gradable. Then this led me to expand on upgrading the facilities...how about we get more in-depth with the ability on upgrading and expanding the facilities. So you can upgrade and develop not only just the facility but specific aspects; like certain equipment or treatment facilities, also the quality of pitches and so on rather then just making it a collective whole. This applies to all facilities whether its training facilities or youth facilities or as mentioned above the academy's. This can also be applied to the youth stadiums. So using Kirby Academy as example, you are able to also invest in those stadiums for your youngsters and maybe have a say on trying to invite your fans to go watch the youth players and gain money through them as well...mainly applied to the bigger teams in a save but you get the idea. So what do you think, could it work? Let me know below.
  14. Hey all, we've all known those infamous wonderkids that have graced this series for years. Wonder if we can create a section on here with all the great wonderkids that have graced our game - whether the were fake, fallen from grace or were successful.
  15. Yea that is the issue right now. Hopefully, there is enough investment now for FM to start investing time and resources into women's football. If not it is understandable but the community can always drive it forward.
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