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  1. Cant choose scope for scouts assigments, i think thats a bug
  2. So its a table with CSKA Moscow players wrong H/W data. https://en.pfc-cska.com/team/players/ Also Bistrovic dribbling,agility and technique looks underrated, but Bijol dribbling, agility and technique looks overrated (he is really clumsy), but he is definitely better in tackling IRL than in-game. And also Chalov have 7 in dribbling and 12 in first touch. Its ridiculous, he must have 10-11 in dribbling and 9-10 maximum in first touch.
  3. Lower tempo, higher def line, more closing down, prevent short distribution, get stuck in, play out of defence, retain posession, pass into space, mixed passes, roam from position. And i decided come back DM to WB slots, too many promblems with crosses.
  4. Well this is my new vision. Based on 2-3dm-4-1. SK(D) - CD(C)-CD(D)-DM(D)-HB(D)-DM(D)-W(A)(MR slot) - AP(A)-AP(A) (AMC slots) - W(A) (ML slot) - F9 Its working, but for more realistic gameplay players must have right PPM. So i think they need this HB - stay back all time, come deep to get ball DM's - swith ball to flank, move into channels, Wingers - come deep to get ball, play one-twos, move into channels, knocks ball AP(A) - dictates tempo, play one-twos, try killer balls, move into channels F9 - come deep, move into channels, play one-twos, try killer balls So this is how it works without PPM's As you see, HB need to play deeper/ Without PPM he will go forward too far, and this is will be huge defensive problem
  5. Im playing against weak team who promote to league last year. Playing for CSKA. This is my stats after 13 matches. In last game i got 69 percent posession against Lokomotiv Moscow, but i change T(A) and AP(S) to two CM with AP(A) role. Before that im playing against Zenit and got 73 percent posession, but game finished 2-2 draw because of crossing. Crossing actually is big problem of mine
  6. Well im using 2-3-4-1 system and this is what i got Pretty close i think. I got 75 percent posession and 86 persent pass success. I will try change wingers to IF and AP(S) to AP(A) ps. Sorry for my russian english
  7. Sell him to Man Utd in the first season for 22 mil. euro, brilliant player
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