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  1. Hammer1000 i've PM'd you mate. Mr Hough, any chance you can release v4 soon so some of us can try it out? I usually only play FM at the weekend!
  2. I'd say the opposite mate. I'm only 13 games into the season and already 14 points ahead of Rangers (they're 4th though) and 8 points ahead of Dundee Utd in 2nd! ...I did win my first 10 league games in a row though! On the other hand i've just been beaten 5-2 away at Liverpool and a humiliating 6-0 defeat from Real Madrid at home! (think i made the mistake of attacking them, lol) .....just got offered the Man City job aswell, turned it down though.
  3. I'd be up for that. Forgot to mention that Scott McDonald got the European Golden Boot in my league, lol. 33 Goals in 32 league games - beating off competition like Bojan and Rooney with 24 a piece!
  4. Team is now taking shape. GK - Boruc LB - Van Damme CB - Radoi CB - Lewandowski RB - Hinkel DM - Duscher LM - Rosicky RM - McGeady AM - Deco FC - Cardozo FC - Fortune Subs Zaluska Vuckevic McDonald Crosas Misun Caddis McManus (i think) Buzsaky Samaras (can't get rid of him!) Got offered Pablo Aimar for £4m which i can just about afford. Don't know if i should bother though?! Should have said in the last post: I had the option of Oscar Cardozo for £12m, Vagner Love for £11m and Javier Saviola for £10.5m. Scouts said all of them were pretty much the same so i went for Cardozo!
  5. I’ll post some screenshots of my league and players tonight/tomorrow hopefully. Trying to remember figures off the top of my head in work here: 2nd Season Update! Board are upgrading the stadium by 14,000 seats at a cost of £19m! This reflected my budget of only £2.2m for the forthcoming season!! Players Out (Summer 2010) Shaun Maloney - £7.25m Scott Brown - £7m Gary Caldwell - £5.5m Arouna Kone - £2.7m Barry Robson - £2.2m Niall McGinnn - £1m Danny Fox - £1.5m Players In (Summer 2010) Mirel Radoi - £6.5m Oscar Cardozo - £12m Ulrik Laursen - £400k …a few others I can’t remember! TIP: Don’t know if everyone knows this but it’s helpful if you don’t…. Whenever you are given your budget, or sell a few players to add money to your budget – go to the ‘Board’ tab and amend your budget to £0 so your wage budget goes sky high. This means you can offer decent players good money and then amend budget when it’s time to confirm the deal. Ie: Cordozo was £12m – I had £19.5m to spend but the board would only allow wages of upto £35k/week. I changed my budget to £0 and was then able to offer Cardozo upto £78k/week! (He accepted £62k or something! ) When it came round to paying Benfica I then hit the ‘Amend Budget’ button and everything goes through.
  6. I've had Jelle Van Damme for the whole of my first season. He's a decent LB but an even better CB. Misun's had a better average rating at LB for me.
  7. Use Vuckevic sparingly at the moment - when i play him though he's on the left of my 4-4-2 Diamond. ______________Boruc______________ __________________________________ Hinkel_Caldwell_Lewandowski_VanDamme __________________________________ _____________Duscher______________ __________________________________ McGeady____________________Rosicky __________________________________ ______________Deco_______________ __________________________________ _______Fortune_______McDonald______ McDonald - 32 goals/36 games! Fortune - 42 goals/46 games! Deco - 11 assists/14 games! Top of the league at the moment (4 games left). Been beat off Rangers twice at Ibrox 2-1, but beat them 3-0, 5-1 and 5-1 at home and in the cup!
  8. Started my league this morning. Transfers of note: Players Out (Pre-Season) Willo Flood - £3m Chris Killen - £1m Paddy McCourt - £1.5m Lee Naylor - P/Ex Luca Santonocito - P/Ex Players In (Pre-Season) Arouna Kone - £1.8m (Sevilla) Akos Buzsaky - P/Ex (QPR) Marious Lewandowski - £3.7m (Shakhtar) Robert Kovac - £750k (NK Dinamo) Jelle Van Damme - £1.5m (Anderlecht) In November the Board made £6.75m available!! Players Out (January) Glenn Lovens - £3.5m Players In (January) Ki Sung-Yong - £1.7m (FC Seoul) Simon Vuckevic - £1.2m (Sporting Lisbon) Tomas Rosicky - £1.7m (Arsenal) Aldo Duscher - £2.2m (Sevilla) Deco - £1.1m (Chelsea) ...hard to forgive him for his antics against us at Porto, but he's quality!
  9. Can you add it to the Transfers tab?? It's all about making it self explanitory and user friendly. As the title of the thread stated, it was IMO.
  10. Exactly my point though. I've been playing the game for more than 2hrs as i said and didn't know this! How on earth would i know it other than reading a manual or mistakingly clicking on it. Surely it makes sense to be within the Transfers tab? Ease.of.use.
  11. Shortlists Having played the game for over 2hrs i'm so frustrated that it's taken 10mins searching in-game and 5mins searching the forum to find an answer to where the Shortlists Screen is located! Why on earth is there not a button below the 'Transfers' tab? (Would make sense?!) I've no doubt all of my mates who don't frequent these forums are going to find this terribly annoying. Squad Screen Another issue, this time less frustrating, but important nonetheless. Why can't you click on your club badge to take you to the Squad Screen? Otherwise i think the games great btw, other than not having implemented my* challenges idea yet! *my - meaning stolen from LMA
  12. I have a GeForce 9600M GT with DirectX10 on Windows Vista. I've tried updating the driver but FM still says my graphics rating is 1 STAR! Windows Experience Index says Graphics 5.0 and Gaming Graphics 5.3? Why would i only have 1 STAR?! My graphics don't look too great in FM to be honest..... Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Thank god someone pointed that out.
  14. If i have any gripes at all it is this. Why can't you click on your club badge to go to the squad screen? Why do i have to search around the screen for my team name to click on or, even worse, click the home/overview icon and then go to squad?? Very annoying.