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  1. Started off on the right note there mate but by the end of your post i began thinking 'Why don't you just play Fifa Manager then?'. Especially the [morale +3], having a family and making relationships with your chairman by going to the casino. Fifa Manager has some good features, don't get me wrong, but these ones in my opinion are just ludicrous. They simply stem from EA taking too much influence from developing The Sims.
  2. A few of these could still be used. http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/420106/...392032771#2392032771
  3. I've always said that an improvement in FM for me would be if they changed the way cup games are played or the way the gui looked. When playing in the champions league it could be as simple as changing the background picture to a pic of a cup. Just something that stands out so it doesn't feel like any other league game.
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