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  1. The computer made this odd (actually quite sensible - but impossible for us mere humans) structured deal... 150k for every 10 matches until he's made 50 appearances for Arsenal - then 100k every ten matches until he's hit 100... Every possibility he won't even reach 10 games - but would be neat if we could do that...
  2. Hello! I'm trying to make my team (Blackburn Rovers) become 'big in China' - and reap some merchandising rewards. I haven't had any news messages about this, so I'm not sure how to tell whether it's working, and if not, how to make it work. Currently I have: 2 Chinese merchandising feeder clubs: Shandong (2.5 stars rep - 2nd highest in china) and Jiangsu Sanity (2 stars rep - 4th highest in China) 6 Chinese players in and around the first team: Five made the Best XI last year (3 have been in it for multiple years) and played over thirty league games a season - the other joined in January and played 12 league games These include the 2nd & 3rd place Asian player of the year (one of these is a former multiple Asian young player of the year winner) 3 have Continental Rep, 3 have National rep All six are regulars in the Chinese National team My Club Captain is Chinese - he is also the captain of China I also have another Chinese player who came up through my youth squad He's out on loan at the moment and unlikely to ever make a significant impact on the first team He has made appearances for England u19s though I have arranged pre-season tours & training camps in China: Not both in the same season I am in the Europa league group stages this year: Through league performance - I've never won anything I am the manager of the China National team And I speak fluent Chinese (in the game) So does anyone have any ideas how I an tell whether I am getting any benefit out of this Chinese link? And if not what I can do to improve it and get some benefits. Do I need CL football? Chinese Staff? Any ideas?
  3. Although keeping on winning does help with the above...
  4. Once I've got a mispronunciation stuck in my head, I can't shake it loose once i've realised that's not what he's called. My favourite FM player ever/City star striker over 15 years was Luca De Simone, who I referred to as De Simione (De Sim-ee-oh-knee), and couldn't shake - five syllables of jubilation flow far better off the tongue than three. (Perhaps) Less understandable was spending three years calling my NAC second string striker John Visser 'Jimmy Visser'...
  5. Just as an alternative solution to others that may have this problem. Where the running dangerously low on memory prompt & shutdown happens on the same game date, and you can't get past it, retiring your manager and adding a new manager solves the problem. I've no idea why this works (I'm still on my FM05 save, so can't guarantee it still does, but I don't see why they would change this), but it has rescued two seemingly dead saves for me (actually the same seemingly dead save in 2038 and 2108). Obviously this would get tedious if the memory failure happens a couple of weeks into a new game - but if, like me, it happens when your manager's in his mid 60s, then it makes sense in game to retire him, and continue the dynasty as one of his descendants.
  6. Manager retired mid-season?

    I'm surprised this still happens... it's been like that for ages, i'd thought they'd have changed it by now... Basically, staff (or players) retire at the end of the season in their home nation - not the nation they're employed in at the time. Although McCarthy was born in Barnsley, he's Irish in the game, because he's represented them internationally. As the irish league runs jan-december instead of july-june, he retires on the specific date on january that the new season begins in Ireland Even more baffelling, I have seen the england manager retire on 30th June (when the english league seasons switch over), just days before he would have been leading the team out for the world cup final!
  7. From my experience, save size definately does affect performance... but as long as you are prepared to wait it out, you can still keep going... My FM05 save is 2.4GB in size, but is still going - although it does take three quarters of an hour to save or load
  8. No UCL medal for this player?

    You don't have even necessarily have to play in a Champions League match to pick up a winners medal... See the 6th & 7th pargraph down in this article about Jonathan Greening.
  9. Difficult to say... It's difficult for us to know how many seats you could potentially fill without going up gradually (certainly the only reccomendations I'd make are which teams I'd want a bigger stadium than) - that's more of a economicy-boardy decision, which they should in theory make taking into account a better view of how much you could fill - especeially for a new stadium where there is loads of planning involved... (also it is a bit annoying when you've issued an ultimatum to make the stadium bigger at the risk of your job, and then they only expand it by 1,000) I agree with you completely that "stadium expansion" and "stadium improvemets" should be two different catergories. - You would be requesting them for different reasons, and it doesn't make sense to lump them together. Missing a years worth of expansion for your big european campaign because they put a roof on you didn't want would be equally annoying as onstantly getting minor expansions, but never the undersoil heating you so desperately need... (also it is a bit annoying when you've asked the board to expand the stadium and they stick a roof on and reduce the capacity by 10,000 to make room for it)
  10. Am i being sensible ambling into the middle of this? Maybe, maybe not... The Greece example seems to have been done to death - but people are still flogging it, so i thought i'd throw a couple of different examples out there - may not help the conversation, but at least it will give us all something new to discuss... Example 1 - Sam Allerdyce's Bolton Big Sam's side was famed for his negative long ball tactics, but his wasn't the only side doing this at the time, although it was certainly the most successful and overachieving. To my mind the main factor for his success was his ability to convince big names and egos to A - sign for a club like Bolton and B - keep them happy at the club and reasonably united - even Nicholas Anelka. His ego management and ability to sell the club to the big names, i would argue, were the crucial factors in Bolton's success in his reign. Example 2 - Sir Bobby's & Graeme Souness's Newcastle Bobby Robson's Newcastle consistantly made European and Champions league places, with a squad containing a host of talented, but oft wayward players, including Lee Bowyer, Kieron Dyer and Craig Belamy. I don't intend to knock Sir Bobby's tactical skill in any shape or form, but the drastic dissintegration of fortunes of the club consisting of largely the same players (and the very public disharmony between these) can surely be mainly attributed to the two managers vastly contrasting styles of man-management. Perhaps this example shows that with man-management - like with tactics - the largest and most noticable effect is when it's done badly. Of course, I could be drastically wrong in my assessment of both of these, but please feel free to discuss, as I think I learnt something I didn't know before during the previous discussions about Greece. Kindest regards to all.
  11. 4th Away kit

    I thoght this had happened to me quite recently, but it turned out that i'd been managing Fakel for a year and a half, but we'd never worn our 3rd kit. I got quite a shock seeing our name in a striking maroon, rather than the typical softer white or blue...
  12. I'm more than a little surpised as well! I managed Brentford to success, and their stadium sort of topped out at about 30,000 - with the whole of london as a cathment area... Still - 4th biggest stadium in the UK! - next target 72,500 seats to beat the Millenium Stadium...
  13. This is infuriating for me too, as the Champions league final Clashes with the Under 21 euros (competitive, so i can't withdraw) - which is infuriating as i tend to rely on youth - and by the time they're all grown up - i'll have sold them for big bucks... Do you use lots of youths? (even under 23s if it's an olympic year) as I don't think games get moved for that level (not sure about IRL when it affects one team so seriously) As an aside - the hover text thingy on this board doesn't show the text formatting. As a result, when I first saw this thread, I saw the title "Help please. I have a huge problem." I hovered over the title to find out more - imagine my surprise when the first thing I read was "Oh No! I'm running Fulham,"
  14. I'm running my club with a Russians-only policy - but that's just because I am too lazy to scout twice for my club and national team! The last international side I called up contained 16 players playing in Russia but outside the top flight (but if we get promoted, that will go down to 2)...