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  1. I'm finding this a problem as well on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. If I press for a quick sub I can't do anything - I have to go into tactics. Even in tactics selecting a player is a bit clunky - drag and drop doesn't seem to work with the player icons on the formation picture, and the screen isn't big enough to show all the squad, so it's tricky for instance to replace a DR with substitute 7+ in a friendly. Not a gamebreaker, but a little irritating. Everything else looks great.
  2. I really like FMC and will probably use it over the full game as the media/team talks are both frustrating and repetitive, but I do miss training. Being able to tutor players, teach PPMs and train positions in FMC would make it perfect for me (another diamond in the rough long-term youth player).
  3. I always like to start my game off unemployed and see who offers me a job and then see if I can work my way up. I don't commit to one club for all of my save, and will try to take higher job offers if I get them. I feel it's more realistic this way. This time, I got offered the job at Pena Sport in the Segunda Division B2, midway through October of the first season. They have practically no budget, with 17k for wages and no transfer budget, but their goalkeeper and defenders are surprisingly decent, and they start with Eneko Romo, an old and expensive but still decent attacking midfielder, as well as two decent wingers the previous manager had brought in. some sneaky free agent signings steadied the ship in central midfield and up front, and I pulled away from the relegation zone into 5th place by February, although my squad tired a bit towards the end of the season and eventually finished 7th outside the playoff picture. My signing Saddik, was top scorer with 13 goals, mostly as an off the bench poacher to punish tired legs. In the close season I let Romo go as he was too expensive, and brought in free agent AMs Mono and Javier Pastore's brother Juan, and a great french CB with a bad injury record - which thankfully has not broken down again. Shot out of the blocks in year two, with Mono scoring a bunch, and was in first place at Christmas and looking good for promotion, and only narrowly went out of the cup against Guadalajara. hit a nosedive in form after the christmas break after my goalkeeper broke his hand and had to scramble to find a decent young free agent replacement, but still hanging around in the playoff zone with 10 games to go, 4 points off the top. Now if only I can get back to my winning streak... It's really hard to be a club with average attendance of 500 even when it's top of the league and a stadium capacity of just 3000! even with such a low wage budget, the directors have to inject around 350k every couple of months to keep the club afloat... Hoping if I can get promoted it'll give me a cash injection and increase the attendance.
  4. I'd like to be able to train positions/PPMs in FMC. I understand the latter comes from the removal of the personal interactions but being able to sign a player and train them up in a position I'm weak in is about the only thing I'm really missing in the simplified game, as well as mentoring of young players.
  5. A very quick and easy addition related to team talks - substitute talk. Being able to tell a substitute when he comes on what you expect from them - whether it's to go out and score or to keep it tight. You always see the manager whispering in the substitute's ear before they go on, this seems like a small but logical step from the existing team talk function.
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