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  1. @Stu Coleman Thank you for a reply... Perhaps you should updated the status of the thread to solved. When it's undre review everyone thinks it's still an open issue.
  2. Really annoying bug.... I am now in the year 2024 in my save and I would have to start over once the bug is fixed :((((((((
  3. Really... still just under review?? You have know this bug since November and released several fixes since.
  4. I started to have the exact same problem when playing games. In the beginning of the game everything is fine, but the further I get into the game the darker the pitch turns until it's all black and only the players name and banners are visible?? Also it seems that a lot more highlights is shown and matches take forever to complete. I have tried to clear interface cache and change skin, but nothing solves the problem? If I watch a goal from the dark period after the game is done it looks fine.
  5. Great - I hope you will solve it so others will not suffer from the same bug.
  6. I have uploaded the file Holiday Man.fm to the ftp. in /fm/game-save.
  7. I have a save from the day before I took over Dulwich, but it's not sure they will be promoted. I also have a save from when I took the screenshots.
  8. Hi, I have started to manage Dulwich Hamlet after they were promoted to Vanarama National League South. (I added a new manager the day the promotion came through on June 25th, 2017) After my first league game I had a news feed from the club chairman that we had sold 126 season tickets. I then went to finances to have a look at our income from season ticket, but according to this it's a big fat 0 - really are we giving season tickets away for free? When looking at the general club info season tickets should be priced at £181, so I should have received an income of £22.806 - I know it's not much but it would tribble my balance, so to this club it really matters.
  9. Okay... I just found a workaround to this problem by using this guide. http://justaguythinkingblog.blogspot.dk/2014/05/mac-steam-gamers-is-your-internal-hard.html
  10. I see the heading of this thread is changed to [Need more info] - is it some info from me you need? I have kept testing this, but no matter what I do it doesn't work for me. To avoid the confusion about if I should use "Users" og "Brugere" in the string I tried creating a completely new folder in the root of my harddrive - I called this folder "Dropbox" and in the folder I created "Games" and then the folder "Football Manager 2016" then I changed the string to --user_data_location="/Dropbox/Games/Football Manager 2016" - also tried adding the name of my harddrive to the string --user_data_location=“/Macintosh HD/Dropbox/Games/Football Manager 2016" but it did not change a thing I have been changing this setting to my dropbox folder for the past 4 or 5 versions of FM and I never had problems with it - why did you remove this setting from the game and into a string in steam?
  11. Well since I copy the original folder to the new wanted location the folder exists.
  12. I tried using --user_data_location=“/Users/DJ/Documents/Football Manager 2016" as location instead following the same steps as described in my initial post hence to me that means that the folder exists? but a quick question is it the actual "Football Manager 2016" that should exist or just "/Users/DJ/Documents/" ?? since my OS X is running with danish as language I also tested with the danish path --user_data_location=“/Brugere/DJ/Dokumenter/Football Manager 2016" but still no change.
  13. If I copy the folder to the new location to keep my files doesn't it exists?