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  1. Okay... I just found a workaround to this problem by using this guide.
  2. I see the heading of this thread is changed to [Need more info] - is it some info from me you need? I have kept testing this, but no matter what I do it doesn't work for me. To avoid the confusion about if I should use "Users" og "Brugere" in the string I tried creating a completely new folder in the root of my harddrive - I called this folder "Dropbox" and in the folder I created "Games" and then the folder "Football Manager 2016" then I changed the string to --user_data_location="/Dropbox/Games/Football Manager 2016" - also tried adding the name of my harddrive to the string --user_data_location=“/Macintosh HD/Dropbox/Games/Football Manager 2016" but it did not change a thing I have been changing this setting to my dropbox folder for the past 4 or 5 versions of FM and I never had problems with it - why did you remove this setting from the game and into a string in steam?
  3. Well since I copy the original folder to the new wanted location the folder exists.
  4. I tried using --user_data_location=“/Users/DJ/Documents/Football Manager 2016" as location instead following the same steps as described in my initial post hence to me that means that the folder exists? but a quick question is it the actual "Football Manager 2016" that should exist or just "/Users/DJ/Documents/" ?? since my OS X is running with danish as language I also tested with the danish path --user_data_location=“/Brugere/DJ/Dokumenter/Football Manager 2016" but still no change.
  5. If I copy the folder to the new location to keep my files doesn't it exists?
  6. Hi, I am trying to change FM16 data location, so I can share games and other game files between my iMac and Macbook Pro, but even thought I follow the steps in the FAQ it doesn't work? I have tried the following... 1. Copied Football Manager 2016 folder to my dropbox (with the game closed) 2. Deleted the original folder 3. Inserted the following startup command --user_data_location="/Users/DJ/Dropbox/Games/Football Manager 2016" 4. started the game after doing this FM16 just creates a new folder at the default location and uses this for saving game data. kind regards, Søren ps. I posted this issues before but for some reason my post got deleted - could you please tell me why you delete posts?
  7. I have grown bored with my FC United game and frustrated about they financial limitations, so I have started a new game with Dulwich Hamlet Profile Info
  8. Hi - I am playing FC United and are currently in the year 2038. I have advanced to the Premier Division but are currently struggling to get all the way to the top. By best season was the previous one where I ended 3rd in the Premier Division (7th season I played here so far). The reason I am struggling is the finances - I expended the stadium to the maximum 20.000 seats, but simply can't convince my board to build a new one because of lacking funding. I get very small sponsor contract and and only bring in like 1% of what the top earners make from sponsors. Really long story to get to my question - have anyone ever experienced a take over or the club going on the stock marked - I am so locked because of my earning possibilities is extremely low for a club with continental reputation and several seasons with european cup participation. Kind Regards, Søren
  9. Did you add more leagues than advised when starting the game?
  10. Okay - I started with FC United again... Manager Profile Manager Infomation
  11. I have started with FC United, but I am going to start over - among other bugs I also had the bug with getting a National B licens even though I started the game as none and that a lot only makes it fair that I should start over.
  12. Players in FM2015 is way to pleased with themselves. I basically run a rotation system where I have 2 players for each position in my line-up and unless a player is injured or badly out of match form I rotate all the played from match to match. This is a major issue for me - half way through the first season with FC United 5 players have asked to be sold because they don't feel that they get enough first team football. I really think the reply options I have in these meetings is very limited - no way to tell a player that I think he is getting his fair share of matches. I have used this style of playing in the previous 5 versions of FM (if not more) and never has such a big problem with unhappy players as I do right now.
  13. Thanks a lot m8... you saved my day.
  14. Hi Dafuge, Any chance that you would save that squad view and share it? I have desperately tried to create one with more info, but columns keeps disappearing and can't get them to show again... actually the more I keep changing the more columns disappear.