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  1. Any chance of doing me a version of your Critivao Ederson... with a suit? Cheers
  2. Not sure if this has already been mentioned. Considering how important tactics are in this game (it’s your tactics mate!!!), I think it would be great and a real time saver to have some sort of tactics simulator built into the game. The idea would be that you could use the tactics simulator to play around with tactics (and fiddle with all the sliders to your heart’s content!) without actually having to start up a new game. I don’t think this would take a lot of effort to set up, but would allow those players who are mad keen on playing around with tactics an ability to do so, and get an idea of how various set ups might work with different teams. At the moment I am experimenting with some different ideas that have been influenced by others here on the forums, and I find my only option is to start up a new game (which takes a while) and organise a friendly on the 2nd day and just keep replaying it with different tactical set ups. Surely there is a better way. There, that’s my five cents.
  3. what's going on over at FMG? site seems to have been crashed since yesterday, can't get in at all and I really want these soundpacks!
  4. apologies if these have been said, but i don't have time to super-scan 25 pages! I would really like to see more interaction options with players than just the media praise and game talks. In particular the option to talk in more detail to the captain (as would happen in real life). More detail in tactics, especially for set pieces, would also be good.
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