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  1. Alright, I'd like to apologise for the lack of activity that's been in this thread. I've had lots of school stuff, but now with a week's break (which could be extended further because Irish schools are all deciding to implode on themselves), I'm going to have a crack at expanding this again. I'm still using FM15, however hopefully all of you will be able to take something from this to use in your FM 17 saves! So, the plan is for The Attacking Midfielder vs The Shadow Striker vs The Deep Lying Forward to be released within the next seven days.
  2. I knew that the two were linked, but I was not sure if Control gave them a Support duty or Attack Duty. Thanks for notifying me! I will try and get the next part up in the next week or so. I'll try and keep my PS3 addiction behind me...
  3. I'm not exactly convinced about The Libero in FM, but I will go ahead and try him out. I'll talk about him in the Defensive Midfielder vs Half Back (and, I guess now, vs Libero) post. Might aswell see how he gets on. Who knows, maybe he'll be the best option! Thanks! Rivaldo's role is definitely a tricky part of the tactic, due to how many different roles can suit him. I'll need to watch more matches from 2002 to see which one fits him perfectly! Good job in your own thread, btw! Thanks! More parts to come!
  4. I think you're missing a word there. I'm guessing you mean DLP?Edmilson wasn't extremely aggressive on the ball, but he did push forward when his team was in possession (see Costa Rica)
  5. Post Two: THE FIRST DRAFT – EMULATING FILIPAO’S 3-4-2-1 has been updated! Also, a new part 'The Ball Winning Midfielder vs The Box To Box Midfielder vs The Deep Lying Playmaker', has been reserved for future writing.
  6. I'd definitely consider changing Henderson to a DM-S. The DM-S steps into midfield when in possession, forming that Flat 451 you were talking about. He then drops back into the hole when the opposition are on the ball. Helps him to get more involved in play while holding the anchor role when defending and he doesn't become the focal point of the team, ala DLP. I'm not sure if it's the Advanced Playmaker (which doesn't really suit Couthinho or the tactic) or Attacking Midfielder (more suitable, but doesn't fit the tactic), but if you select one of those with an Attack duty, it makes him attack from deeper. Just a thought.
  7. Love it so much, you had to say it twice? Just messing with you . Thanks, good to have some support behind this. I'm flattered! Thanks very much!
  8. Thanks. I've already read through his Brazillian Box 4-2-2-2 thread, but I'll check his blog for other Brazil related content. Thanks again.
  9. Is The Tifo Project still active? I know the site is still up, but does anybody use it?

  10. Alright then, let's leave it at that. If any of you have already created a similar tactic or tried to emulate Brazil's play style before, then feel free to share! I'd love to see how you all put together your side. The next part will hopefully be going up in the coming days.
  11. Reserved - The Ball Winning Midfielder vs The Box To Box Midfielder vs The Deep Lying Playmaker
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