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  1. Hi! I found a bug. We create custom players and follow their careers. One of my player was Russian U20 goalie and one was RW. Goalie start 2 games U20 WC :s, including Quaterfinals, but he dropped out 3. goalie to Semifinals and Bronze game. That winger and all other players have achievement that they got Bronze medal,, but my Goalie doesn't have? Why? - Image
  2. Okay I troubleshoot that db long time. Many hours and problem is World Championship. I have to make "little" fix and remove Finnish Mestis Quater Finals at all and I have to edit Mestis league table. Now 4 first team played Semi-Finals and Finals. Then winner play Relegation Playoff with Liiga last place team. I don't dare touch to World Championship schedule dates. So I make that fix. Now it's work. If you have some idea how to resolve that problem how to take Quater Finals back, tell me. If someone want test it, here you can download it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s6gjlptuu2a24mi/database.db?dl=0
  3. Allright. I try test sim with unemployed and every time first relegation playoff show right day, then others games move 20.5 ->. I just think that World Championships starts 27.3. And end 14.5. Is that problem why relegation playoff doesn't show right. I upload my db to you: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxnfblow6z2yqly/database.db?dl=0 Thanks for your help
  4. Well. I see. Thanks. I made 12 teams Finnish Liiga with relegations playoff. But I don't understand why relegation playoffs will play 20.5 -> even I set start date to 25.4. And here we come my question. I just think that it is possible to change contract expiry date? Or it is hardcoded to April in Liiga?
  5. I think that Finnish Liiga is harcoded in game? Because I try to modify it open and relegation possible, but whole game will crash. So, it is possible to make option to choose Finnish Liiga open?
  6. Okay. Thanks you! How about International friendly match, it is coming? I would be nice when you can play friendly match with your NT. Example only Lithuanian international games is World Championship and Olympic Games if you're lucky.
  7. I mean change to choise yourself in GM what number are freeze and when. Example Oulun Kärpät and when Lasse Kukkonen retires, it would be nice if I can freeze Kukkonen's number 5 in Oulun Kärpät. I think that manual jersey retirements is better system than automatic.
  8. @Riz Remes How about change to freeze your team legend's number when they retires? That's would be amazing feature and I think it would be easy to code.
  9. Hi again! We play EHM Online with my friend. We noticed bug or something strange with League standing table. I take some pictures to clear what I mean. Preds: 34pts Coyotes: 31pts Blackhawks: 32pts How Coyotes is still 2.? Another division: Flyers: 41pts Sabres: 29pts Penguins: 31pts How Sabres still 2.? I upload save file to: /fm/game-save/NHL_Online_Bug.sav
  10. Okay I found some very weird bug with Finnish League Playoff Finals. I'm also Lithuanian GM. I don't know what happened but rest of my Final games transfer to mid summer about 20.5. Many my players contract expire 1.5. Then when I play the final games: I win that series 6-1. Still game said I win 4-3? Wtf? You can also check it for your own eyes. Press League button, then you can see that. I upload save file to: /fm/game-save/Kärpät&Liettua_BUG.sav
  11. My game crash when I try confirm my roster to Olympic Pre-Qualifications. - Load Save Game: Olympic_Roster_Confirm.sav - Check that message: "Team Lithuania roster to be decided" - Press "Confirm Roster". - Press "Yes." -> Crash I take 3 pictures to show what happen: I just upload my save file to your FTP: /fm/game-save/Olympic_Roster_Confirm.sav Can you fix this? - Image
  12. Option to sheducle international friendly match.
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