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  1. https://www.teamsports.com/football/coach-equipment/football-planner-for-coaches-100-pages/a-1926/?ReferrerID=7&gclid=CjwKCAjwzIH7BRAbEiwAoDxxTnSStvSqA083fn6yBYp7DGWBWNyH5daGNqY2bH0wNSN2TRPiZ4uDVRoCMgoQAvD_BwE Great find
  2. I love FM Touch as it suits me down to the ground with two young kids, time is at a premium. But one huge thing I would love to see from the main game is the scouting centre. I don't believe this would "bloat" the game really. More involved scouting would be a great addition in my opinion.
  3. "Having now clocked over 2000 hours" At least give it a fair crack before slagging it off......
  4. Wish we could step away from these "Youtube personalities" when it comes to promoting games FFS. The majority of them are self entitled idiots from my limited experience.
  5. Hi mate I have the x220 refurb. I could not be happier with it I5 processor top screen for £150.00 blows all these budget laptops out of the water. Also spare parts are easy to come by if it needs a face lift. Runs FM16 with 2D engine incredibly well with plenty of leagues loaded. I have not tried the 3D or any other games however. But for an FM machine that is solid and durable you cannot go wrong.
  6. Just a heads up I bought a reconditioned Levono Think Pad with an I5 processor for £140 at the weekend and it runs FM 16 great. Granted the 12" screen is quite small, but the machine itself is solid. So anybody on a very small budget that may be an optiuon.
  7. I have an issue in touch mode. I cannot resize the stats widgits like I can in the full game when viewing in 2D mode. They stretch too far over the pitch. Anybody know a solution? I also think it would be better to be able to view the players stats screen like in the full game without the boxes.
  8. Hello Yeah It can run full 3d match engine. The AMD A10 CPU also helps the GPU out graphics wise I think. I am not fully clued up on the subject however. It runs Football manager really well tho so far. Maybe somebody with a bit more knowledge can help.
  9. Not sure mate I had England, Spain, Germany, France and Italy plus Brazil and Argentina running... (Large DB) Only while testing the beta mind...
  10. Just for the record I bought this http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/4243038.htm and FM is running great. Full graphics settings and processes really quickly. Very happy.
  11. Noooooooooooooo I always buy the boxed version..... I guess no Beta Access for me.....
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