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  1. Just picked one of these up dirt cheap. I've seen on the compatibility list touch supports the mediad m2 and mediapad m2 10 I've just purchased the m2 8.0. I presume by 'mediapad m2' the compatibility list shows, thats the 8.0 version? Worried I've not purchased the correct one now 😂 if anyone from the team can clear this up please as it not arriving until next week so I've got time to cancel if it's wrong. It's this one that I've brought https://m.gsmarena.com/huawei_mediapad_m2_8_0-7309.php Thanks 🙏🙏
  2. How does it run? Also can you get logos and facepacks on the android touch version?
  3. Hi guys. Looking at picking up a tablet exclusively for FM touch. I don't want to pay lots though so wondering if anyone has experience of the 'cheaper' compatible tablets and how they run the game? 3d graphics don't have to be amazing, so long as it's still able to run the 3d engine even if it's at lowest setting. Game speed as long as its decent and playable I'm OK with. What are the cheapest officially supported tablets? Thanks
  4. How is difficulty this year guys? Can I expect to walk the league with Man United first season ? Or is it going to be a challenge
  5. Anyone tried this on their phone yet? Interested to see how it translates to the pixel phone in terms of usability.
  6. Anyone played it on stadia yet? Interested to hear views, especially how it plays out with controller support on pixel/TV
  7. Thanks for this. How will fm20 work when playing on a pixel phone, will the game be optimized for mobile use? As can imagine all that text on a 6 inch screen will be a headache 😂 But just wondering if there is any optimization done for when playing on our pixel phone? Understand this isn't the ideal way to play compared to say on our TV, but the thought of full fat FM on mobile is great 👌
  8. Looking forward to stadia. However the lack of details given regarding the stadia version is a bit concerning for me. Is it only the full version of FM 20 for stadia, or is the touch version going to be available too? How will controller implementation work? Stadia can be playing on TV, pixel phones and laptops, laptops is a non issue, but how will it work on TV and pixel phones? Will there be special controller implementation for use with the stadia controller, like has been done for the switch?
  9. Hi guys. Picking up one of the new Xperia phones next week and it comes with a tall narrow screen with aspect ratio of 21:9. Anyone know if fmm20 will support this ratio? If not will fmm20 still be playable?. Thanks
  10. Most people would be playing stadia on big screen tvs would they not? I'm just wondering then if fm will only be able to be played via a PC? Unless they implement controller support for TV use. I just think playing it on a big 50 inch TV would be great, but it's not really built for controller use so not sure how it would work
  11. With no mouse on a full fat version of FM, will be interesting to see how they implement controller use. I remember fm 08 on xbox being really clunky to use with a controller. Hope they make it work!
  12. Hi guys Anyone know if the galaxy tab t515 is compatible with fm touch 19? It's the galaxy tab A 10.1 2019 version? Thanks
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