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  1. I know it's still early but given games on stadia can effectively be played on any device with a chrome browser does this mean football manager 20/fm touch 20 the full game can be played on my samsung phone rather than the usual fmm? Not sure how that would equate onto a smaller screen?
  2. Afternoon guys. Just purchased a Samsung galaxy S10+. Went to the play store to re download FMM and saw that FM touch 19 was available to purchase and download for this phone. I understand it's not available for phones and this is probably an error by the play store. But my question is if I buy it and download it how well it run on the S10+? It's not optimized for this device I get that but wondered if it would be playable with the 3d match engine etc? Thanks
  3. Has the new update reversed the fitness conditions? For me, I love squad rotation and not being able to pick the same 11 each game. I don't get when people say this is a pick up and play and they haven't got time to rotate the squad and keep an eye on fitness etc. This is a slimmed down version of the main FM but it's still a FOOTBALL MANAGER game and probably the main aspect of a football manager is picking your team week in week out. Evaluating a player's fitness and looking ahead 2 or 3 fixtures to see who to rest etc. I didn't think anything needed changing but it seems a few people say they hate it and a hot fix gets released when there are others who enjoyed the update. Haven't had chance to test it yet but my game updated automatically and if this has been reversed is there a way to keep it at the update before the hot fix? Would I be able to uninstall and reinstall or would that not work either? If not then unfortunately I will probably not play anymore as for me I loved thinking ahead and rotating my squad week in week out. I want pick up and play don't get me wrong but what I don't want is playing the same 11 players every week. For me this doesn't really reflect being a football manager. Which is, regardless of how you look at it, what this game is isn't it?
  4. Hi guys. My friend is selling his 2 in 1 laptop that he doesn't use anymore for a relatively cheap price. It's the hp pavilion X2 2 in 1 with a detachable keyboard/tablet. It runs windows 10 so I presume I can install steam but I'm just wondering if it would allow me to install football manager? I don't want the full version but just this touch version. My question is would football manager touch 19 work on this windows 10 device? These are the basic specs of the device. 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z3736F (quad-core, 2MB cache, 2.16GHz with Turbo Boost) Graphics: Intel HD Graphics RAM: 2GB DDR3L SDRAM I know it probably won't run 3d match engine not to fussed if it's in 2d but just want to know if it would install and run the steam version of football manager touch 19 as I do not want an android tablet for the google play version as this windows 2 in 1 is ideal for my work too for Microsoft Excel word etc. Thanks
  5. For me the new fitness update is great. Means you really need to look after your squad and use all your players and think 2 or 3 games ahead. No team plays the same players week in week out. And I don't think it's too much of a time consuming addition. I'm all for quick pick up and play and no media interaction etc in the mobile version but we will want a some what realistic experience and squad rotation is just that. What's the point in signing players if your not going to utilise the squad. Love the new addition and hope SI don't remove it in a future update.
  6. Which amazon tablet does your neighbour have if you don't mind me asking? Curious as was thinking of getting an amazon tablet for fm touch 19 but noticed it isn't on supported tablet list. So was waiting to see if its playable on one
  7. Hi guys. Does anyone know yet if the amazon fire HD devices will run football manager touch 2019? Thibking of picking one up found a very good deal but up until now I believe only FMM has been made available for the amazon app store? Any ideas if this is changing this year? As on the website when you go to football manager touch there is an amazon logo on the pre purchase section? Cheers
  8. Hi guys looking for a bit of help. Want to start a serie A but been struggling the last couple days on who to start with. My options are Lazio Roma inter Florentina and Milan. Florentina is the hardest challenge I would imagine and they have some good youngsters but can I realistically challenge in first season for a champions league spot? I like Lazio with Savic De VriJ immobile they have a great spine but how hard is it to keep hold of these? And one thing I don't like is the poor amount of season ticket holders sounds silly but I like a full stadium haha what are the attendances like for Lazio? Inter and Milan similar boat but also both in a lot of debt and is it worth selling icardi big money first season? Roma have a good if ageing squad too. All these clubs are also in a fair amount of debt am I right with the exception of fiorentina? So again that plays into my mind with regards to wage and transfer budgets. Who would you say is a challenge but still needs quality additions to compete? Any help greatly appreciated thanks
  9. Hi mate. Sorry for hijacking your thread but how does the game play on the Lenovo s8? Aside from not being able to finish a match 😂 Does 2d match work out OK and how is the processing speed etc on this device?
  10. Thanks. Not too fussed about 3d. Is 2d available on touch 2018? If so would happily use that. More bothered about if the game itself runs decent enough for it not to be a chore to play. Do you have any reccommendations of any cheap tablets that run the game well, might be clutching at straws there 😂
  11. Hi guys. Just wondering if any of you have experience of FM touch with the Lenovo tab s8 and how it plays? I'm after a cheap tablet purely to play FM touch 2018 and this seems about the cheapest? It is on the list of compatible devices but not sure how well it would play in terms of march engine processing speed etc? Or if you could recommend other tablets from the list that are cheap and run FM well looking at under £100 if possible. Thanks.
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