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  1. The AI should sparingly use two fullbacks or players standing in the near and far post when defending corners. They could be better utilized by man marking players or marking zonally. Teams IRL rarely put two players there anymore
  2. jinodu80

    defensive wall

    it would be nice if the defensive wall started jumping. they just stand and fold their arms in current itertations
  3. These are just some features i think could be implemented to enhance the game -Training overhaul (implementation of tactical periodization) - Defensive shape in your own half or third as i think the formation (defensive formation) in game should be used just for transitions - Advanced pressing options and pressing areas - Center back split in build up (modern style) - Time wasting tactics to take the ball to the corner flag and hold up play - Better stadium dugout designs - Ability to select coaches to be present in the dugout
  4. play out from the back goal kick tactics should be added, to improve the realism of the game, whereby central defenders drop down the box line or stay on the edge and fullbacks are pushed forward. play out from the back is different from play out of defense. it should be a tactic separated from team instruction tactics.
  5. -chatting with managers before leaving the stadium. like how managers say stuffs to each other after the final whistle. -starting as assistant manager -routing drug test for players.
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