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  1. Coming up to the end of the second season. I won the Europa League in my first season but knocked out in the 2nd Knockout Round this time around. Finished 7th first season, currently on course to qualify for the Champions League this season (barring an utter catastrophe). In the FA Cup Semi Final as well. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Players with RSV are players I keep in the first team as they're backups but they play mostly for the reserves at the moment. Stewart Downing is likely to leave in the summer after we had a bust up over him getting sent off in the Europa League which ultimately got us knocked out and if he leaves I'm inclined to sign Stevan Jovetic permanently. Milan Badelj may be on the way out as well as his performances just haven't been up to scratch. Most players have been bought on 48 month deals so can't spend much in the summer although I have raised some money from sales and I would expect to get around £15m each for Downing and Badelj. I may try and get around £12m for Darren Bent.
  2. A couple of versions ago I had a regen come through called Scott Bradley (that legendary I still remember his name!). He broke into my first team at 19 and was still first choice right back until he was 38. He was still playing for England at 37 and captained them to a World Cup - won everything there was to win and grabbed a haul of 150+ international caps. I have to say though, that is the only time in all of my FM playing days that I have seen a regen in any position play for that long. I find most start dropping out of the spotlight around 33 and to be honest it is around 33 or so when the young players in the game start to lose their form and position in the world.
  3. Fixture dates BSP

    I believe that the reason the transfer deadline doesn't occur on a weekend is due to banks being closed on a Sunday.
  4. I don't know about anyone else but I find that when I'm planning on quitting for the day if I'm about to play a poor team I'm more likely to suffer from "just one more match" syndrome, whereas I'm more likely to save and quit if I'm playing one of the better sides next. It often explains why my first game after loading back up ends in a draw or defeat.
  5. Like Blackpool this season? Of course, the game is going to be easier than it should be. Let's be honest, for 90% of football managers in the real world (maybe even more) they will spend their entire careers in mid to low table obscurity, with the occasional top half push, sacked every three or four years only to go to another club and repeat the process. I don't know about anybody else but if FM were like that for me then I wouldn't be buying any future versions. As for the 19 year old - your club may well be a stepping stone. He joins your club, plays a reasonable amount and gets noticed quickly. He joins Real Madrid or Man City, rots in the reserves for 3 seasons before moving to a lower profile club than your own. If the terms you offered him (ie. rotation or first teamer) beat theirs why wouldn't he join you?
  6. Bloody difficult!

    I always find each version of the game difficult to begin with. I try and set a tactic with what I think should work and then watch as my players act as if I've had them lobotomised and exchanged their lucozades for a mix of vodka and methedone. I always end up going to the tactics forum and downloading several tactics, examining them to see what others have found to work, and then tweaking the tactics to suit my preferred playstyle and my preferred type of players. After that, I find the game loses that difficulty, although I do try and ensure it never becomes too easy because while I enjoy winning things, I do want a challenge.
  7. Buying: Joe Hart Your Team: Aston Villa Seller: Man City Offer: Been offered him at £3.9m Transfer/Wage Budget: Transfer budget has £6m remaining. Lots of 48 month transfer deals to worry about though. £45k left in wage budget. Patch: 11.2.1 Season: End of 2010/11 season I already have Stekelenburg from Ajax in the team which makes me think Joe Hart isn't really needed but it is the £3.9m price tag that Man City have offered him to me at that tempts me. EDIT: Doesn't matter now, Boro have picked him up for £3.5m
  8. At the midway point of the first season, Villa have been struggling to really find consistency. While we boast some stunning results, such as a 7-0 home victory over West Brom, 5-1 away victory over Stoke City and a 4-1 away victory in the Second City Derby, we have still been dropping points in games we should be winning. After 20 Games we lie in 6th place in the table having claimed victory in 9 games, drawn 5 and lost 6. Our attack has proven effective, with a return so far of 42 goals but at the back we're leaking too many, having conceded 28. 3 points separate us from Arsenal in 5th but 10 points separate us from Manchester City in 4th. Any pre-season optimism about Champion's League qualification looks to have faded away. In the League Cup we have advanced to the Semi-Finals where we will play Middlesbrough. We have also advanced through the Group Stage of the Europa League and have been drawn against European Champions, Inter. In the FA Cup, a trip to Goodison Park to play Everton awaits us in the Third Round. Villa were busy in the transfer market. Pre-season assurance of qualification for the Europa League through the league led to the Villa board offering forth a few more funds to bolster the forces, while the sale of players also added £19m to the Villa coffers. Players Out Brad Guzan - £2.4m Habib Beye - £2.2m Isiah Osbourne - £725k Steve Sidwell - £3.2m John Carew - £3.3m Nigel Reo-Coker £7.25m Players In Paulo Ferreira - Loan Jan Vertonghen - £9m Milan Badelj - £4m Arturo Vidal - £8m Maarten Stekelenburg - £12m Cristian Ansaldi - £6.5m Vaclav Kadlec - £900k Arda Turan - £10m The Aston Villa board have made more funds available for the January transfer window, although without any definite targets in mind it waits to be seen whether any business will be conducted during this part of the season, or whether, having tied Villa into several expensive 48-month transfer deals, the management will opt to retain the funds and try and progress with what is currently available.
  9. On FM10, on a network game a friend of mine and I were having my mate bid £125m to buy Pato from me.
  10. On CM4, no idea what happened but Man Utd went into administration after 3 years and pretty much every semi-big European club raided their key players for £1m or so. They went down that year and didn't come back up for about six seasons.
  11. I'm gonna give this a go with my Villa team. We have a good attack but my defenders currently play like utter morons and I can't seem to fix it myself. Will give your tactic a whirl and see if that improves things.
  12. Retiring Agents

    You can retire at any age. Many will wait until the normal retirement age due to the fact they're still working towards their retirement. An agent retiring younger isn't really unexpected. He's been diddling multiple clubs out of millions for some time so probably has a tidy little next egg put away for his retirement and retiring earlier than the norm gives him more time to enjoy it.
  13. Do we know exactly what the estimate is based on? I know the game supports multi-core processors but does the Estimated Game Speed figure take that into account or is it based on CPU speed? Similarly, does it take into account the amount of RAM and such? Obviously, as an estimate, it is exactly that and doesn't claim to be wholly accurate but I wonder whether it has been stated whether the value it produces takes into account multi-core CPUs? I am still waiting for my copy of FM11 but on FM10 my main career game had at least the top 2 leagues loaded from Belgium, Netherlands, Scotland, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, England (to League 2), Spain, France, Portugal and Italy and for me the speed was perfectly fine. The Estimated Game Speed was around 2.5 stars on a Phenom II 965 system with 4Gb RAM. It was a little slower on my Core i3 330m, 4Gb laptop but not so much that it bothered me.
  14. I think it was CM96 or so... Michael Owen was absolutely useless. He always ended up playing for some Division 2 or 3 team. Seem to recall Pavel Nedved was pretty rubbish in one version of the game too.
  15. Happened to me twice in my career game on FM10. With Atletico Madrid in my second season I was battling against Real Madrid and Barcelona for the title. Final day of the season I had Valencia away, Barca were at home to Deportivo and Real were away to Betis. I needed to win and needed Barca and Real to draw or lose. Betis took a 2-0 lead against Real early on while Barca took the lead against Deportivo mid-way through the first half. I took the lead against Valencia and went on to win 3-1. With the 90 minutes drawing to an end I figured I'd lost out to Barca but as my match ended, the Latest Scores box updated to tell me that Deportivo had a 90th minute penalty and scored to give me the title! Some time later I found myself managing Juventus. I'd finished 5th, 4th, 5th and 3rd in the previous seasons. This season we were on course until a horrible run in the final few weeks put Torino on top by 1 point. Once again, it went down to the final day, once again I needed Torino to lose or draw. I won my match and almost as before, Torino took the lead in theirs only to blow it in the dying minutes of the game to crown Juventus champions!