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  1. Thanks for replies. He played about half of the current season without PK time after going from 'core' to 'regular'. Now he has played a bit over dozen games on 1PK after going from 'regular' to 'fringe' status but I'll check if he continues until end of the regular season/playoffs. I would assume so. I guess I should check with the EHMassistant. Both points make sense to me... I assume a 'hot prospect' is given more chances as a youngin' although probably not so much on PK as PP. Anyway, he had PK time from age 21-22 rookie season (not a full season) and until age 24-25, as long as he had the 'hot prospect' status. I then set him 'regular' and he lost the PK time, Then bumped him to 'core' to regain the PK later during that season. Age 25-26 season (current season) he started to screw with the 5v5 setup early on so I set him to 'regular' again and he lost the PK time again. Because he kept being passed for the PK role by all these 'fringe' players I figured WTH and put him 'fringe' as well. Voila he is now 1PK and 4C (barring C injuries). This is what bugs me. I would assume he has a bigger role/more icetime as a 'regular' than as a 'fringe' player. I was definetly expecting that but nope... not a complaint from the guy. I figured he is not really as good as I thought and content with lower status. Or the save is broke. I did start the game a few updates ago.
  2. I've been playing a game with AI coach in charge of the lines/tactics for a change and while the AI is at times a bit confusing it mostly makes sense. However, I currently have this Marcus Krugeresque 4C on the team who is a PK beast and was the goto guy for the role when he was listed a 'hot prospect'. I then switched him to 'regular' status and suddenly the AI coach decides he is to be passed on the PK role by several defensive #12/13/14 forwards (good defensively but not quite as good as the 4C) who are marked as 'fringe' (and also by a bunch of top6 guys). I figured bump him up to 'core' and he did indeed get back to the PK unit but also passed some scoring guys in the 5v5 lines. Not the hoped result. So, after knashing my teeth for a while I just recently dropped him to 'fringe' as well and to my surprise he is now back on 1PK unit. Seems odd to me unless I'm missing something here... TLDR, why does the same player get a bigger role when 'fringe' status as opposed to 'regular'?
  3. Ability to manually assign Head/Assistant Coach practice department while leaving the rest of the practice under AI Head Coach.
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