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  1. here is the file... Yes, before putting the graphics in i loaded up the custom database to test it wokred and the auto generated logo fm made for the club was cprrect size. Thanks for replying
  2. Hi, I've set up a newly created club in game and designed a logo. However, despite being 180x180, when i load the logo up in game it appears very small and i'm stumped as to why. Please could someone point out the probably obvious error I'm making? https://imgur.com/a/d5rx5vq Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm currently in my 6th season of a save and so am obviously very reluctant to start over, I probably won't bother if i can't get this save rescued. Originally i believed that the crash occurred on the specific date 31st december 2019. However i have managed to pass this date by going on holiday, and have now saved past this date. I am able to advance as far as i like by holidaying but this means i cannot watch any matches and basically makes the save unplayable. The issue is that the game crashes whenever i manually try to advance, it closes and brings up a 'fatal error' message, in which i am directed here. I have uploaded the crash dump under the name 'stedman565crashdump' and the save under the name 'cardinals.fm.stedman565'. I do use some downloaded graphics however i have tried to advance with these removed and still experience the issue. Really hope someone can rescue my save as i have currently taken Woking from the Conference to the Prem!! Pleeeeeease someone help me
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