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  1. Just seen on twitter official fm account says it should be save compatible.
  2. Seems like SI have just launched a fix, brexit rules included. Not got chance to be on the game but would be interested to see what's changed and if its save game compatible or new games only.
  3. Does the tweet from Miles seem to say it was a legal thing, and this is why it isn't clear in game? Like they've been told what the rules would be but weren't allowed to say for legal reasons? Might be made clearer now it's official
  4. Oh yeah I agree with you some are just complaining as they can't play as before. But it will have an effect irl. Even a trickle down effect as championship teams have to buy British, usual league one players could be bumped up to championship teams and so on just to form squads. It could really reduce and distort the quality in the lower leagues.
  5. As far as I know south american imports won't have any difference, they have always needed work permits anyway. This is a change in players from EU countries who previously had free movement but now would go through similair processes to the south Americans. Hence why you have never seen this Brazilian influx in the lower leagues.
  6. Any club that would want to sign a foreign player would be affected. As its highly unlikely whoever would be willing to go to them would meet the required points total for a permit. And any players already there might not be guaranteed to be allowed to stay/work beyond the original settled status period
  7. There doesn't seem to be much news coverage of this to say what an impact it could have. I've learned more from this thread than anywhere else! I guess judging by a lot of people's reactions many others haven't either. I'd seen the 17 foreign player rule and not known much about the criteria behind it. Guessing the big clubs are secretly OK with it as it will empower them further, or those break away european super league talks weren't coincidental timing.
  8. That's the only real issue I have as well, if a player was not too many games off the right points I'd know at least to go back for him in the next window. SI have obviously taken legal advice on how it's expected to go to implement this so I'm fine with the rules just the transparency would help I think. Not that it ever is a level playing field but going forward this will benefit the bigger clubs who can afford the permit qualifying elite players, will also increase English player prices even more ridiculously probably. All while the lower teams are basically in a closed off inte
  9. I think so, mine seem to be until 2024 but after that they would need a permit. No idea if having played in England for years would factor into them getting it though and unsure if it carries across to signing to a new team
  10. Don't know if it's a bug but I can't see a way to do it on scouting I think this is one of the issues as I feel like I'm wasting money scouting players just on the off chance they qualify for a work permit. The only scouting guarantees are UK players or players with UK citizenship and second nationality
  11. On player search, go to add condition, transfer then work permit chance and set to likely. That's the closest I've managed to find anyway
  12. I have a few players who've been granted 'settled' status, unsure if this only applies for their current contract though haven't tried renewing yet. Hopefully I can renew though or half my first 11 is gone next year! Only one of my players is an international and plays for Finland, he always gets picked but don't think he's a starter for them could be wrong.
  13. If any of the issues raised in this are bugs and end up being patched, would that only effect new games? Just know from my save with Barnsley after one season I'm really struggling to sign anyone I want outside of the UK. With only a 2 mil budget it's really hard as UK based players tend to be overpriced, basically have to settle for average players. Enjoying the challenge so far but can imagine I'll lose interest if I just can't bring in any quality to get promoted as we were predicted 24th first season don't exactly have a good base to build from
  14. I thought I had deleted the graphics but hadn't got them all, seems to be running a bit better after a quick test after deleting. Is there a reason why the graphics would effect the game this way? I've had them on for the two full seasons I'd got through so far with no issues at all. Just curious as I'm not massively knowledgeable when it comes to this sort of thing Away from my laptop at the minute, but it's above all the recommended specs and runs games likes Pro Evo easily I have thw top two leagues from 5 nations I think so not too many, maybe 35000ish players. Estimated
  15. I have logged a ticket with SI for this in the crashes section, but wondered if anyone had anything I could try in the meantime or if anyone else has had this problem. (I have tried everything in the FAQ and troubleshooting sections e.g. deleting cache, graphics etc.) Basically my game is crashing consistently or taking 10 minutes to load things. For example I can click continue or on a player to go to their profile and the game freezes sometimes for 10ish minutes before working but then repeating later, sometimes indefinitely until i have to go to task manager and end task to close down
  16. Seems to be working OK, doesn't work everytime obviously but getting a lot of turnovers from dead end wing running and balls hit aimlessly down the wing. I also have big strong physical centre backs which helps deal with any crossing though. Not encountered any but If they have no wingers the pressing will just apply to whoever is wide like full back or wing backs. Could potentially work better as they wouldn't even have the out ball of the winger down the line.
  17. I've been experimenting in preseason with kind of simeone-esque pressing instructions. Basically showing everyone onto the foot nearest the touchline and setting to press the wide players always as well as tight mark some central players to make it hard to pass back inside once funneled out wide
  18. Not on FM at the minute, but off the top of my head not got too many instructions. Positive Play out of defence Counter Counter press Distribute to CB's Other's I may add in during games situationally like pass into space, adjusting tempo and adjusting defensive line and line of engagement
  19. In terms of the 3421 used against Spurs, they seemed to use pretty much a box midfield so if going off that game I'd go with a Striker with two Attacking midfielders behind. What I've personally been using for a 3421 is similar. So I use: Cf(s) Am(s) SS(a) Wb(a) Dm(s) SV(s/a) WB(a) BPD(d) CD(d) BPD(d) Sk(s) They really exploited the vertical spaces in Spurs 4-4-2, so ideally looking to encourage
  20. Yeah that's the sort of movement I was managing to get, which is pretty nice. Seemed to happen more often the higher the mentality used as well. It's not what Shef Utd do under Wilder as they overlap off the ball and there's lot's of other movements to go along with it between the whole team, but probably the closest you're likely to get on this version unfortunately. I don't know how they'd manage to implement it on FM unless they ever introduced with and without the ball formations.
  21. It's not really possible to fully replicate in this version of FM. Playing on a high mentality and having players with certain traits can get some movement occasionally but it's more the CB's running past with the ball rather than an off the ball overlap like Sheffield do. Either movement won't happen anywhere near as much as it does for Sheffield in real life. So traits on the outer CB's to encourage movement like brings ball out of defence, runs with ball down left/right, gets forward whenever possible etc.
  22. Would be interested to see someone's interpretation of klopps dortmund in fm Shape would probably be a 4231 with a lot of pressing. They played an extremely high tempo almost always playing in the transitions between attacking and defending
  23. Very much looking forward to seeing this thread progress! Playing a similar set up myself at the moment be interesting to see your thoughts on how it all plays out
  24. Thanks for the feedback so far everyone! The advice has come at a good time as just starting pre season heading into our second campaign, so going to try out a few variations over the friendly matches. Initial changes I am going to make before assessing further: -Remove Prevent GK distribution -Drop LOE to standard -Change both FB's to Wb (s) -Strike duo change to F9 and AF Going to use width variations depending on how we perform in each game, and also considering changing the role of the CAR to BBM or a regular CM(S) but will mon
  25. I've been using the below 4132 after being inspired by watching Marco Rose's teams at Salzburg and now Monchengladbach as well as Gallardo at River Plate. I've been enjoying it however the team really does seem to be struggling with a lack of goals, mostly winning by one or sometimes two goals and having a lot of draws (Almost a club record apparently!) The strike partnership is one area I'm not as sure on, flicking between an Advanced forward and a Deep lying forward on support and two complete forwards on attack and support. Defensive wise we are doing a
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