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  1. Good day, gentlemen! I send greetings from the lovers of our manager in Russia, which we started playing at the beginning of the 2000s. I would like to know how are you doing with our main wizard Riz Remes? And of course, find out when to expect patch 1.5? Thanks to all!
  2. Yes Yes I agree. Then why those teams are not eligible for the player to sign it (not all of course) but can? Exchanges in the KHL and not made. So to play in the KHL can season 1, more nerves will not suffice. Flawed, MHL and VHL no.
  3. Hello everyone! The problem is that in the KHL in the offseason, there is no ability to sign free agents up to 27 years. But some clubs are still able to sign free players. Bug or not? Anyone who has information please help Board.
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