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  1. Ok so, since no one else help I've fixed this big issue on my own :-) I just edited the team squad.xml file in a default skin and moved the section entry to the top on the file just another general info. This as now fixed the issue for the reserve and u18 screens, but the national screen still defaults to general info, and this sticks when going back to the sqaud view.
  2. Sorry just realised. Can a mod move this to the right forum please
  3. Hey All, Can someone please tell me they have found a way to stop the squad view defaulting to general info. This happens everytime you go to an national sqaud, or your reserves and u18's You then go back to your main squad, and the view has defaulted back to general info. This is so annoying to have to keep changing it back to selection. This was a issue in I think the last 3 fm games, and I'm very dissappointed that si havn't fixed it yet. The view should stay on your choice, not the games. (No matter what screen your on)
  4. Thought, I'd bump this, has I've seen a number of posts about it, but no answers? Anyone know how to change this?
  5. If you have already setup a game, with say medium db. Is there a way or a program that you can use to make a certain player from the fm db appear in the game. My example is the young player Man Utd have signed. Mame Biram Diouf. He isnt in my game (1 season in), but he is in the db. So anyone know of a way to make him appear. Hope this makes sense
  6. Ok just spent the best part of an hour updatng my megapacks config.xml files up to the 2015. Hopefully by the time I get there someone will have made one with the fix already in place for more years. PS: Its worked by the way
  7. How can this happen? 33 minutes: Nani steps up to take a spot kick, and then the game just carries on. No "he's missed" or "GOOOAAALLL" Nothing
  8. Ok, so I have downloaded a mega kit pack from CMfrenzy, and it includes the ghost default folder, and the effect.png. I have put the kit panels item in place, and this removed the 3D effects, but a few clubs still have the problem that the custom kit is not showing. There are no ghosts or shirts behind, just the normal coloured default kit that clubs get. england/Arsenal home/ portsmouth home. What less must I do?
  9. just seen this should be fixed in new data editor patch. Downloading now. Please close this thread
  10. Is there a way to set a future transfer as 0 (free) because when I tried typing in 0 and leave and go back to the page the transfer fee is just unticked. and if I leave it as -1 unticked, the game just makes up the fee's. Man Utd are paying 9million for Owen now, and 15 million for Daniel for chelsea. Anyone know a way around it?
  11. Int icons being RED

    This was brought up in the PC/Mac General Discussion forum but sort of died off. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=56691 The Int icon is RED which causes problems with injurys, as its hard to tell between them. I've tried to find the colour settings, but can not find an entry in the fm colours.xml file Does anyone know where this can be edited or is this something hardcoded into the system Also the Trv is RED, I'm hoping this is in the same place
  12. Does any one know where this can be changed then? I can't find an entry in the fm colours.xml
  13. Edit match report GOAL line colour

    Cheers, that worked great
  14. Edit match report GOAL line colour

    It must have been possible in earlier versions as the GOAL line was blue
  15. Does anybody know which file "and line in it" I would need to edit to change the colour of the text for a GOAL in the match report. This text must have its own line that's different from the rest, as its set to be in Caps.