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  1. If you're signing 10 young players per season it's no wonder there's a good amount of them failing to develop or 'stagnating'. You're not developing them properly as you're stockpiling them - I['m guessing they just sit in your clubs u18/u23 teams for a few season with maybe a loan or two here and there, with a very rare cup game thrown in now and then? That's not great mate, they'll never flourish to their potential. Plus, for the ones that do get more attention and develop to a decent level, they will get pushed into your first team quicker which then brings down you're average squad age. Before long this is going to decline substantially so after a few seasons it will further limit the overall experience and mental development options within your first team. Chill out on the signings, rely on your scouts to do their job more and spend longer watching them at their current clubs (it wont cost too much more to buy them after a season or so) so you get a more accurate report of their potential, as well as their attributes and character (hidden attributes). From there just limit yourself to 3-4 of the very best potential targets per season, taking more care in developing them. Its also worth signing the odd experienced player purely to help out with mental attribute development too.
  2. Cheers, makes a lot of sense thanks. RE: The fitness/rotation... I tend to start my careers at teams in L2/L1 so Im often limited to small squad sizes and funds so usually try to get my best XI out as much as possible, but yes I do still rotate players for mid-week fixtures. In previous versions it was always something I was aware of but had managed to rotate teams or at least maintain fitness for the majority of the season above 90% for most players and during games they rarely dropped below 70%. I admit some my tactics are quite high tempo and physical but they are just variations of my previously used tactics (employed for the past few versions). It just seems the latest version players are like sunday league players who spend most of their time boozing, smoking and eating Parmos when not on the football field as they regularly struggle to get above 90% outside of games and during matches droop down to 40% condition.
  3. Couple of daft questions I have for FM 15 - I didn't want to post in the wrong board or have new thread or anything if it's already answered so apologies if this is the incorrect thread and it's already answered elsewhere. I have had a search but cant seem to get the right search criteria to find what I'm looking for, so again apologies and a link to the existing answered would be great ;- 1. How do you set zonal/man marking for teams in FM15? 2. How do you keep your players' conditions above 90%? I'm really struggling with player conditions and fitness no matter what I do. I've had a play around with fitness training, increased levels of fitness training in pre-season, had training camps, tried not moving training workloads above average, left default training schedules/assistant controlled schedules - all to no avail, my team still seem to have the fitness of a bunch of asthmatic Rick Wallers. It seems silly that professional footballers are getting so tired so quickly and I haven't encountered this on previous editions. I'm clearly doing something wrong but even on default training I seem to be getting players complaining about their training work loads, having poor fitness conditions and picking up injuries constantly - I had 5 in my first game!
  4. Oh well it must be true since you put it like that,..... No sorry, I'm Still not convinced.
  5. There should be more randomness around it and I've always said these could be an excellent feature if they were more random and less rigid. Why bother having different types of journalists (tabloid/broadsheet etc) and even individual journos if there isn't a risk of one of them taking a dislike to you and looking for opportunities to mis-quote you at every opportunity (I'm still waiting for my sleeping giant team to be misquoted as a bunch of sleepy giants in the Sun in-game!) Or conversely having journos who are only too happy to put a positive spin on my words and believe I could walk on water? To me it seems like this system has been a place holder for too long and is about ready to be well developed and more relevant in these media-fuelled times. It's far too easy to either send your assistant or to glance through the answers and select "the right" answer - these questions should be a mine-field that could potentially cause issues if/when misquoted or misinterpreted.
  6. Well said. I'm kind of in the same boat as you - I like "relaxed" realism where I can take my League 2 minnows up the leagues , where in reality there's very little chance that these clubs could even afford to get promoted never mind be capable of doing it on the pitch.
  7. Tottenham and Newcastle are good for youth development and focus heavily on that already, also Middlesbrough (VERY, VERY, VERY crap version of Barca!).
  8. Agreed. I do believe there is still some kind of bug in the cup "random" draws that does this. I've seen this countless times for years! I believe it was looked at at some point 'cos there was one particular release where you always seemed to be drawn against a team you were playing either the league match before or after the cup game.
  9. Saving more frequently may prevent us losing more data but there is an intermittent issue that needs addressing. I've seen this bug since 2010 or maybe even before and it usually hits me at least once per career.
  10. Are you sure you're looking at the correct sponsorship? I noticed there were several listed in the finances section.
  11. Yes, scouting countries is far more productive than scouting continents.
  12. Squad harmony affects performances on the pitch and morale, which in turn affects pitch performances. I also helps team to accommodate various tactics and styles a little quicker I find too.
  13. I think you meant "Mewer". And cats hate injections...
  14. Reminds me of a really frustrating game I had back on CM2 (I think) where I had 8(!!!) quality Goalkeepers promoted to my AC Milan first team from the youth team - back in the days when squads were limited to 22ish. That was no fun trying to play out a season with 8 keepers i couldnt sell in a short transfer window!
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