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  1. more focus on youths and youth policies. i know its been suggested but the possibility of setting up youth accademies. id love more tactical options. like a "cover player" or "cover position" with a similar range as the "swap with player" option. i think a second set of arrows might be worth discussion.. like where you want him moving when in possession and when not in possession of the ball. or when the team have the ball or dont have the ball. i think tours could be made more specific, and focussed on more, like in the feeder club option your given a choice of what benefit your looking for, financial, loan, work permit..i think it be a nifty one to do the same with tours.. given the rise in financial tours to asia, to have the option of financial tour, which might be media intensive and not much use for fitness and you get a list of what countries would be good.. or a fitness tour, and you get a list of countries whose climate would suit getting your players fit for your league.. etc. possibly every five or so years the option to change the colours of away and third kits? like it gets a bit repetative in a long term game, but would also be a bit mcuh to do it every year.. in the same way when things are going bad you can tell a player to call a players meeting, in either a very good run, v.bad run or after a particuarly unusual incident, the ability to call a press conference..with a few options as to what youll say there ie like, if your in your last year of contract, you go "call press conference" with a few months left and the options are "call a press conference stating youll resign when your contract is up in june" or "you wish to stay" etc etc or about form "we'll stay up" "i think its time to accept and maybe the chairman to allow me start building for next year" etc which could have some affect over budgets, expectations etc.. obv the longer / better youve been at a club the bigger the affect your words have..a new manager calling such a press conference would be ignored by board etc.. ***** the addition of new manager stats which the confidence ratings to have affect over over the years... so if youve been good at signings one year your transfers rating could improve one, if youve been REALLY good it mimght go two, if youve been poor it falls, etc. or give judging potential and judging current ability ratings working in the same way but split between youth players bought who come good and players over 21 bought who come good etc. and then other ratings might be, consistency, if your fans are happy with team performances throughout the year.. etc. and have the confidence bars be graded for each season instead of what seems to be 3/4s of a season for signings anyway..cos they disappear and you end up back at average even tho your fans were thrilled two months ago??
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