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  1. So many TI's... 1. Lose Play for Set Pieces and dribble less, it doesn't really fit with a Possession based style. Playing on both flanks and the overlaps both need to go. Those should be specific adjustments to what you see on the field, and/or adjustments due to the opposition. 2. Take Long Kicks and Distribute to the Striker need to go, once again, that is not in Possession based style. 3. Either move your DL UP or your LOE back, currently you are trying to cover 2/3rd of the pitch in defense, which means you are defending none of it effectively. Lose tighter marking as well, once again, that should be reactionary. 4. Most your PI's are contradictory to your TI's, lose the conflicts to start, use them to adjust specific behaviour.
  2. 1. Since it is html, you don't need each file, single one has all five pages. 2. Zoom is your friend. 3. What are your thoughts of putting the Penetration, Solidarity, and Support ratings for each position, along with a calculator? Attacking Structures
  3. The week of the match you want him playing CD, put him as CD in your tactic for the training sessions. This helps quite a bit with tactical familiarity. Training him as a CD that week helps as well, but there is quite a bit of overlap between some DM roles and CD already.
  4. @LandoManSmash and @alexcelsior y'all are correct. So good news: It's been fixed. File updated, link the same. Bad news: Going to reformat the dropdown list so it is in the same order as in game. This is going to take a while. Still going through verifying the data matches up FM20 from FM19. Have found a couple of slight differences, and am working through them. Lots of Alt Tabbing on the laptop. Thanks for all the double-checks and reports to all. (I really checked the modules I use all the time, and the others were under less scrutiny)
  5. Personally I don't like dual BPD's. like them even less with a DM DLP. You are already on cautious, so having all those Defends doesn't help your cause for attacking or pressing, you are overcoming it some with the TI's, which the only one I'd drop from the defending category is Tighter Marking . Roles are fairly generic, no major conflicts there. So you either change mentality up a notch or two or maybe switch your entire midfield to Support duty. The cautious will make them hold back some, and just keep your eye on the BWM to see if you need to tone down TI's if he's getting too many cards. Couple that with a BPD to a CD on the Stopper role to help cover the hole your DLP might give up if he advances too much, you'll still have the WB's and BPD on Defend duty for back coverage. Offsides trap with the back 4 all on Defend is kinda hard to pull off, so let one in the middle roam out a bit
  6. Can try to praise his conduct, keep winning, and make a last ditch offer with some promises. But at the end of the day, the game is about replacing/building/developing a squad as much as it is about tactics... So you try replacing him, whatever strengths he takes with him, and whatever weaknesses his replacement exposes you try to cover up with tactics.
  7. Link file has been updated, should just need to go to same link and re-download. Added Possession to Training Planner. (All formulations were there, just lost the selection drop down) Formulated Set Pieces. This is not PRECISE. I defaulted to using the same general groups GK/DEF/ATT and then derived relevant attributes from it. Added Set Pieces to the Training Planner so they don't break everything else now. The Modules should be Pink. Overall daily sessions they should appear as Technical sessions if you were to do a whole day of them with either Recovery or Activation.
  8. Got called away this past weekend. Will take a look into it, and get it corrected. Thanks for the heads up! @Danwolf I've merely updated @FMathlete's original work, who gave me permission to post my modifications here. If you would contact him. for permission to post on your site, that would be proper channels and all.
  9. Biggest problem in this thread is the OP doesn't understand what mentality is and what it isn't. OP believes that Attacking mentality is Attacking football and a Defensive mentality is Defensive football. Just like structure/fluidity has often been misunderstood, mentality is as well. OP needs to understand that mentality is a risk/rewards meter. With Contain being needing 90% chance of a reward to take a risk, otherwise do whatever moves the player as little as possible, as dictated by the role and instructions, meanwhile Overload is 10% chance of reward to take a risk. One can control the effects of mentality with Role and Duty selection as well as TI's, PI's, and PPM's, but only to a certain degree. This is best seen on TI's where the "middle" of the sliders will change definition based upon the mentality selected, the same applies to at least one, if not both ends. The fact the OP wants actual Plug n Play tactics, which will work regardless of squad makeup, shows a desire for Football Manager not be a simulation game, but an exploit exhibition.
  10. For tactical knowledge, you'll have to have him actually be slotted in/playing the position. So you could have him in on the CB for the week's training and play him at RB to get a boost to each, but it will take longer than letting him get fully proficient with one and then working to the other. And really, as long as the team is 90%+ on the tactical chart, one player won't make that much of a difference anyway. In general, you'd want to stress him as a defending FB, and then most likely train him as a FB(d) with Heading/Jumping individual focus, but that is for attributes.
  11. Haven't ever fully tested it, but the haven't seen anything other than 4-5 stars at no more than medium workload as optimal. Course hoarding 4-5 coaches and making sure they are at all levels of your organization is a denial strategy if nothing else...
  12. Well if you want "like AI plays" then use the defaults. However, that is not usually "optimal". Depending on the squad and your vision there are many ways to get to the goals (or keep them out of the goal). 1. Mentality affects EVERYTHING else. TI's, PI's, Roles, PPM's, simply everything. You can play a 6-3-1 on More Attacking and still be a defensive side with quite a majority of Defend duties and a couple of Support duties and no Attack duties. Just expect to have a large squad to deal with the increase in suspensions. If you play defensive mentality, I'd suggest upping the aggressiveness of the roles, so only 2-3 Defend duties, with a plurality of Support duties and 2-4 Attack duties. 2. Formation is pretty neutral, a 5-3-2 is no more or less defensive than a 4-2-4, they just change where and what kind of defense you need to play to be effective. Where your LOE and DL are set, how much pressing you need to do, offside trap or not, etc. 3. You don't need to tick Counter to counter. It just lowers the threshold for the trigger. I have only done counter-attacking football tactics in FM20 thus far, and I only have one with Counter ticked, that's my Hoofball tactic. Play for Set Pieces on the other hand are NOT on only one tactic. 4. Possession is a form of defense, play from back, short, high percentage passing, time wasting with the ball, and slow tempo are all ways to prevent the opposition from scoring. Combine it with a stout defensive set-up and conservative shot taking, and you will see quite an uptick in the number of clean sheets you get. 5. Define your goal. Cautious or Lower mentality is not a goal. Lower D line is not a goal, those are all methods to achieve a goal. If your goal is 100% clean sheets, well that's not very realistic. If it is to keep CCC under 25% and get a 33% clean sheet rate over the course of a season/competition that is a realistic goal, trying to get it every single game is not. So in the end, you can start with a default, see how it plays, and adjust it so it advances the metrics towards the goal(s) you have set for your team/tactic/vision.
  13. @TheInvisibleMan I've been PC since I got off C64... So don't know about Numbers. As a random guess I'd bet it has something to so with the formulas looking at different sheets in the workbook. I'll see about putting it all on a single sheet and/or saving in Numbers format and throwing it up as an alternative, IF you promise to test it to see if it works..
  14. @Tiger666 Ugh, had a wrong call up error for the attacking technical attributes. Thanks for the heads up. It is fixed now. I'll be travelling for the rest of the week, but should have an update over the weekend for Set Pieces and a verification that all attributes are accounted for in each training module.
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