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  1. Somehow key attributes are highlighted in profiles, and i can't disable it. I click on highlight dropdown, then try to uncheck "highlight key attributes for role", but it isn't working. Anyone know of another way to disable this?
  2. I think it's because atletico were leading 1-0, so they didn't actually wanted to counter, basically just frustrate barcelona. If you watched the game yesterday, you would have noticed how atletico tries to counter, quick short passing, which i managed to emulate to some extent. Since the players are really close, it's easy to pass quickly and counter.
  3. Exactly. Since i'm playing really narrow, it is super easy to exploit the formation on the flank, especially with attacking wingbacks. This video shows this behavior well, atleti is initially in the center, keeping narrow and compact, when barca tries to exploit atletico's right flank, atletico is already there, because they shift to the left as a unit notice how barca cannot move the ball to the "free" right flank, since their players are pressurized and they can't even cross if they wanted to. Gotcha this makes sense, is SI transparent about features they're working on? wonder if they are working on it
  4. @herne79 Fair enough, i already have a tactic that is similar to what atleti does, however there are still 2 points that no one has addressed, and i want to know if they're reasonable feature requests: 1. I'm not able to tell players when to press (when losing the ball, when chances of winning it are high), is this possible somehow? I think it will be cool addition, PES has gegenpressing setting for example, which is insanely cool. 2. My team doesn't shift to the flank properly like all teams do, you can see teams playing really narrow and shifting to the flank when defending in most games i think, i want them to stay narrow and shift with the ball. In one of @HUNT3R pictures it's clear to see that the LB is left 1v1 vs the winger i think? this clearly doesn't happen in most games.
  5. The winger was 1v1 vs your fullback, so clearly isn't "exactly". Anyone can pull back the strikers, can you make your team shift to the right to close down the space though? 1. Asking strikers to drop back is realistic, dropping them as AMs isn't with roles like "attacking midfielder" isn't. 2. Team shifting to the wing where the opposition attacks, isn't possible. 3. Pressing in certain situations isn't possible. This is my first suggestion, and i'm shocked at the aggressive "against" / "you can do that" / "shutup" / "i did this" here. I thought what i'm asking for is reasonable, apparently not. FWIW, PES has this concept already, kinda sad that it does and FM doesn't, because FM is supposed to be focused on realism and tactics. Thanks HUNT3R for giving me a warm welcome to the community /s
  6. Ok, give me a chance to explain, exactly what i mean: I want to be able to tell STs and not AMs to drop deep when defending, i don't want to play them as AMs, i just don't want to do that, i know i can, but don't want to, because it's a hack. I will consider doing that when everyone agrees that atletico plays in a 4-6-0 formation, but no one will, because when they attack, they have 2 strikers, not AMs. They move as strikers and behave like strikers, their roles are different, but they're both strikers, am i wrong? So here's what's missing for me, i want to us to consider the concept of context, for example, you can tell your team to press in certain situation, you can tell the team what the formation should be when they defend, for example, atletico plays 4-4-2-0 when they defend, right? It looks good, but does it disprove anything that i said? IIRC i haven't mentioned counter attacking at all here.
  7. Atleti reached the CL final twice based on this approach, not sure how this is "rare". As i said before, no, by default they should stay up there and do nothing but watch, but you can give them an instruction to drop deeper when defending. You didn't, again, you turned them into AMs, they're not strikers now. This is a strawman argument, i haven't once suggested we do that. Why is it possible to tell a midfielder to go further forward, and i'm not able to tell a striker to drop deep? Yep, you're right, but you're still missing the point, i don't want to play Griezman as an AM. OK, It's realistic because AM did this, Leicester won the PL based on this approach too, it's really simple: 1. Tell the strikers to drop deep and press CMs 2. When the ball on the flank, the team must stay compact and press on the flank. 3. Don't let the opponent play through the middle by pushing them to the flank 4. When opponents are on the flank, the whole team shifts to the flank will press and try to win the ball I don't see how the above is "unrealistic" or is "not needed". ------- Just to re-iterate: 1. It's impossible to tell strikers to drop deep, by strikers i mean strikers, not AMs. 2. It's impossible to tell a team to press opponents in certain situations. (when the ball is lost, in their half etc..) 3. It's impossible to tell a team to shift to the flank and stay compact in there (like your first picture proves)
  8. Huge +1, starting testing saves to do this personally it works well, but super annoying.
  9. FWIW, i'm not trying to be a dick, just trying to improve the game i love.
  10. Not really, you didn't show that at all, you just pulled the strikers back. I want the forwards to sit deep when defending, all you did is turn them into midfielders. The first picture disproves that, the ball is on the left, why is your left fullback is on his own to mark ~30m of the pitch, no one is near him. Leaving a fullback vs the winger 1v1, isn't really what i meant, is it? Look at neymar vs a wall of atleti players and you'll see the difference, and he's close to the position of the winger in your first picture. So the team didn't shift to the left, amirite? What's unclear? you just spent some time creating a tactic that will disprove my claims, so you clearly understand what i want, my replies above should help, if not let me know and i'll explain. Feel free to ask questions, if there's anything in the request that's unclear.
  11. Sorry but are those pictures supposed to prove those feature requests are invalid, because you pulled the strikers back? Not trying to be a troll, really curios what they're supposed to prove, if anything they prove those features are necessary IMHO.
  12. Agreed on this, i noticed it, it helps, but it's unclear / "hack", i still insist on my feature requests though: 1. Ability to tell strikers to sit deep, when defending, i don't think it's possible, and even if it is possible, it is currently unclear / hack? 2. Ability to make the team stay compact and the whole team should shift to the flank when the ball is there. 3. Ability to press in numbers when "certain things happen" / "in parts of the pitch". Again, thanks for the help, but i believe it's impossible to do those 3 things currently.
  13. I don't think i'm missing the point here, what you describe above is exactly my point, fair enough if we don't need a sit deeper when defending instruction for strikers, although WMs have get further forward in possession instruction. Thanks for pointing out what's possible, but i really just want to convince someone that the feature i'm describing is reasonable to add. This is my point exactly -- it's as if Simeone told his players how to position themselves without the ball and with the ball, fair enough if i have to play my strikers as AMs to get this behavior. But the context is still missing here, the way i see it there are two formations for each tactic in the real world, one is applied in possession and one without possession, maybe this is what FM needs? (PES already have this with "fluid formations" feature). I think more context with pressing is missing too, for example, atletico will press harder when the chances of success are high, think a midfielder with his back to goal, Liverpool will press harder only when they lose the ball, Man city will press in the opposition half, but will press much less when the opposition is controlling the ball. FM already has get further forward in possession for midfielders/defenders etc.. I think sit deeper when defending is a fair thing to add, otherwise emulating Atletico will be impossible, however i agree that it's an extreme tactic.
  14. - Why, why do i have to teach a striker to play in AM, just in order to get him to play closer to his teammates? - yep, i've seen them, they're not close enough since strikers won't sit deep, so on the flanks i get owned. Yep, in the screenshot above, the mentality is defensive, see how my CMs leave my back four exposed I think this happened because chelsea countered my counter attack (again team mentality is defensive). -- Just curios, is my feature request unreasonable? because i tried getting this to work properly, keep the strikers closer when defending is impossible, but it should be possible IMHO, if we want to simulate real-world football
  15. 1. I want them to be strikers, Griezman and Torres are strikers, look how deep they're when the team is defending. I don't want to tell my strikers to "mark" opposition CM's either, i just want them to sit deep so that the opposition can't find any space. 2. I don't think they do, what i'm trying to do is impossible in FM, i've been playing around in the last month, it's impossible, however i'll be happy if someone here disproves this. What i'm trying to do here is get the team to be more dynamic when moving defensively, just follow the ball, this clearly doesn't happen, when an opposition RB has the ball, only my LB will press him and all my players will stay central, leaving huge gaps. Moreover, what if i want to attack? and not defend, but when defending i want the team to stay closer together, so strikers will sit deep, protect the CMs and the whole team will shift and stay closer together when the opposition is attacking through the flanks. 3. Nope, impossible again, at least from the last month of trying things, you can clearly see how free is pedro, moreover i have close down much less on my CMs.
  16. I think if you see how suddenly Liverpool players press and work 10x times harder on the pitch literally overnight, can we assume workrate depends on the coach and the player equally? - Ability to ask players to work harder - More dynamic workrate, depending on the coach and the player's mentality (some players won't work regardless messi/ronaldo etc..)
  17. There seems to be something missing from instructions, context: 1. How do i tell a striker to sit deep when defending? I don't want to set a striker's role to defensive forward, nor i want to look for a striker that fits that role. I want to be able to tell him, sit closer to your midfielders, so you can protect them from the opposition midfielders: If the strikers are unable to do so, my rm and lm will not be able to protect their flanks and will have to tuck inside to help. In some cases, the opposition strikers will be free to run at the defence since the strikers are not helping the midfielders can't protect the back four: Here we see pedro free to run at the defence, I've told my dm's to mark chelsea central midfielders, but because they don''t have context on when to mark them, they mark them 24/7. 2. I want to be able to tell my players, when to mark and when not to mark opposition players. Suppose i want to mark opposition midfielders only when they're closer to goal, when they're not a goal threat, leave them alone so you can concentrate on protecting the back four. Here we see RM vs Wolfsburg, Kroos is about to pass to modric, notice how Wolfsburg's CM doesn't care about modric yet, he's just concentrated on protecting the back four 3. Team doesn't move as a unit Most good teams when defending will move to the flank and stay narrow, like this: Notice how the whole team, shifts to the right and stays narrow, notice how Neymar can't move the ball to Dani Alves, because he has 3 players around him, his only choice is to pass backwards or run into this wall, If he decides to pass backwards, Atleti will move with the ball, Torres and Griezman will close Barca's CM's and they'll have to start over. Now i had the same situation in FM recently: Chelsea's LB had the ball, and my RB closed him down, the problem was that the team didn't shift with him, literally the whole team stayed in the middle of the pitch. My feature requests: 1. Ability to tell strikers to stay closer to their teammates (maybe team instruction "compactness" like PES) 2. Ability to tell the team to stay compact and move with the ball, narrow doesn't help here, see above pitcure (like Atleti) 3. Ability to tell players when to mark or close down, see above picture where my CM's are marking chelsea's CMs at the halfway line!!
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